Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jessamyn Lovell

Weekend post. I know, weird.  You have probably all heard me mention it like a million trillion times, but I'm going on vacation for a while, so I won't be posting very often.  I just wanted to post about Jessamyn Lovell being at Verge Gallery on April 2nd at six pm.  I would go if I could.  Lovell has a varied portfolio, but I think she's most well known for pictures of her of her family. They bring up class issues, and people who maybe grew up poor, or in my case, had some friends who were really living on the edge of absolute poverty, will find these family portraits on the edge of chaos to be poignant.  Her landscapes are cool, too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


First of all, dudes, The Rubicon has Deschutes "The Abyss" right now.  It's delicious.  It has a very dark brown, creamy head and it tastes like coffee and chocolate and is as smooth as a baby's bottom on the way down, despite being ten percent alcohol.  It's deceptively strong, so one will probably do the trick.

Here's a picture of a proscuitto sandwich from Le Petit Paris to accompany my silly thing in the news and review.  If we're the loftovers, then I thought of a name for the generation that is slightly younger: Lipstuck!
Here's the requested photos of Huey Lewis.  I don't have a good one of ZZ Top.  These aren't so great, either.

Do you know about the Tiffany movie at MOBS this weekend?  It definitely smacks of the genre of freak show documentaries that make me very uncomfortable, especially since one of the subjects is going to be at the screening BUT the seven o'clock show conveniently precedes the show at West Capitol Bowl that I'll be going to, so I'm gonna ride my bike there and check it out!

What show?  Why, only the Mayyors and Eat Skull at West Capitol Bowl.  Starts around nine. Four bands. 

Also, Cap Stage (in the Delta King) is doing a production of David Mamet's American Buffalo.  I really like plays with local actor (and cap stage founder) Peter Mohrman in them, so I'm stoked.

Have you guys been following the monumental developing story that they might reopen K street to traffic?  Sounds like a good idea to me.  See, I'm not a complete naysayer, the city just usually has asinine ideas.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FFT back

Film For Tourists is back and there are some good new posts! Link at right.

Top that

OH MY GOD! I can't believe I finally saw this clip, and it's better than I ever imagined.

Monday, March 23, 2009

show and pics

There is a crazy, crazy show TONIGHT with pop legends (ha, I just wrote poop legends. easily amused.) The Homosexuals and English Singles.  802 Villanova Dr.  It will start at seven for real

Spring is here! Yay!
Here are random jumbled pictures from the show.  Don't blame me, blame blogger and it's stupid way of uploading photos.

I bet you didn't know that Grace Slick and Billy Idol are bros.  The secret to their bond is that they are both total assholes who only care about money.
Did you ever notice that Bono and Billy Idol look kind of alike? I saw U2 on the Zoo Station tour and I can say with confidence that the rendition of Pride (in the name of love) was exactly what it was like when they did it at Arco.  That's one of the best stadium rock songs ever.
I tried to steal a good photo of Nico from JH's facebook, but it's tiny.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

new link

hey guys-
I have friday off!  Please note that I put a link to the sactorialist at the right.  I always forget to check it and there's some good stuff on there-including a profile of this girl Alexa who I have noticed around town for her cool style.

MOBS in West Sac

I didn't know this was happening but now I do.  This sounds cool. Local expert will be there to anwer questions.

Tomorrow!  Friday, 3/20

Preserve Me A Seat

7 and 9:30 PM

Admission: $5.00

Location: 600 4th St, West Sacramento.  That's the corner of 4th & F in WEST Sacramento, just over the river from downtown Sacto.  Parking lot is off of F Street between 4th & 5th Streets.

A special screening in conjunction with The Sacramento Old City Association! Local author and historian William Burg will be in attendance to speak following the film, and we think he'll be bringing along some other preservationists, too at the 7 PM screening only.  We will show it again at 9:30 for those who can't make it at 7, but there will be no speakers at the later screening.

