Friday, July 31, 2009

jacked by the co-op

Good lord, do you ever get jacked by a co-op? You know what I mean, oops that watermelon cost five dollars and damn the guy thought that was an organic red pepper so it cost 2.50. A hundred bucks later and you're bummed.

Anyways, I have something very exciting to report. Due to picking up some beer from a new distributor, the Davis Co-op now has my personal favorite beer selection in all of the greater Sacramento area. As I've mentioned they have the Bruery, and now they have Jolly Pumpkin, Nogne, Mikkeler, and Struisse brewery's Pannepot, a quirky old-fashioned ale brewed with spices.

ain't no monkeys in MY family tree

We hired the professional photographers at MonkPond to take some portraits of Babs. Next, we are commissioning an oil painting and maybe a bronze bust.
The Knights of the New Crusade are going to try to save the Godless, toad-worshipping heathens that populate Davis tonight. Good luck to them. Show's at the G st. Pub. Starts at nine.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

He is the rock...we will roll you

Has your brewdar been tingling lately when you pass 58 Degrees? It's because they are having a brew blowout sale. Moinette Brune for 4 dollars among other deals. And smiller drank some, so it must be OK.

As for this weekend, which is fast approaching, the mysterious Christian garage rock band Knights Of The New Crusade are coming to G street pub in Davis tomorrow to save some souls.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

minds: blown

In honor of Jerry Day, which is this Sunday (like I have to tell you that), we have a little photo essay, brought to you by smiller. These were pictures in our cabin in Tahoe Vista.

First, you have a picture of three normal bears. Three bears with unblown minds, just doing their normal bear thing.
Then, someone pulls out a tape of Blues For Allah.
This mysterious someone pushes play on the cassette.
Bam, dancing bears!
Also, my identity finally revealed! If you click on it you see I look like one of those demons in Jacob's Ladder. I can't help it! It's a genetic condition.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

free kittens!

I need to find a home for these kitties! They are all boys, 16 weeks old. De-wormed, de-flead, 2 out of three immunization visits. They are all friendly and are ok with dogs and other cats. The orange one is more standoffish than the other two. After dealing with Babs, I almost wish she was more standoffish, so that could be good if you don't want a needy cat. Let me know if you want more information.

Friday, July 24, 2009

not hungry for foie gras right now

What a great birthday! Thanks to my friends for making it so fun. Did we end up on the news?

PETA is going to protest Cafe Rolle this afternoon, starting at 6:00 pm. Doesn't William Rolle come from a family of foie gras purveyors? I think they couldn't have picked someone LESS likely to give up his use of foie gras. I have to admit, the PETA video on foie gras is super gnarly. You can't tell where they filmed it. The ducks look really sick in it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

35! Still alive!

Hmmm...the No Bunny show was pretty underwhelming. I was really excited but the guitar was way too loud and you couldn't hear the vocals and they only played like five songs. I wish he would have played at Luigis. I wish I would have stayed home and watched Mad Men! My new obsession. I've only watched the first three episodes but I love it. It's like The Wire if The Wire was good. Ha! Now I've really started something. Remember, it's my birthday soon, so don't be mean.

I will have the next four days off because of my birthday. Today is the traditional lunch at Whitey's with coworkers. Peach shake! Peach shake!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

no nobunny

Now Nobunny is not listed on any shows, but I guess he's playing the Funcastle? Pizzas and Enlows at Luigis.

The Vice Mag article on Doug Biggert is online now, and as smiller pointed out to me, despite the clear sexual undertones of a lot of the hitchhiker pictures, due to the insane amount of female nudity in the Vice photo issue-Biggert's photos are just about the most innocent thing in there.

OK, now a question for all you world travelers out there reading. Gballs and I are going to fly into Mexico City in early November. I think our trip is going to be about 10 days. I think we're also going to go to Guanajuato. If that was your trip, how long would you stay in Mexico City? Where in Mexico City would you stay? What would you do there? What would you not do?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am a girlfriend

No Bunny is playing with The Pizzas at Luigis on Wednesday. I really wish MOM could be on that show. Can she be a guest performer with The Pizzas maybe? She could sing background vocals to Jet or something.
Did you guys know that Mike C. is the best DJ around? If you need things dj'ed, call that guy.

Thanks for the thinspiration for the Lazy Sunday Dinner, Undercover Caterer. I used basil and my only innovation was to add a bit of flour to the sauce before the clams went in. Those farmer's market clams are super good. Five bucks a pound.

Monday, July 20, 2009

we won

OK, the pictures are small, but here are the reasons why our Dayrage was better:
1) It was a hundred and fucking four degrees and we rode bikes for miles!
2) We ate at Jarritos and Jimboys in one day. Something I never thought I'd do.
3) Butterscotch schnapps shots. I bet you can't even say it, let alone do it. Well, Gballz and Jamattack did it. I sipped and they were pretty gross.
4)We purchased and watched ladyporn. No Mans Land Part 2.

I think I have done my part to silence the dudes.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lady "dayrage"

I'm manning the blog today as heckasac participates in the lady dayrage. This post will serve to chronicle the ladies' progress via text message as they pet kittens, watch "The Piano", eat chocolate and go shoe shopping - oh, yes, and drink the occasional fruity drink in an attempt to get buzzed. Good luck on your transitional journey ladies!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

the long and the shorts of it

English Singles sounded great last night! I was too tired to watch the other bands. The Summer Cats had some great merch. Good tshirts with cats on them. Speaking of cats, check out that specimen below:
She is bad! Badder than you can imagine. Constantly wilding out all over the house. On a mission to destroy all our lovely house plants. She is ruining Steve's life and now Steve basically lives outside. But isn't she a widdle cutie?

