Monday, September 16, 2019

Restaurant closure

I LOVE Co Do Deli, especially their Mi Quang noodles. I consider these to be an iconic Sac dish, and the best example of this in Sac that I've had. The place is usually crowded, and a lot of folks are getting this dish.

HOWEVER, when I tried to go the other day it had been closed by the health department. Looking on line it may still be closed right now. It was inspected on 9/13 and closed, and reinspected the next day and still closed.

The culprit? Cockroaches. In April they got a conditional pass, but then cleaned up for later in April. In that case it was some minor improper temp. items.

I wonder if I can go back?? I want to but I don't know how I can not think about this.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Restaurants we've lost

It's been about six months since I posted, and, by coincidence I just watched a Mads Mikkelson movie the other day. I watched the 2006 Danish version of After the Wedding. I don't really want to see the new version with Michele Williams because it's not getting good reviews. The Danish version is pretty soapy! Lotta implausible twists.

I'm on deadline for a new writing thing that I can't share yet, but it's got me thinking about restaurants we've lost. There's a lot. I know that change is inevitable and businesses close but jeez.  I thought I would start a list just to share memories. Add yours as well! With Biba's passing (RIP) who know if it will stay open or remain as good. I know she hadn't cooked there in a while. The son wants to sell Zelda's too so I wouldn't be surprised if it got bought by some bland restaurant group
  • Ha, I use bullets (some would say overuse) so much at work. I'll use bullets on the blog too!
  • It seems like June's Cafe might be closed. I am hoping it will reopen but Mike C. keep checking by for me and it keeps still being closed. This is tragic.
  • Market Club. Had breakfast there with Natalie the day I got married (2012). Only ate there a couple of times, but it was charming.
  • Italian Importing Co. I don't think I ever ate there honestly, or maybe once? I am pretty picky about sandwiches
  • 524. This one hurts. I should make it out to the remaining one on Northgate but man the Yelps are bad! I ate there one millon times when I was a poor student
  • Pho Bac on Broadway. That was my introduction to Vietnamese food and it used to be hella good! It got hella bad. Saigon Street Eats (not good) is closed and now it's empty and slated to be demolished.
  • Luigi's: the Stockton Blvd. one was never a big fave of mine (I prefer Roma's for that kind of cheesy pizza) but now it's sold to investors. Haven't been since it was sold
  • New Canton. Used to be the best dim sum. Now my pick is Asian Pearl 2000
  • Nationwide Freezer Meats. This one hurts too. It was never the same after it moved.
  • Squeeze Inn. I only went to original one once. 
  • The Rubicon. No love lost for me on those Cisco waffle fries. I'm glad Alaro seeems to be bumpin'
  • The original Luis'. Ok, that was not that great either, but all those pictures of Luis were the best
  • Trails, then became Shoki, now burned up. Sad
  • I'm sure I will think of more!