Friday, April 30, 2010

mysterious sacramento mysteries

OK, number 1. What the hell happened to friendship tailor? The shop is totally cleaned out now. Did he really get firebombed? If so, why didn't the Bee report on it? Is this maybe just a rumor. He's pretty old.

number 2-What in the hell is up with that restaurant Tandoorie Wok? The place on 4th and J that says "brews of the world" on its sign. Is it still open? Two words: tandoori enchilada.

number 3-Why the hell did the midtown business association pay for this? Especially since they will probably be sued by Fleetwood Mac.

number 4-why the hell does the Bee always report on the agenda for an upcoming city council meeting but then not on the results of the meeting? They tell you when the meeting is happening but the next day there is no article about who voted how. I really want to know why. Sacpress is a better source by far for this information. Actually, now that I look at it, Sacpress is doing a better job of reporting on the zoo relocation and the dispute with Thomas Enterprises over how much we paid for the railyard parcel. Why is the Bee strangely mum about stuff like this?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

plant sale

How is this annoying rain and hail (is that how you spell it? i think i've never written the work "hail" before in that context) treating everyone's garden? I'm almost afraid to go check mine. I keep delaying putting my tomato starts in. They are tiny and are going to get eaten by a rabbit probably.

There's an awesome-sounding plant sale on Saturday, May 1st. Here are the deets. Hope the lady who posted this on my garden email list doesn't mind me putting it up!:

My friend June Montelongo is a farmer renting land in West Sacramento. She is offering organic starter plants at phenomenally low prices. She grew up in family of professional horticulturalists and really "knows her stuff".

May 1st she is holding a sidewalk plant sale at the home of her friend, Maryanne - 2131 F Street - it is near the home with the prominent red doors. Right near the Rite Aid store on F Street. 10 am to ?????? until the stock is sold out.

She has a lovely assortment of succulents/cactus for a mere $3.00 - $5.00 each. Last Sunday during the work party event, I got a delivery from June at the garden, and everyone was remarking how gorgeous her succulents are!

Sshe plants them in very chic and aesthetically appealing containers - not just stuck in a plastic pot - but tantamount to a work of art! For a plant of this quality - I would expect to pay at least $20 not $5.00 - her succulent pots are very pretty. The smaller succulents are a mere $3.00

Most of her vegetable starter plants are only $1.00 each. I bought a lovely nectarine tree sapling for just $10.00 and $4.00 for an Irisplant

It is hard to even find organic starter plants - I have paid
$2.50 to $3.00 each at Soil Born Farm plant sales and June is selling them for a mere $1.00!

She never uses GMO (genetically engineered seeds) she uses open pollinated seeds and is scrupulously careful where she sources her seeds. All of her potting soil and soil ammendments is from finest, certified organic sources such as Foxfarm and Arbico - if you want more details about her growing practices - you can contact her at:


This is just a partial list - she will have different stuff for the big plant sale May 1st. She loves to specialize in heirloom, antique and hard to find varieties of plants. I try to plant perennials - and she has a nice selection.




'Tasty green' , 'Armenian', 'Sooyou Nishiki'


'Zucchini', Straightneck Yellow', 'Eightball', 'Tondo Scuro', 'Tondo Chiaro'


'Kentucky Wonder'


'Red Noodle'


'Green Zebra'

'Boxcar Wille'

'Costoluto Genovese'

'Speckled Roman'

'Striped Cavern'

'Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge' (smaller than others)

'Kelloggs Breakfast "

'Black Krim' "

'Tumbling Tom' (weeping basket type) "


'Prescot Fond Blanc'

'Sakatas Sweet'



'Petit Gris de Rennes'

'Collective Farm Woman'





'Royal Golden'

'Moon and Stars'


Purple tomatillio small

Nectarine 'Double Delight' is producing fruit 5 gallon $10


Yellow Clivia Minata 1 gallon $3

Sempervivum (hens and chicks) $1

Ceramic succulent pots with a variety of succulents $3

Japanese iris 1 gallon $4

I bought 2 different deliveries over the last 3 weeks - about 30 starter plants - June guarantees the quality of her starter plants and takes great effort in producing the finest quality plants - organically grown.