We don't remember a lot about our distant past, but we do remember our favorite movie theatre. "Preserve Me a Seat" is a documentary about these theatres and the ongoing fight to protect and preserve them for future generations. Featuring preservation efforts in Boston (The Gaiety Theatre), Detroit (The former Michigan Theatre), Chicago (The DuPage Theatre), Omaha (The Indian Hills Cinerama Theatre), and Salt Lake City (The Villa Theatre), "Preserve Me a Seat" will appeal to anyone who has cherished memories of seeing their favorite movies in a grand theatre, and who appreciates the unique architecture of movie theatres. Even more than that, however, the documentary explores a number of urban development issues particularly relevant to Sacramento in a number of ways (not just theaters): adaptive reuse, a lack of response by city governments to their constituency, the destruction of historic spaces for the sake of what are essentially urban lofts (high-end residential units, at least), and much more.

Hope to see you there!

Also possibly of interest - although we have nothing to do with the below screening:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

crazy insanity

So you guys know about !!!'s three night stand starting tonight at the Press Club, right?  According to undietacos MOM and the Misfits are playing?  And of course you know about the Halloween show, which is going to be epic-ly monumental.  But did you know about the last minute insanity of cult legends the Homosexuals playing with English Singles at a house show in Davis on monday?!?!?!?!?

Sanad's is no more, and in its place is Jasmine Cafe, which is also Middle Eastern.  I checked it out on second saturday.  They were closed when I walked in, but agreed to make me a falafel, so perhaps I am not judging it fairly, and I'll give it another try, BUT it was no way as good as Sanad's falafel.  The falafel balls were the usual bad falafel balls, dry and beige inside.  Sad.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corned beef?

damnit, I forgot that it was St. Patrick's Day and I didn't make any provisions for getting my paws on some corned beef and cabbage.  Is there anyone that's going to be serving it tonight after nine?  I've heard the Limelight has the good stuff, but I don't know if that's just for lunch.

Monday, March 16, 2009

drunk shopping

I did a little drunk shopping on second saturday, and I am now the proud owner of my 168th purse (a devastatingly cute little tweed number from Bows and Arrows) and one of Dan Quillian's teapot lithographs.   Check out his show at MidMo gallery (25th and R), there's more prints for sale and they are very reasonable.  The show at Verge is very interesting, too.  The piece pictured is from a woman (Juliana Paciulli) who stages photos a la Cindy Sherman.  Another notable photographer in the show is Jessamyn Lovell. 

Friday, March 13, 2009


Lots of stuff to do this weekend.  Ganglians, What's Up? and Eat Skull at Luigis tonight.  Sellout buyout on saturday.

I'm pretty excited about this show at the MidMo that opens on Saturday.  I really like this lithograph.  What is a lithograph, anyway?  Here's the info:

But I Don't Drink Tea...
New prints by Dan Quillan

A new show from UC Davis' Print Lab maestro (and local musician with Art Lessing and the Flower Vato) DanQuillan.  Inspired by a teapot, Quillan's new series of etchings and lithographs take this common household object into unexpected territory.  Finely detailed, Quillan's work blooms with close inspection, revealing both the artist's skill and a finely tuned sense of whimsy.  

If you've been meaning to get out to the gallery here's a good excuse!

Second Saturday Reception
March 14, 6 - 10 pm
MidMo Gallery
1719 25th Street

Thursday, March 12, 2009

food ramblings

I made my first sojourn to Le Petit Paris yesterday for a couple of macarons.  The one in front is pistachio and the one in back is apricot lavendar.  They were tasty.  I preferred the apricot lavender.  The filling was intensely apricot-y with that pleasantly soapy taste that lavender can confer on food.  Yes, I said pleasantly soapy.  Le Petit Paris seems cool.  Anyone had the sandwiches?
I think I've extolled The Greens Cookbook on this blog before, but I am going to highly recommend it again.  This is a celery salad from the cookbook.  Organic celery, of course, cuz I guess that celery soaks up more pesticide than many other vegetables.  It's just celery, apples, raisins, walnuts, a little olive oil and, s and p, and champagne vinegar.  I loved it.
The new Food and Wine (OK, it's kind of a sucky magazine but I got a subscription for like 5 bucks) had a red quinoa recipe, and I've had some red quinoa sitting in my pantry forever, so I tried it.  Have you every seen a watermelon radish?  They're hecka good and pretty.  Like a combo radish and turnip.
Guess what?  Red quinoa is not as good as regular.  Don't fall for the hype!  I put tahini (Natalie's trick), olive oil, sunchokes,  and green onions in here.  It was pretty good.  Do you guys eat quinoa? What do you do to it?  Any polenta suggestions?
Your eyes are surely glazing over by now, but I'll press on.  I am constantly reading in cookbooks and mags that you can make shortcut ravioli with wonton wrappers, so I decided to try it.  This is butternut squash with goat cheese, shallots and oregano sauteed in butter, s and p, and chopped roasted hazelnuts.
It was fun to make them, although nervewracking because I thought they would fall apart upon contact with water.
Here is the unlovely, lumpen result.  The wonton wrapper def tastes like a like a...wonton wrapper. Not like pasta.  It made me want to make dumplings.  They needed some garlicky pork inside, not squash.  However, they did stay together quite nicely.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How can you help?

