Monday, March 31, 2014

weekend grub

I tested my lifelong assertion that I am not allergic to poison oak by falling in a patch of it at Big Sur. Just bit it off the trail. I was happy that all the German hikers seemed to have missed that, or they just weren't concerned with helping me. Not to slander the Germans, who I'm sure are very polite. I scratched myself up and fell right on top of the plants. I was very surprised that it took about 4 days to start showing up. Question: once you get the oil on you how do you spread it? I have it mostly on my leg, but also on my neck and I don't think any touched my neck. But I didn't start scratching until 4 days  later. It doesn't seem to be spreading any more. Also, weirdly part of my leg where it's worst went numb for a day. I didn't read about that symptom online but am not paranoid enough to think it was anything other than poison oak. And now that I'm "sensitized" to it what does that mean?

I was lucky enough to be invited by Amber Stott to moderate a Q and A session for a short documentary film about sea urchins with the director and star. I think it went really well, especially because I know how it is to feel trapped at a film Q & A. Although the film was only 18 minutes long so that doesn't really apply. The director, Alex Finden is very talented (and looked about 22) and the star was a real character. He's 70 and has been diving for sea urchin for 50 years. I would link to it but you need a vimeo sign in from him because he's taking it around to film festivals. I got to try Billy Ngo's famous uni panna cotta (made famous by BAR in his awesome review) and I have to say it was too rich for me. I can't imagine eating a bigger portion. Uni walks the line between beautiful and gross for me, if that makes sense, and I prefer just one bit of perfectly firm nigiri. Even by the second huge bit of nigiri I feel like I'm not sure I want more. The first bit can be absolutely perfect though.
I learned a lot about sea urchin. I learned that it starts out really soft but then they firm it up with alum phosphate. They can live about 30 years but become mature at I think he said 2 or 3 (might have been six or 7). The Italians prefer it right out of the shell. In San Diego you can eat it that way at the farmer's market or just right on the dock. The stuff from SD is considered some of the finest in the world because they feed on 5 kinds of kelp (according to the diver) and there is definitely a terroir based on what they eat and probably the salinity, etc., just like oysters. The fisherman bagged on the nor cal stuff of course but the director said he tried it for the first time at Kru on Friday and thought it was fine. Such a fun time!
It reminded LM and I of the article in Lucky Peach about the Korean female shellfish divers and how they are aging out with no young people to take their place. Coincidentally the NYTimes wrote an article about them the same day. Wow, did they go to complete paywall? I haven't looked at it much lately but you used to get 20 free articles, so I can't link it.
Am I alone in never getting through a Lucky Peach. I love the idea of it but I kind of find it a chore to read. Some of that is jealousy, I admit.
More pics after the jump!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Dude, my mom is so funny. She just got an unattractive foster dog so she did this to it.

I just got to use the snotty "let me google that for you" link on foodways. I really amused myself. People are right that I should include addresses (I keep forgetting) but still there is this thing called google...

Just got back from Big Sur. It was amazing. Lots of whales, although I missed a breach-fest that everyone else saw. Unfortunately, since it is a stupid idea to use your phone as a camera when you have no reception and nowhere to plug it in I have like zero pictures. Fortunately due to the lack of phone access I was able to not fuck with my phone and my mind is at peace. At least for a little while.

Monday, March 17, 2014

happy stupidest holiday!

That's actually sad about L'Wren Scott. I can say from having seen some of her (tiny of course) dresses on the hangar that they were very pretty, and poor Mick Jagger. I always thought it was kinda nice that even though she was still way younger than him at least she was in her 40s and not 20s. They looked cool together. I was going to link to the story but blogger isn't letting me link.

You guys, Im pretty frustrated with foodways. No one but me and MH are posting. I am imprudent to air this here but I have already talked myself blue to the peeps that can do something about it. We are all busy people. I guess too busy.  I had two good posts I could have done over the weekend but I am just not motivated to shoulder all of it. I'll work on them some time today. I should focus on a long feature for edible probably. I haven't done one of those in like a year. Not a long one.

Wow, Saturday in Midtown. Tried to go to Lowbrau at 530. Nuh uh, not happenin' Then over to sidetraxx which was pretty deserted. I love sidetraxx. The balcony is the best people watching. And boy was it entertaining to watch costumed people stumble their way around at 6pm. We saw a woman just dressed as where's waldo. No green. We saw a bunch of brides. We talked to 2 and they said they were the "brides of march" wah-wah. still fun to watch but agro vibe. last night I was riding home at 830, and again, stumblers, including a guy on 21st walking in the bike lane and trying to hitchhike. cops were right there and I tried to tell them because it seemed like he might get hit and they said they were already on their way to a call. saw lots of fighting and barefoot ladies walking with their highheels. ridic.

Friday, March 14, 2014

I ain't never scared

Have you checked out the neighborhood news site? It seems pretty cool and useful. I posted about that 24th and g robbery last week and today the police posted on there that they had arrested 4 suspects in 2 different robberies in the area.

OMG Heckarap was seriously off the chain. It was just magic. Everyone was so psyched! Clyde did a good set and was talking us up bigtime. The best part is trading off songs with Mike C. It's hard holding it down all by yourself so I like the tradeoff bit at the end.  Songs that I killed with: Crack by 2 Chainz, Karate Chop by Future and Never Scared by Bone Crusher. After I saw the reaction to Never Scared I saw that crunk was in order and played Move Bitch which also was a hit. Pretty much the crowd was open to whatever. Thizzle Dance killed of course.