She has been working with horticulture and gardening her entire life - but just started her business last year.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

everybody's working for the weekend

Is it too early to start posting about the weekend? After all, everybody's working for the weekend. I know I am. A big-time Brew Awareness Alert (TM) is warranted. Odonata is having their hotly and highly and heavily anticipated saison release partay at The Shack this Friday, starting around 7. Well, actually, it starts around six but I'm hoping everyone shows up more at seven so that it's not too crowded when I get there. Gary is going to pair the saison with moules frites and other Belgian treats. Hopefully not Belgian broodjes, though (hint: those are just sandwiches, and crappy ones at that). Looks like the bottle release is delayed because of recalcitrant yeast, though.

The other big news is the return of Oh Dang! at the ToHo. It's this Saturday. Starts around 9pm. Three dollar cover. Super fun time. Guaranteed. Rap and R&B upstairs, metal downstairs. I hear that Chad S. may be DJing downstairs? He should play some interesting jams.

Monday, April 26, 2010

4 out of 5 NBA consultants agree

I saw on undietacos that Record Club is screening Jazz on a hot summer's day this Wednesday at 7:30 for free. It's a riveting documentary. I think I posted about it before. I first checked it out because I heard somewhere that Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese both said it was their favorite documentary. At least that's what I remember having heard, and NBA consultants agree.

Do you know about the Ganglians/Beets show at the Hub at Sol Collective a week from tonight? It's the debut of a quirky new local band, made up of Old Man Foster, some Italian dude, a Shrugg, and Biz. They only cover All Girl Summer Fun Band songs and they are called...All Fun Summer Girl Band.

mysterious "consultants" agree

Don't some of the sentences in this article about the 3-way land swap sound more editorial than reportorial? Is that a word? Who are these "NBA consultants"? Shouldn't the be named in this NEWS article? Read until the end and you'll catch that fact that the Arco Arena property is 150 acres smaller than Cal Expo. How the hell are they supposed to fit a fairgrounds there?

Newer arenas often have three fan concourses, some with exclusive entrances for higher-paying fans. Arco has a single, tight corridor where elbow jostling can get heavy on busy nights. That's not good for making money, NBA consultants say, if fans think twice about leaving their seats to buy another beer and hot dog.

Many loyal fans love Arco's homey feel and ease of parking. But the NBA, where team player payrolls average $70 million, wants dazzling digs.

Newer arenas have loaded up on moneymaking luxuries: high-tech advertising, suites, wider upholstered club seats and upscale restaurants and bars, some with mahogany molding and cream-colored carpeting to offer the feel of a four-star hotel.

Arco, by comparison, is a concrete jungle. Its VIP lounge is a bunker-like converted storage closet near a loading dock.

Read more:

kitten mitten attack

All of Sac was stoked on the weather this weekend, it's safe to say. Everyone was smiling and happy and out of doors. Discovery park was already quite crowded, including that scary flotilla that forms near the bridge. This guy pretty much typifies the crowd. So many pit bulls! He was with a group of little kids who found a caterpillar. They were really excited and made him come look at it. One yelled "he's long and green and hecka tight!"
Bad news: another thrift store has closed. The thrift center on Florin shut down. This is a pretty grotty thrift store. There's another one on Del Paso which is even nastier.
Still, it's sad because Goodwill seems to be triumphing over all and it SUCKS. At least Deseret has the strength of the church of Mormon behind it and will never fall.
The new Saveur has an article about bananas that inspired me to go to SF Market and seek out some different kinds. They only had regular (Cavendish), plantains, and this one, from Mexico. Maybe a platano de bolsa? I was disappointed there weren't more. I'm bummed I missed out on my chance to try the Mexican banana-apples in Mazatlan. I was at the market and didn't think to get any. These are pretty good. Sweeter and more fragrant than a Cavendish, but kinda mushy.

Big ups to local dude-about-town Dan Flyn, too. He is quoted in the article on olive oil. He's now the director of the UC Davis olive oil program. He used to be a writer for the SNR, among many other jobs.
Here are some pictures of Babs wilding out on the Kitten Mitten. I'm trying to be better about not letting her attack my arms, even though we both enjoy it.

Tuckered out.

Friday, April 23, 2010

quick, sha na na is playing!

