Monday, October 31, 2011

oh yeah

Happy Halloween! I forgot.  Here's the best Halloween music ever. It's not too late to hit up this haunted house in Boulevard Park tonight
I haven't been posting.  Here's a long picture post. Enjoy?
 I never buy new books but buying these made me stoked.  Started the Russell Banks, not crazy about it.
 The other day this old-timey ship was crusiing by Old Sac.  It looked cool.

Scott and I decided to blow off Halloween and go to the Biggest Little City in the World, otherwise known as the Nevada Riviera aka Reno.  Bunch of pictures after the jump

Thursday, October 27, 2011

how did Babs get up there?

I know you're supposed to talk about the earthquake on FB but I was just falling asleep when it happened and I yelled "Babs is on the roof!".

Did you guys know that you can eat in the Mulvaney's cafe inside the Crocker without paying admission to the Crocker and that it's reasonably priced and you get to eat Mulvaney's food in a sunlit courtyard?  The special of the day yesterday was lamb hash with root vegetables and an egg on top.  And they have beer and wine, too.

I recommend the prix fixe dinner at Ella.  They're offering it for the next few days and 30 bucks is a steal.  I tried both entrees and they're both really good.  Ella is so elegant and comfortable.  They really know their shit.

George Kuchar doc at the Crest  tonight!  7:30!  There's also a Charles Albright/Buk Buk show at Luigis tonight.  You could go to both things if you really want to rage.

Man, is the fall beautiful or what?  Besides the dry air, I'm stoked.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

clearing things up

I'm going to assume you're either on the Verge mailing list or its friend on Facebook, so you probably  know about the screening at the Crest on Thursday, which is part of the Verge's quarterly partnership with the Crest. But be honest, are you a little confused about what it is?  A little on the fence?  I had never heard of George Kuchar until he died recently, and then people in SF were tweeting about it and I was like who is this dude?  So maybe some of you haven't heard of him either?  If so, take a look at his recent obituary in the Times.  Sounds interesting, and like it will be up your alley if you are into John Waters, camp, or underground films.  So far, so good.  The showing at the Crest is a documentary about the filmmaker, rather than one of his films.  So this will be an intro to his films, most of which aren't available on Netflix (just Sins of the Fleshapoids).  

OK, so we've established that.  There will also be an intro by artist Christine Shields, who studied with Kuchar.  Check out this portrait, that's gotta be Devendra Banhart, right?  I'm sure I spelled that wrong.  Look at those doe eyes.  Remember freak folk?  I kinda miss it.  It's still kind of going on at my house.  Here are the nuts and bolt details about the showing:

Thursday, October 27 · 7:30pm 

Crest Theater
1013 K St
Sacramento, California

Created By

More Info
The Crest Theatre will be teaming up once more with Verge Center for the Arts on October 27 at 7:30 for the next installment of our quarterly film screening.This time around we'll be featuring It Came From Kuchar, introduced by past student of George Kuchar, Christine Shields. The film is a hilarious and touching story of artistic obsession, compulsion and inspiration.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Totally Sac (finally)

This is going to make Babs a viral video star.  Turn it up loud to hear the hisses.
I forgot to post this picture from when I was in Big Sur.  Went to Esalen again.  It's always so hard to stay up but it's so beautiful and relaxing when  you're there.
No big whoop.  I've been on a salad kick lately, and had this nicoise-ish salad with a Lagrein from Taylor's.
I made pretzel-coated chocolate caramel (or Carmel as I like to call them) apples and they were ok.  I actually had one for breakfast this morning.

I think you need to use special caramels for it to really be good . Werther's originals get weird and waxy.

I also made some cocktails with bourbon.  Lately I've been craving bourbon.  Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's my rampaging alcoholism, it just sounds good, ya  know?
Bourbon and ginger beer in a Truman glass.
I had lunch at Bows on Saturday.  This is the salmon sandwich with the wine special of the month.
Then, because I read Submerge that they have  Temple Coffee at Devine Gelateria, I went there to get a cappucino.  That place seems pretty cool.  I don't eat a lot of gelato, but ricotta fig would be a flavor I would eat if I did eat it.
Saturday night was Dreamdate.  So good!  They're going to be back in 3 short weeks.  Now that Sonia's their drummer they're totally Sac.

