Friday, September 19, 2014


This is an awesome rebuttal to that garbage Dan Walters wrote. I want the debate to move away from bikes v. cars and towards infrastructure and laws that can help both! As that guy points out, most cyclists own cars! Why does it have to be adversarial?
I definitely recommend Tribes at CapStage. It deals with issues of deaf culture and some of it is in sign language (translations are projected on the stage). Some really excellent performances (except for one I didn't like but I won't name names). Two of them, the two that sign in the play, were two of the best I've ever seen on stage. I cried at the end of the first act and at the end of the play.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lil Wayne vs. Drake vs. play

Drake and Lil Wayne canceled their show tomorrow! Weak sauce! They didn't say it was cuz of lack of ticket sales but that has to be why. Why did they put it in the stupid Marysville arena? It must have more seats than Arco. Dicks, still. Way to disappoint your fans. I am glad to have 180 more dollars to kick around but there must be some teens that are crying their eyes out right now. The 180 was for two, and I was going to give MC a ticket for being our driver and because he would have been the best person to go with!I won't get the chance to vote via phone for which guy wins. I guess they are neck and neck at this point.

My Halloween show bumper sticker sparked a chat with one of the fire department guys on campus and it led to him telling me he was a roadie for Blue Oyster Cult for 21 years! I can't wait to get the full story on that at a department barbecue. The other mindblowing thing is if I had to guess I would have guessed he is 34-35. Roadie-ing keeps you young?

I found two good new podcasts for those of you who love This American Life. The better one is Everything is Stories. The one that is sometimes good is Love + Radio. They are both longform stories, with no narration at all. Some of them are amazing.

I bet I am the only person who is going to see a play tomorrow night instead of Drake and Lil Wayne ha ha.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

food (get it?) for thought

I am trying to get a block of Kings tickets for my work and you might be surprised how jank this process is. Maybe you wouldn't. It's kind of just talking to a guy and waiting for him to call you to let you know which games you can get tickets to. I submitted a 200 dollar deposit and am still waiting for the call. I just called and the guy remembers me and is trying to figure out if my survey on what games I want to go to was even submitted. It seemed like it was, but again, it was jank so who knows. All I'm trying to do is give them like 1000 for some crappy seats to a not-very-desirable game.

Jesus Christ, I think I always say this and am surprised anew by how good Magpie is. We were going to go to Waterboy but opted for the "cheaper" spot. HOWEVER, Magpie prices are THE SAME as Waterboy! I am shocked, but our 180 dollar bill last night for 4, in which we only drank maybe 6-7 glasses of cheap/beer wine, clued me in to think wait a minute here!

Here's the breakdown:
Waterboy- $4-14
Magpie- 5-14

1st Course
Magpie (does not have a first course per se but I am including salads and a pasta dish - 6.5 (for cup of soup) -17

Waterboy- 21-29 or AQ for daily fish dish
Magpie-15-30 (15 is for a roasted vegetable plate, the next lowest is 25 - so kind of actually higher)
Smiller had scallops for 28 at Magpie - they are 29 at Waterboy

I think desserts are about the same - both of them have outstanding desserts. I love the avocado chocolate mousse at Magpie and the seasonal crostada at Waterboy is always good, and right now is Delta pear, goat cheese ice cream, red wine caramel, and hazelnut praline. I would say the crostada wins out! It's always warm and melts the ice cream. My mouth is watering.

That is kind of crazy for such a casual atmosphere and quicker pace than Waterboy. I love settling in at Waterboy with the white tablecloth and the whole deal. The servers at Magpie are excellent usually, but the ambiance is kind of cramped and noisy, and ubercasual. This bums me out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bday nymphomaniac

It's Scott's birthday today!!! We are going to the Waterboy with his family. Yay! I love Waterboy it fits like a velvet/iron glove or something like that. I bought him three highly/practical, boring presents. I wish I had something more fun, but as I was talking to him about that he pointed to his room that is piled with more books and records than he could read/listen to in ten years.

I watched Nymphomaniac 1 and 2. Garbage! Just one more piece of refuse in a huge pile that Von Trier has created. I don't know how they faked all the sex and whippings, etc., but WB said that he read that some of the genitals were greenscreened. If that is true I would like to see the unaltered footage. Christian Slater (yes, you read that right) gives an insanely crappy performance, and Shia LeBouf's (yes, you read that right) accent is atrocious. Skarsgaard and Gainsbourg do fine with what they are given. Four hours! I watched it over like a week though. Honestly, I would play solitaire on my phone during the non-dirty parts. Oh god, the music is so dorky too.

Monday, September 08, 2014

squeezing one out

It's been so long since my last post because as I lagged I got overwhelmed by the amount of photos I needed to upload, stuff I should write about, etc. Well, the word "overwhelmed" is a bit dramatic but I was just having a hard time getting around to it.
So you will just have to always wonder what I have been up to the last few weeks and here's what's up now. I got the cover of Feast in the SacBee! So cool! I love having Tim Swanson as editor and he was quite patient with my crappy first version. Too much exposition! Show, don't tell! Etc.!
Darrell Corti sent me a nice email telling me they sold out of cookies. The power of the Bee!
Pitchfork reviewed the Cassie Ramone album (I was reading it because she loves Sac and the Bananas, which is why I know about Vivian Girls in the first place), and they had two Sac comparisons: The Softies and Jean Jean, Molly Schick's solo thing. Pretty random.
Glad I squeezed a post out. Maybe now I will be able to get it rolling again.