If you're like me, when you think about asparagus you also think: Blue Oyster Cult. That's right, it's the Stockton asparagus festival this weekend and Blue Oyster Cult is playing it tomorrow. The kicker? Sha Na Na is playing this afternoon. At fucking 4 pm?!?!>?! And I JUST found out. I don't think I can make it. Anyways, adult admission is 12 bucks and Stockton really isn't that far. Has anyone been to this festival? I hope it's not like the Dixon lamb festival, in that it had no lamb.

The Davis Co-op already sold out of all of its Cantillon but hopefully they will get more soon. I cracked the kriek last night (look at that pink head!) and it was scrumpdiliumptious. So much cherry flavor up front and so much subtle funk in the back. Ew. What a phrase. Feel free to use that for your band name.
Magpie always delights me. This is steelhead trout with potato, bacon, and golden beet green hash. The veggies were fragrant with toasted cumin. The crispy skin on the trout was the best part.
They were kind enough to send out a complimentary dessert at the end. It's a grapefruit semifreddo, and I loved the bitter note from the grapefruit but I really hate any hint of white chocolate on anything. It's sprinkled with it. But thanks for letting me try it!
Here's the plant pot I got for ten bucks at a good estate sale. Please always let me know if you know of any estate sale! Who doesn't like a potted cat?
answer: jerks

why move the zoo?

Oy vey, sometimes our city seems so insane I just have to throw my hands up, or throw up. First on the list is the three-way land swap Cal Expo dealy. Normally I'm all for swaps and three-ways, hardy har har. But not in this case. And then there is the fucking bonkers crazy nuts idea to move the zoo to Sutter's Landing. There is a meeting about it on April 28th. Here are the details from the Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association:

Hello BPNA Members,
The city has been working on development plans for Sutter's Landing Park. They recently finished a feasibility study on moving the Sacramento Zoo to this site. If the Zoo were to move to this site, it would involve building new roads to accommodate a million Zoo visitors a year. The Master Plan and Zoo Feasibility Study can be found at .

A few important points:
• The Zoo Feasibility Study notes many problems with relocating to the site, and says that it would be cheaper to buy virgin land for the zoo than to use Sutter's Landing.
• The road access plans being discussed by the city. These would profoundly affect the entire area around Sutter's Landing, including residential neighborhoods.
• A survey of the Sacramento community showed that the public prefers passive recreational activities, like hiking, for the area.
• We have a zoo at Sutter's Landing park already--a "freedom zoo" (thanks, Robert Sewell) of animals in their natural habitat. This area and habitat could be restored, enhanced and loved as it is.

There will be two public meetings on Sutter's Landing Park plans that you can attend (

• Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 6:00-7:30 p.m. , Hart Multipurpose Senior Center, Marshall Park, 915 27th Street, Sacramento
• Wednesday, May 5, 2010, Parks & Recreation Commission, 7:00 p.m., Oak Park Community Center, 3425 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Sacramento

These meetings are important. They are our chance to have a say in how we want this area used and/or developed. Please attend and share your thoughts.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

more boring heckasac

I'm back! I barely took any pictures. It was fun. I highly recommend you visit Mazatlan if you want a cheap vacation, but go sometime in Feb-May. Later you will get jellyfish and it's too hot. Man, heckasac is so boring lately! I've been at this too long.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

one more post

OK, I lied, one more post to tide you over. Here's a fine feline female. Looking slim, you will see.
If you need easy, Mexi-crudites, just sprinkle lime and chili salt on jicama, cucumbers, and radishes. And mangoes! Why not?
OK, here's the real beer nerdery. Get in the car right now, because the Davis Co-op just got some Cantillon in! They have the Kriek and what's the other one? The Grand Cru Bruocsella? The beer dude at the co-op is putting it out today and he thinks it will be gone by the end of the weekend. Plus, it's picnic day, so I'm sure you are heading to Davis anyways to see the Four Eyes on the KDVS float.
They also got this Mikkeller beer, which I haven't tried yet. This beer will go fast, too. Mikkeller has already had to release a statement about the controversy surrounding this beer. Kinda silly, but they have a cool website, if you're interested.
I posted these last year, but here are some pictures from when I visited Cantillon. If you are ever in Brussels, you have to go!