Friday, October 21, 2011

entertaining yelps

entertaining yelps of the day:

Sacramento, CA
1.0 star rating
This location refuses to honor specials by imposing limits on the special that are NOT printed anywhere on the coupon or their signage. This has happened to me twice at this location.

1) I attempted to purchase the 5 for $5.95 deal. When I asked for 2 orders of the mozzerella sticks, I was told I can only have 1. I told her that their sign states in plain English "any 5 for $5.95". She said "Well we don't do that." They refused to allow me to include 2 orders of mozzerella sticks.

2) I had an Entertainment Book Coupon that states: "Enjoy one complimentary BEEF N' CHEDDAR SANDWICH when a second BEEF N' CHEDDAR SANDWICH of equal or greater value is purchased." There are three sizes of this sandwich, classic(small), medium and max. When I told the woman at the drive through I had the coupon, she insisted that it only applied to the classic (smallest) sandwich. I informed her that it does not say that on the coupon at all. It says "of equal or greater value". She refused to honor the coupon for anything other than the smallest sandwich.

There's nothing worse than a business that lures you to their locations with good deals that they sleazily worm their way out of honoring.


Sacramento, CA
F--- you, pay me, reads the welcome sign at Debra's. The sign says it all. This lady is as mean as she is ugly. Smokes joints in the bathroom

I am purposefully not looking up what Debra's Doghouse is.  I'm pretending it's some kind of roadhouse.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

not a sando

Phono Select is having a fun contest and giving away gift certificates to the winners! Check it.

Have you chipped in to RTL's Kickstarter yet?  They're about half way to their goal with 15 days to go.  BTW, I hear that the upcoming Knock Knock record is crazy good and packed with hits that will rattle around your brain.

Dreamdate and Nacho Business are playing on Saturday at Luigis.  Is Sonia the drummer of Dreamdate now?  I think she is.
 I'm a little bummed that my Big Sur pictures are not quite as good as I thought they were when I was taking them.  That may be due to the vast amount of Charlie Sheen that I smoked.  As a well known lover of yuppie enclaves and yuppie cuisine, I am always PSYCHED to visit the Big Sur Bakery.  That above is a ham and gruyere sandwich (NOT sando) with steak fries.  Yeah!  And they always have good wine and beer there.  They have a savory pumpkin bread right now that is the bomb.
 Then, dinner at Nepenthe, one of my very favorite places in the world.  All four of us there were in agreement on that.  This was a beet salad with pea shoots, citrus, and Pt. Reyes blue.
 This is the ambrosia burger, always good.  Paired with a glass of garnaxta, I think?  Is that just Basque for grenache?
That night was intensely foggy, which warmed it up a bit.  The patio looked unearthly and beautiful.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

brief post

Just got back from Big Sur and gotta go do work.  Smiller, help me out with this brew awareness, please?  

This is from Anchorage Brewing.  I got it at the Davis Beer Shoppe.

The Eleanor Friedberger solo album is really good!  Is albumface still cool?

Friday, October 14, 2011

I suck

I am SO MAD AT MYSELF that I didn't go see Screature last night.  I have no excuse because I even could have come in work late if I wanted to.  Instead, I fell asleep at TEN and came in at the normal time.  Smiller said Screature were really good.  I suck. I hope they play again soon, although if it's on a weeknight I will probably just watch Matlock and fall asleep early.

Verge announced their October screening at the Crest.  Here's the deets:

It Came From Kuchar at the Crest!!  
Thursday, October 27, @7:30
With an Introduction by artist Christine Shields
The Crest Theatre
1013 K Street, Sac
Students $12, Adults $15 
It Came from Kuchar
The Crest Theatre will be teaming up once more with Verge Center for the Arts on October 27 at 7:30 for the next installment of our quarterly film screening.This time around we'll be featuring It Came From Kuchar, introduced by past student of George Kuchar, Christine ShieldsThe film is a hilarious and touching story of artistic obsession, compulsion and inspiration.
Long before YouTube, there were the outrageous, no-budget movies of underground, filmmaking twins George and Mike Kuchar. George and Mike grew up in the Bronx in the 1950's. At the age of twelve, they became obsessed with Hollywood melodramas and began making their own homespun melodramas with their aunt's 8mm camera. They used their friends and family as actors and their Bronx neighborhood as their set. Early Kuchar titles featured in this film include "I Was A Teenage Rumpot" and "Born of the Wind".