 It was gratifying to see that people like the classic and the new. They prefer a mix, as do I. I am looking forward to the next one on April 17th, but also just savoring how fun that was and appreciating it.  Trying to be in the moment, for once.

Monday, March 10, 2014

what did you do?

Had a perfect Sac day on Saturday. Went out walking to meet Ryan and Rodney about Foodways stuff. Met at the new Insight. Nice, although I paid 3.25 for iced tea in a small glass with no refill??

Then ran into Matt S. and had lunch at Estelle's. It was an insane croque monsieur that was broiled with the mayo on the outside. Next time I will just ask for a regular one if they can do that. It was still tasty, it's just hard to eat a sandwich with mayo on the outside. I think that's why it usually goes inside.

Then we walked down to the convention center to look at the costumes and ran into Matt M., who was able to tell me what all the nerds were dressed as.

Then later Mark K. celebrated his 40th at a party right near my house. Who doesn't love a party near their house.

Also, hot city German sour night on Friday was really fun. It's really cool that the beer scene is at a point where you could have a night this specific. Standouts were the quince goze and the Freigeist/Jester King collabo Sauer Power. After that, tank house, where I had two tumblers of the High West "Campfire" whiskey, which is scotch-like and smoky (without the scotch medicinal quality) and then to Larry's dance night, which is super fun. Friday dance party! Perfect.

I guess my whole weekend was super sac cuz I walked to the other Insight, passing the nerds again and then walking by Capitol Beer Fest on the Capitol Mall (it was massive). Then I ran into KRA and had a great talk about Michael Haneke, and then later to a delicious meal at Ryu Jin. Even at 830 it was packed with a short waiting list. Love that place. I got the spicy map tofu ramen. There were some Japanese kids there with absurd tshirts "keep rocking and love punk" in the "keep calm and carry on" design.

What did you do? Any beer week events?

Thursday, March 06, 2014


Did you know that Shatner is going to be at this weekends Comic-Con? And that for 250 bucks you can meet Liam Hemsworth and Stan Lee? Instead, what I will do is observe the fashion outside. Free!

Scott wanted me to post a picture of this because he's sad I don't post pictures like this but instead put them on fb. I actually don't put them on fb any more but sometimes on Foodways I guess. Regardless we drank this Beautification and this beer is truly closest that America comes to Cantillon or Drie Fonteinen. Reminds me the most of DF. We drank it and I was eating some manchego and I instantly had a sense memory of hanging in Belgium. I wasn't even consciously evaluating it as something akin to a Euro beer. I wish it was possible to get Russian River sours.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Right side of the 'Traxx

I am FINALLY off after hours call, so I can drinkdrinkdrink of the sweet beer nectar tonight. Very excited to go to the Bike Dog tap takeover at Magpie. Two of my favorite things combined into one!

Thursday is a stellar beer week event in Roseville if you can find a DD: Northwest brewers night including Heater Allen and Logsdon kegs. Friday Hot City Pizza is having sour night. Man, I wish I was drinking a Bike Dog IPA right now but at least I will be in about 6 hours.

I took a peek at Witch Room and I'm stoked. I feel like bands I know had just really come around to Bows as a venue a few months before it's closed so everyone is beyond happy to have it back.

Also, Larry's DJ night at Sidetraxx is now every Friday. Finally, a dance night that those of us with 9-5 jobs can go to without being absolutely useless at work the next day. I like Sidetraxx. The patios rule, and the dance floor is well-situated. And they have a drink with gummy bears in it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


OMG after over 10 years I just paid off my student loans! This should have been done a long time ago but I made about the dumbest decisions you can make regarding loans. I took out a shit-ton of loans even though my school was cheap and didn't work that much. But I did have fun and also all I could do was work in a movie theater so I didn't have a lot of choice there.

The really dumb decisions was choosing the lowest payment plan because I didn't even realize I was paying pretty much only interest for years. This is why there should be some financial counseling during the loan giving out and paying-back process. I know I was an adult but nobody helped me out with any of this! And my parents certainly weren't the ones to talk to. One short discussion and someone to ask questions would have helped me a lot.

But I was lucky enough that my degree 100% has helped me in my career. Actually, part of this was luck and part of this was a conscious decision to study something not that fun so that I would be marketable. I'm not judging anyone else's degree choice here.  You never know where life will take you.

It feels really great to be done.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Drake wuz robbed

The best part of the Drake interview in Rolling Stone was when he said he modeled his stage show on James Turrell's art. Having seen his show I see it. I agree that it's lame he got taken off the cover for PS Hoffmann. I fully agree addition is a disease of course and have seen it ravage loved ones. HOWEVER when you have 3 kids, have known the pleasures of sobriety for 20 years, and have every resource in the world to get yourself to rehab...I'm gonna say dude went out like a selfish chump. I can't believe it wasn't suicide given the amount of toxins in his system.

I watched Fish Tank last night to finally give Fassbender a chance to not be creepy in a movie and then the movie got super creepy and disturbing. The director, Andrea Arnold, is quite intriguing and I want to watch her other movies, besides Wuthering Heights which I kind of have no interest in as a book or movie. Fassbender says she works without a script and that she discovered the teen star of Fish Tank because she was yelling at her boyfriend at a tube station. This actress is a scrapper and very raw. I recommend it if you can stomach the disturbing stuff (not in a violent way but in a sexual way). Sounds like the director had a hardscrabble upbringing herself and that she draws from it for Fish Tank.