Here's the brewer, Jeane-Pierre Van Roy.
Here's the outside, obviously.
Here's the brew we purchased at the brewery and drank happily.
OK, that's all for now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hey dudes-
I'm about to go on vacation to Mazatlan, so I won't be posting again until next week. Here's some stuff going on. An important event is the fundraiser for the Verge. Here are the copious deets:


verge logo

An opening night screening of
The Art of the Steal
Hosted by Sacramento's glorious Crest Theatre!

Friday April 16, 7:30pm

Following the film Verge will host a panel discussion featuring:

Robin Bernhard
Collections Manager
Richard L. Nelson Gallery
UC Davis

Dr. James Housefield
Assistant Professor
History, Theory &
Criticism of Design

UC Davis

All seats $15*,
click here to purchase now!

The Crest Theatre
1013 K Street

Dr. Elaine O'Brien
Contemporary Art&
Art History
CSU Sacramento

Dr. William Otton
Retired Director
South Texas Museum of Art, Corpus Christi

new building*A portion of every opening night ticket sold will benefit the development of our new location at 625 S Street.

So tell a colleague, tell a friend, tell everybody and we'll see you there!!!!

For more on the film.....

Art of the Steal

Born into a working class family in Philadelphia, Albert C. Barnes was a man who through hard work and determination became a doctor and medical researcher, founding a successful pharmaceutical firm that made him a multi-millionaire. As his fortune grew, Barnes developed a taste for art and in time assembled one of the world's most remarkable private collections, featuring original paintings by Van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso, Cezanne and many other important artists. Barnes relied on his own instincts rather than the advice of experts when he bought paintings, and he had little use for the pretentious attitudes of Philadelphia's art collectors and high society; the animosity between Barnes and the city's art establishment grew to the point that in 1922 he opened the Barnes Foundation, a private gallery where he kept his collection rather than share it with institutions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Barnes Foundation was open by invitation only, and the doctor preferred to have his collection seen by students and serious art lovers than those he felt didn't appreciate the work. Barnes died in 1951, and made strict provisions in his will that his collection was not to be sold, lent to other museums, or removed from the grounds of the Barnes Foundation. Lincoln University, a traditionally African-American college, was appointed to oversee the Foundation's collection. But after the death of Barnes' protégé Violette de Mazia in 1988, Lincoln University's trustees took full control of the collection, now estimated to be worth $25 billion, and a number of individuals and organizations took advantage of their relative inexperience in the world of art to take control of the Barnes archive. The Art Of The Steal is a documentary by Don Argott that explores how greed, political power and good intentions colluded to violate Albert C. Barnes' wishes and scatter his collection across the globe.

At the Hub, two shows in a row, on Thursday and Friday:

Thursday 4/15: Stress Ape, Sister Fucker, Warm Streams, MOM + Buk Buk Bigups

Friday 4/16: KDVS Presents... Psychedelic Horseshit, Ganglians, G. Green

Monday, April 12, 2010

Charity ball

The Bee had an article about local McClatchy High rockers Fanny. This song isn't that great. It's funny to write a song about a charity ball.

Friday, April 09, 2010

I smell like rotten eggs because I went to Wilbur Hot Springs yesterday. Other than that, it is gorgeous and wonderful! The drive up highway 16 through the Capay Valley right now with the insane bonkers wildflowers is a must see. Bucket list material. I had never seen any of those little towns before.

Did you know about this Hub dance party tonight? It sounds so fun! I might go, and if I do and I am dancing, I'm sure my rotten egg smell will intensify.

FRIDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY!! w/ Hailey, Mike C. & the Flower Vato spinning wild grooves that make you move. Funk, Soul, 60's psych & hard r&b stompers etc.
The Hub-a Rub-a
8:00, $4, all ages KDVS 90.3 FM presents...

Movies on a big screen is showing two movies this Sunday. The Shatner one sounds good. Of course it's good, it's Shatner!

First up, at 4 PM:
Race to Nowhere
Admission: $12.00 ($10.00, students through 12th grade, with valid ID) - yes, this one's a bit pricey...

Director Vicki Abeles will be in attendance for a discussion and Q&A following the film.

Advance tickets can be purchased at
Tickets will also be available for sale at the door (cash only).