In the early 1960's, alongside Andy Warhol, the Kuchar brothers shaped the New York underground film scene. Known as the "8mm Mozarts", their films were noticeably different than other underground films of the time. They were wildly funny, but also human and vulnerable.

Their films have inspired many filmmakers, including John Waters, Buck Henry, Atom Egoyan, Guy Maddin and Wayne Wang (all are interviewed in this film). Despite having high profile fans, the Kuchars remain largely unknown because they are only ambitious to make movies, not to be famous.

"It Came From Kuchar" interweaves the brothers' lives, their admirers, a history of underground film and a "greatest hits" of Kuchar clips into a mesmerizing stream of consciousness tale.
Affectionately directed by one of George's former students, Jennifer M. Kroot, "It Came From Kuchar" will introduce you to the amazing Kuchar brothers - two brothers who love to make movies and continue to inspire others.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

June's Cafe is back

June's is back and as good as ever!  Did you know June's full name is Junko O'Sullivan?  The good news is that the two months that June took off while she was healing from her broken ankle has erased her desire to retire from running June's!  Both June and Dennis were talking about how bored they were doing their time off.  June would often threaten to retire in the past few years. 
She was doing a good, steady business yesterday. There's Sarah S.
June's rocking a new, short haircut.  I should have asked her to pose but I hate doing that.
 Weenie royal!
 Chicken teri!  Welcome back.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wine tasting

 The wine tasting at FatFace was fun.  This wine, from the Savoie region of France, is indeed a delicious match to the new salmon pate sandwich at FatFace.  The wine's on special all month, for 7 bucks a glass.  I will be eating this combo again soon.  I kept thinking about that sandwich after I was done.  The salmon is super smoky.
Michele's going to start doing these events to introduce the specials once a month.  I'll let you know when.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


this is rad!  like kreayshawn, I too love this 112 song, although I did not lose my virginity to it.  I was 25 when it came out

the bottom of the barrel

It's come to this, I'm reposting things from facebook.  Steve M. posted some good Sac-related stuff.
Looks like a ton of people are going to be at Michele's wine event tonight at Bows, including me.  Perhaps I will see you there?

You know what, I don't think I like Fassbinder anymore.  Shocking, I know.  I tried to watch "in a year of 13 moons" yesterday and it was kind of garbage.  And before I decided to give up I had to watch GRAPHIC slaughterhouse footage in service of some pretentious bullshit.  It really made me feel like I'm a total hypocrite for not being a vegetarian.  However, if you are looking for some Halloween movies, I can recommend "who can kill a child".  It's silly but has its  moments.  Here's a post about it on I Love Hot Dogs, which is where I get a lot of my movie recommendations.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I love a parade

I saw K.J. twice this weekend!  Once at Jose di Gregorio's art opening at Bows, and once at the Hispanic/Latino parade on Franklin.

Speaking of Bows, MidMo wine writer Michele Hebert will be doing a wine tasting and short lecture there tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7pm sharp.  Be there!  You'll get to taste a little wine, hear about it, and then if you like, you can purchase a glass.  You will probably like.

This is a great review.  I totally agree.

Parade pictures after the jump

Friday, October 07, 2011

stuff and things to do

For you people not on facebook (and what else is this blog for, really?), OMF and Liv and Lil Becky will be selling at the antique faire under the mall on Sunday!  Also, there's this parade on Franklin Blvd that day.  I wrote about it for MidMo.    The parade starts at noon, and it ends at St. Rose church (across from St. Patrick's thrift), and the church will be hosting hella food booths with ethnic grub.  Dancing horses!  I wonder what Campbell's Soup Kids are.  Children raised exclusively on Campbell's Soup?  Those would be some severely dehydrated children.