Here's some more fire facts.  The fireman will let us know what we can do when it comes up.  He suggested going to the city's website and looking for any council meetings that are discussing the budget.  Here are two that are upcoming:

 MMarch 16 at the Hart Senior Center at 7:30 pm

                        (915 27th Street, 95816)    Map

·        March 26 at the Coloma Community Center at 7:00 pm

(4623 T Street, 95819)    Map



As your firefighters, we know a little about handling times of crisis – it’s what we do every time the bell rings. That’s why we want you to know what the city’s proposed public safety cuts really mean to you.


City proposal: Eliminate 50 fire department positions, including 44 layoffs, and maintain rotating engine brownouts.

What it means: Longer response times, fewer firefighters at the scene, increased safety risks to citizens and firefighters, higher overtime costs.


City proposal: Reduce engine staffing from four (industry standard) to three.

What it means: Slower and less effective response, increased insurance and Workers Comp costs, greater risk of property damage in fire, less-effective medical response.


City proposal: Lay off 67 police officers and eliminate the vice unit.

What it means: Gang, drug and prostitution enforcement will be rolled back, community policing curtailed, patrols in high-crime areas reduced.


City proposals: Lay off nearly 200 other municipal employees and roll back after-school programs, community centers and garbage collection.

What it means: Fewer outlets for youth, especially in low-income areas, messier and less secure parks and recreational facilities.




The city says everyone needs to do their part to close a $50 million budget deficit. But look at some of the things public money is being used for at the same time we talk about putting your safety at risk:


n  $5.4 million … to subsidize development of nightclubs on K Street, including one with a “Mermaid Bar”

n  $55 million … for 32 acres of land at the Sacramento railyard, at nearly six-times its market value;

n  $18.6 million … to buy out nine properties on K Street, at three times their assessed value;

n  $5.4 million … to extend a riverfront “sidewalk to nowhere”

n  $4 million … to subsidize the temporary relocation of the Greyhound Bus Station.


These may be worth doing, but when we’re talking about keeping our neighborhoods safe, is a “Mermaid Bar” really our highest priority? Firefighters respond not only to fires, but also emergency medical calls, hazardous materials incidents, and specialized rescues like water, vertical, confined space and animal rescues.





  • You can also reach us at (916) 761-8013







Q:  The city says they couldn’t redirect this spending even if they wanted to because it comes out of redevelopment funds. Could we even use this money?


A:  Yes, redevelopment funds can be redirected for general fund use, and such a proposal has been offered to the council as a way to avoid deeper public safety cuts.


Q. The city and the Bee say the problem can be solved if employees take a pay cuts. Is this true?


A: No. Even if every employee in the city accepted a pay freeze, there would still be a significant hole in the budget.


Q:  Can’t the fire department get by with only three people per engine, like other fire departments?


A:  Fire Departments with three person companies require fire stations to be placed geographically closer to each other to provide an acceptable level of service.  The City of Sacramento cannot afford to build new fire stations and add new equipment to provide the same level of service that we currently have with four person companies.


Q:  The Bee says four-person staffing is just a union thing.


A:  Virtually every organization’s staffing standards call for at least four, and sometimes five-person crews. These include the National Fire Protection Association, the International City Managers Association, the state and local Fire Chiefs Associations, the California Office of Emergency Services and the ISO standard used by the insurance industry to set rates. None of these are union organizations.




  • Sacramento Fire Department budget has been chronically under-funded for years.  Most cities spend about 66% of the budget on public safety – but in Sacramento we spend less than 50%. 


  • Our fire death rate more than doubles the state average and we have about 40% more fires than similar sized cities.


  • Emergency call volume has increased significantly over the last 15 years, and we cannot currently meet the National Fire Protection Association recommended standards for dispatch, response and drive time. 