Director Vicki Abeles turns the personal political, igniting a national conversation in her new documentary about the pressures faced by American schoolchildren and their teachers in our achievement obsessed public and private education system and culture. Featuring the heartbreaking stories of young people across the country who have been pushed to the brink, educators who are burned out and worried students aren't developing the skills they need, and parents who are trying to do what's best for their kids, "Race to Nowhere" points to the silent epidemic in our schools: cheating has become commonplace, students have become disengaged, stress-related illness, depression and burnout are rampant, and young people arrive at college and the workplace unprepared and uninspired.

"Race to Nowhere" is a call to mobilize families, educators, and policy makers to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing and leading citizens.

And then at 7:30 PM
Separate $5.00 admission

The Intruder
This 1962 Roger Corman film deals with integration in the South, and was one of the few films at the time to do so. It stars William Shatner, in one of his best on-camera performances, as a racist provocateur who comes into town to stir up hatred just as the local high school is to be integrated. Written by noted Twilight Zone author Charles Beaumont and shot in the South, this low-budget indie production, as well as Shatner himself, received a number of threats from the KKK (along with much hostility from local authorities) and few theaters were willing to run it in its initial release because of the incendiary nature of it.

Please note that this film does contain use of racial epithets, which should be expected given the subject matter.

And next week, on April 18! The Man Who Would Be Polka King - a documentary on a corrupt polka empire?! Yep, that's what it is!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

things to do tonight and tomorrow

Roger is screening a documentary about The Monks at the Townhouse tonight at 7.

I have tomorrow off so I want to post about an interesting yet confusing event that is happening tomorrow. It's at 6 pm, at Sol Colletive, that much I know. The rest is a bit fuzzy. A movie about Planit-X records will be screened. This is the Bananas record record label, but I don't think they're in the movie. Oh crap, I'll just print the whole email and you can unravel it. Joshua Ploeg will provide snacks.

Thursday, April 8
from 6pm to 8:30 at Sol Collective in Sacramento (2574 21st St.), $5 suggested donation
Joshua Ploeg, vegan chef and cookbook author with a cooking show and fun vegan snacks for all (http://joshuaploeg. blogspot. com)
Mia Partlow and Michael Hoerger of "Edible Secrets" with a touring museum/presentation on the secret history of food and espionage (
Joe Biel of Microcosm Publishing (Portland/Bloomington-based collective indy publisher) with short films, Q&A and the Microcosm Book and Zine Store! (http://www.microcos mpublishing. com)
The Film:
"If It Ain't Cheap It Ain't Punk- 14 Years of PlanItX Records"
which details the indie label and its groovy DIY/skillshare festival, the label is known for its patronage of Kimya Dawson, Against Me, Japanther, and our very own Bananas, among others. Come enjoy the film and some special popcorn as the PlanItX'ers detail the delightful musics and musings on DIY culture (maybe you'll see people you know in the movie!). As recently jibberjabbered about in "Time Magazine" of all places!
afterwards, let's go somewhere and party!

Laureen Landau

Laureen Landau was a Sacramento painter and City College instructor. HVJ is currently working at her house, helping to catalog her stuff so that it can eventually be turned into a museum. She was a pretty eccentric character. This sacbee article is about this subject. Some of you may recognize that light above.

Monday, April 05, 2010

where did she go? i don't know!