6th Annual Hispanic-Latino Parade
Sunday, October 9 at 12 Noon
Starting at 12th Avenue traveling south to St. Rose’s Catholic Church. Classic cars, horses, dancers, music and lots more including Campbell’s Soup Kids, Ronald McDonald, Wells Fargo Stagecoach, etc.

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Nooooo!!! But I just got my card! And I was about to write my first thing for the 420 section of the SNR!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bee roundup

Bravo to the Bee for putting a restaurant story on the front page.  I bought a print copy today because it caught my eye.  I guess there's not that much to say when it comes right down to it.  Of all the places that closed, I only mourn Red Lotus, but I think that was a tough concept and maybe too large of a space.  It's so much easier to make a small intimate space feel lively and bustling.  I'm trying to think of other very large restaurants that have done really well in Sac and I can't think of any right now.

BAR also has a feature on Doughbots.  I think he has me talked into reconsidering them for my doughnut dollar.  Does Marie's really just use pre-mixed, artificial stuff?

This article is annoying.  Does it have to be either of these things?  How about it's just a new airport terminal that happens to have more art than average.  He probably has never flown out of the international terminal if he's questioning the need for nicer digs, although will people be flying out of that terminal internationally or just arriving in?

Oy vey, I think I'm going to have to miss this Jewish food fest but it sounds awesome.  Maybe we will one day have a Jewish deli or good bagel shop here.  Sigh.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ebert endorsed

I'm sure you guys all know about Jose di Gregorio's art show opening at Bows Gallery on Friday, right?  I'm stoked!  It was fun interviewing Jose.  Here's the interview if you haven't seen it.  I was up late worrying the other night that I used peripatetic incorrectly.  I know what it means, but I don't know if Jose has moved around quite enough to use it.  This is what I worry about at three in the morning.

Have you ever seen the original Last House on the Left? Wow, what a mind fuck.  The original video box used to scare me as a kid, and I seem to remember (accurately, it turns out) that Roger Ebert endorsed it.  It's a pretty good Halloween movie, but I won't really recommend it.  It's too rape-y.  Looks like in Ebert's review he points out that Last House has the same plot as The Virgin Spring, which Wes Craven does not mention in the extra footage.

Verge movie night got a super sweet yelp review!  I guess I did keep repeating that those were garden tomatoes.  I tend to start repeating things when I've been drinking.

OMF did a new Crosleykook post.
Nich from Phono Select asked me to post about some fun stuff they've got coming up.  First off, this Saturday there is a Four Eyes-themed art show (?) that opens this Saturday (Second Saturday, you may have heard of it) and the Four Eyes are playing it.  The Four Eyes haven't played in Sac all year, and now they've played in Sac three times in the last four weeks.  It's Four Eyes feast or famine.  There's something about the Four Eyes that just inspires people.  Remember when Dave Hart's class choreagraphed a dance to Hat Nerd?  Super cute.  How old are these kids now?
Also, they are having a free in-store appearance by the Bare Wires on October 15th.  Remember how Patrone is in their video?

Here's the rather convoluted story of how the Four Eyes art show came about, after the jump:

Monday, October 03, 2011

Mori Seiki hurts our community?

I see none of my friends won Sammies.  It's probably better that way, though.  The sudden rush of fame can be quite heady and some people can't handle it.  I was particularly worried about Charles.

Have you guys seen that big sign over the freeway on the way to Davis that says "Mori Seiki hurts our community", complete with a guy dressed like the grim reaper?  It was so creepy that I thought Mori Seiki was a cult, but I forgot to look it up online when I got to work every single time I saw it.  I finally looked and it's way less creepy than I thought.  The grim reaper is a touch overdramatic!

Ella Restaurant has started up their prix fixe menu again, and you really should take advantage of it.  This is an amazing opportunity to sample this high-level restaurant at a paltry price.  It's 30 bucks, starts tomorrow and goes until the end of October.  Here's the menu.