Let me tell you about the fritatta of the gods. OK, it's just an easy frittata (I'll just change the spelling each time until I get it right), but it was delicious, and it's a really good dish to make to get rid of any excess garden production. Saute an onion for 3-5. Then a few cups of whatever chopped vegetable. I used crookneck squash, zucchini, and chard. Scramble 2-4 eggs and pour them over the top. As they set, sprinke some herb (I used basil) on the top, and a layer of parmesan. As the bottom starts to set, put the skillet in the oven on broil for 2 or 3 minutes, just until the cheese melts.
Serve with sliced baguette. So good!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what happened?

Does anybody know why the Ganglians show was cancelled?

Don't forget the English Singles/Baby Grand show tonight at the Blue Lamp!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

legal question

So what is the goddamn law about having alcohol down at the river? I find it to be confusing. Is it only illegal on holiday weekends?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saison De Licious

It's time for the return of Heckasac's most beloved feature-Brew Awareness!

So, SoCals Bruery brewery has really made a quick push locally. I heard that their beer is now at BevMo, maybe it's at Whole Foods, too? The Davis Co-op has a good selection. I picked up a Saison De Lente for 8.50. What a deal!

monday, monday

Ladydaykittenpoolrage is this Friday. I feel not one iota of rage-ability in my body right now, but that's cuz it's Monday. As the week goes by, my rage quotient will slowly rise, and then as the sun rises Friday morn it will be off the charts. I don't know how I am going to find the time to go to the Maxfield Parrish show before it closes. What if we made the day a Museumladykittenpooldayrage? Let's show these boys how it's done!

Did you know that English Singles, Baby Grand, and a band from LA and a band from Australia have a show on Wednesday? What's up with the Ganglians show? Is it happening. There's no venue. I'll just have it at my house. J.K.!

Friday, July 10, 2009

what a piece of work

So what about that Derek Nielsen guy, huh? Good luck ever getting a show for your band, dude, because you just slammed one of the only guys who bridges every scene in Sac.

The Doug Biggert show is mind boggling. I could have looked at the sandal shop wall part forever. Do not miss this show!

There are rival shows tonight. Knock Knock at Luigis and some unpronouncable bands at The Hub. That flyer is pretty darn good. Here's the lineup

AFCGT (A Frames + Climax Golden Twins; Seattle) + DMPH (7" release show)+ Art Lessing & Flower Vato Quartet + Hank IV!

Thursday, July 09, 2009


The new Midtown Monthly is so good! More substantial this time. I loved Guphy's article, and the zine article, and that they used my burger pictures, and Liv's mention of the bomb ass tamale booth. I am going to start getting those from the farmer's market to eat for dinner. I wish she would come to the Sunday one.

It also has some crazy coupons, and if you guys use them, it will help to keep midmo alive. One is for ten days of FREE yoga classes in July at the new yoga studio in the MARRS building. Tamara is a good teacher if you're looking for a class. Corey is good, too, and part of the fun with her is that she is so flexible that I called her cirque du soleil in my head. I think all the classes are all level.

The other coupon is 15% off pizza at La Trattoria Bohemia. That's a good deal, and I like the pizza there. And they have good beer on tap. I know I sound like an ad right now, but I was just surprised to see these coupons and plan to use both of them.

Doug Biggert tonight! Maybe I will stuff a dill pickle with liverwurst? Free beer!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Let me take you on a little trip

I guess I better post again to try to keep things on a positive tip, as I have been commanded to do. How's your Summer going? Mine has been pretty good so far. I should tally the times I go swimming and camping, because that's what I want to do in the Summer.

Verge show opens tomorrow. Scott will be playing some music, I hesitate to call it DJing. There will be cans of Oly and some period correct 70s grub. I am going to try to find time to make some food, probably on Ritz crackers.

Speaking of DJing, I will be doing so on Saturday night when everyone else is at that DAM house show. If you like Mike Love and the song Apeman then I suggest you come to Bows and Arrows and hear some tunes. The kids are going to go wild for the 70s novelty rock that I will play. The second saturday show there is local artist doing portraits of each other. Local artists such as...Biggert. It all comes back to Biggert, doesn't it?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

babs through a glass darkly

I stole this flyer from Amanda's blog. The TBA has turned out to be MOM, fresh from her Sammy win. Starts at nine.

So much happening this holiday weekend! Here are some kitten pictures to calm your frazzled mind.

This picture doesn't really capture the full intensity of the "playing" that goes on around the house, but it does capture the general vibe, which is Steve running away from the kitten. Barbara rules the roost!
Here a couple of artsy, kitten through the window pictures.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

culture schmulture

Heckasac doesn't feel so good. Heckasac hopes that if she talks about herself in the third person she can distance herself from the bad vibes that are occurring in her bod. Heckasac is gonna post about some cultural-ish activities upcoming in Sac.

The Maxfield Parrish show at the Crocker is ongoing and closes July 19th, so don't forget to go. It's a drag the Crocker closes at five. And it's closed Mondays.

Capital Stage is premiering a new play called "Erratica: An Academic Farce" on July 11th. OK, so the title doesn't sound so promising! But it's cool that they developed it through their workshop program. And Stephanie Gularte stars, and she's good.

The thing I'm most excited about it the Doug Biggert show at the Verge. Opening reception July 9th, 6-10. Do not miss!