  • We understand the city budget is stretched thin, but firefighters need more resources, not less.  The Fire Department has been reduced over the years in the face of increasing population growth and increasing call volume.


  • Response times will increase overall.  Brain death due to lack of oxygen occurs after 4 minutes.  Fire doubles in size every minute.


  • We have been doing more with less for decades, and we do not believe that this is the time to cut funding in any way to the fire department.  It’s about the safety of every Sacramentan we serve.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Atelier and Javalounge

It was the weekend of terrible photography, so I don't have a lot to share.  I'm a bit late to the party, but Atelier is pretty fucking cool.  I was riding my bike down 16th, mostly to try to get a glimpse into Hot Italian (have you seen their stupid plastic bike racks?  At least they have bike racks), and I passed Atelier.  I saw this jacket outside and screeched to a stop.  My picture doesn't do it justice.  It also has a cute belt.  I'm not even a big fan of red and blue together but this rain coat is a classic garment, and it fits me perfectly.  I shot the shit with Joanie (Joni?), who is the owner of Opaline, which is a store within the store, and we talked about thrifting back in the day, when she used to be able to find stuff from the 20s. 30s, even the late 1800s!  I will be back again soon.

I also got to partake of the pizza that Javalounge now has on offer every day.  They make it from Old Soul dough, and they make the first batch at 11 and then another batch later in the day.  It was very tasty, with a thin, charred crust and I got the one with fresh veggie toppings.  They make their own sauce, and the tangy sauce was my favorite part.  It's 3.50 for a sizable veggie or pepperoni slice, 2.50 for cheese.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

four toes and a funny hat


I've been asked to link to this article.  I've requested more information about what we can do to help, so that should be forthcoming.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

same one?

Does anyone else laugh when they hear that the secretary of homeland security is Janet Napolitano?

Good job, city council, banning dumpster diving.  I guess digging through recycling was already illegal, and that doesn't stop anyone.  That's really where we need to be turning our attention right now, stopping people from recycling discarded furniture and eating thrown-out food.  Every time I've dumpster dived I felt like I was doing something illegal.

Ha!  Read this sentence from the article about the proposed NBA arena at Cal Expo and tell me if is sounds familiar: The fairgrounds are 42 years old and in sore need of a makeover. Buildings require seismic retrofits. Pipes need replacing. Asphalt walkways are crumbling.
I totally agree.  Every time I go to the fair I feel like I'm taking my life into my own hands.  Also the locker rooms at the fair are very cramped and are the laughing stock of the NBA.  Someone in the comments brings up the issue of the track:

The large graphic claims the basics will be the same, however no mention of a horse race track. Horse racing has been a tradition of the State Fair since its beginning. Why Cal Expo continues to ignore the horse race track and the many jobs and history that will be lost without it is a mystery to me. How can one call it the California State Fair and have no horse racing ? Even the smallest of fairs in California have a horse race track. If the track is not allowed to stay or be rebuilt would be a loss for all. Let's get a clue Cal Expo and keep horse racing alive and all the jobs it creates for the State Fair and for California. The State Fair without horse racing is like a hotdog without a bun. If your not going to allow horse racing at the State Fair you might as well put a Indian casino at the fair. Im sure California could use another one of those...Born and raised in Sacramento..

Save our track!  I will chain myself to a horse to stop this arena if need be, despite the fact that I am scared of horses.

Did you guys read the interesting SNR article about the mayor and the possible changes at city hall?  That should have been the cover story instead of that mildly interesting thing about local skaters.  It seems like Kevin Johnson's office is just in tatters at this point.  

Monday, March 02, 2009

making cheese

All right, so I didn't go see Tyvek!  So I fell asleep at 10! So what! Get up off my nutts, as the famous dumpster says.  I did see the Ancient Sons at a stoney house party on saturday.  How about a party that not only has free flowing weed, but trays of sandwiches and ribs?  

I also made cheese at a friend's house, which I've never done before.  Did you know cheese just starts as plain old milk? 
You add rennet and citric acid and then voila! Curds and whey.  And faintly gross milky smell on everything.
Guess why they call it cheesecloth, folks.  That's right.  In the case of  mozzarella you have to knead it for a trillion years.
How was it?   Just ok. The farmer's cheese was better than the mozz.  Making cheese is hard to do right.