Here is one of my baby tomato plants! Getting bigger every day. Almost ready to leave the nest.
Here is one of my favorite things I've thrifted in awhile. I love the idea of eating popcorn out of this giant bucket. Because of my packrat ways I am not allowing smiller to throw away the box. There is a lot of text on the box about how it's made by a cooperage firm that opened in the 1800s. This popcorn bucket is solid-hand staved! No cheap Chinese popcorn buckets for me.
Spring has sprung in our yard.
These beautiful bulbs come up every year and we don't do a thing.
Every year there are more and more. This year a yellow crocus even snuck in.
Here's a kind of hard to read flier for a Mike C. production show tonight. Read about it on undietacos. The show last night in Oakland was beyond epic. It was more of an epoch. Splinters were cute punk young ladies. Mayyors were the odd band out on the poppy bill but a pit quickly started. They sounded really, really good and put on an entertaining show, complete with nipple tweaking, and a crowd surfer with no panties on! You know that I love the Rantouls, and that love was consumated for the first time in too long. Mike R. Mike didn't show up to play with the bananas but some guy with an afro wig stepped in and it was fine. The crowd went wild! I saw a girl with a big bananas tattoo on her sternum. No Bunny whipped the crowd into a real frenzy. He is a consumate showman. And what about that DJ? I want that soundtrack to be piped into my house. The Heats, FM Knives, and a million other bubblegum, glam, pop rock songs that I wished I knew the names of. After the show, I was the designated driver and the room sort of degenerated into absurdity. One person who I will not mention but that I will hereafter designate as "weed rage" was being sooooo funny. Not like "I'm laughing at you because you're drunk" but like "you are hilarious, sir!" or madam, as the case may be.
Now for some food talk. Much like the undercover caterer, I was inspired by the new Saveur's story on "Roman food" (as in the food of city of Rome). Instead of the bucatini alla amatricia that she made, I drooled over this oxtail stew.
On Saturday, I happened to be eating at the little lunch counter at Toledo's (which by the way, if my article with Rick Ele didn't persuade you to try that place I'm going to urge you once again to try the al pastor), when I noted that their spick n' span little meat department had oxtails (or "rabo" in Spanish). Easy!
Here's the holy triad to make the sofrito.
Here are the oxtails. Two pounds for around 9 bucks. One question-is that the spinal cord in the middle? OK, two questions-does this mean I'm going to get mad cow?
First you brown them in some oil for about ten minutes.
Then you take them out and saute the sofrito. My knife skills are bad so the ingredients are a long way from "mince".
After the saute, you add the tomato paste and cook for about 6 minutes. Then you add wine and evaporate it for 6 more. I used some nastay chardonnay so I really took care to evaporate it out. Then a whole can of San Marzano tomatoes, the oxtails, and some water. Simmer for almost three hours until the meat is sliding off the bone. You really need to skim some of the fat. Oxtails are really fatty.
Here's the finished product! The only bullshit part of the recipe was the whole stalks of celery. That prep just made them impossible to eat. The strings seemed to toughen up in the cooking.
This is a wall sculpture at The Graduate in Davis. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it Stan Bitters? No one there seems to know.

Friday, April 02, 2010

the greatest things in life are never sold

I forgot that I saw a rough cut of "Snowbuddies" during my vacation. It is amazing! It makes way more sense than Bachelor Blues and the soundtrack is sure to go gold, if not platinum. We've got another Saturday Night Fever on our hands here people.

woah, did you guys know Exene is gonna be at R5 today at 2 pm? If I wasn't in Davis I would have to go check that out.

On Sunday there is a monumental Easter show in Oakland. No Bunny's 9th annual Easter egg bash. Mayyors, Rantouls, No Bunny, Bananas, Splinters, and Sir Lord Von Raven. Don't know anything about those last two.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April fools!

This is an April fool's joke, right? Please tell me it is. The commenter that called it America Live 2.0 has it right. So "Frisky Rhythms" is now called "District 30"? I bet all you people in other cities who are reading this are jealous right now that you don't live in Sacramento. Does your stupid city have a nightclub with a fake truck with a DJ booth in it? Suck it, New York!

Let's not forget that the city has given them almost 6 million dollars for this folly. In the worst budget crisis in decades.

In a good way

Does anyone else think that Mike C. looks a little bit like Hamish Bowles? In a good way. Of course it's a good way, it's Hamish Bowles!

We had a MidMo meeting last night that was sooooo inspiring!!! I won't give anything away but we have got some hot shit coming your way! In a good way! I didn't even know we had our new website up yet, and there it is. And the "Old Timey" theme issue is out today, with an excellent cover of two old timey dudes. I ate some gross-ish old timey food in service to you readers out there. I'll work on posting extra pictures on the website today.

Justin V. made the Vice "dos and don'ts". The caption is total bullshit, though. There is a complete difference between and ipod shuffle-type dj and a real dj if you care about music. I think that guy that djs at the Hub is too ipod shuffle for my tastes. I said it! Will I regret it? I am so wired on coffee. Can you tell? Scott, what the hell did you do with the coffee this morning? I feel like I did a line. In a good way.