Tuesday, November 29, 2005

you know you're pathetic when...

you could leave work but you stay to keep checking your own blog! j.k. it's not pathetic thanks for all the comments. I have tomorrow off so keep fighting about pizza.

pipe down, liver

I'm trying to find out the hours at River City Brewing the lazy way (on the net, without calling) and I found this website called beerme.com I'm assuming you beer lovers out there are familiar with it? I like how they have a section for beer in airports.

interesting article

Those of you in NY have probably heard about this story ad infinitum, but here is a long juicy, seemingly semi-fictional (a la In Cold Blood) story from New York magazine about the fake fireman rapist, Peter Braunstein. There are wanted flyers for him all over the Brooklyn subway.

stop the zelda bashing

I forgot about sacrag for the last week or so and I just got around to checking it again and I want the Zelda bashing to stop! OK, I get it, the pizza is not for everyone, but complaining about the waitresses and the ambiance? I know the waitresses have a rep for being gruff, but I don't find this to be true. They are normal. They are not obsequious, they are not perky, and they do not write their name in crayon on your tablecloth. Go to Macaroni Grill if you want that shit. They do their job. Yes, there is a quirk that the pizzas take a while to cook because of the style of crust. No big deal, either chill at the bar and drink small glasses of beer for like 75 cents or a pitcher for 4 bucks (!) OR call ahead and place your order. They will seat you within a couple of minutes of arrival and your pizza will be out shortly. And complaining about the ambiance? So a black sparkly ceiling and Christmas lights and funny signs are not enough for you? One person complained that the wall was dusty. Oh my God call Martha Stewart so she can decorate it in the French country house style that you desire.

public service announcement

There's a super scary article in the NY Times about acetaminophen (tylenol) poisoning. So watch out if you're sick and you're taking tylenol, maybe in conjunction with flu medicine that may also contain tylenol. Read the label! I guess sometimes people will be sick for a week and overdose without knowing it and they ruin their liver forever and have to get a transplant! So check the label and make sure you're not double dosing!

boosting the sac

As a tireless Sac booster, I don't appreciate the anti-sac jokes that this whole Virgin Mary crying tears of blood thing is engendering. I'd like to point out that this church is somewhere in east Sacramento county, not downtown.

Speaking of Sac boosterism, it can and does run amok, especially when it is faked by the business community in an attempt to line their pockets. Did you know that a bunch of these business types have banded together to "brand" our region? So creepy. Remember when they tried that last time with the stupid Ken and Barbie doll thing? Their first step this time is coming up with a nickname for the area. Here are the proposals they voted on recently: Capitol of the West; Central City of the Central Valley; Land of Golden Opportunities; Learning Community; and Green Place. Barf. None of the above was the choice that won, so sanity prevailed. I hope this plan fails. I have read recently that people are starting to move out of California, so that's encouraging.

The New Yorker had a really interesting little one-pager this week (that I can't link cuz their site sucks) about leisure time and wealth in Europe and America. We all know that western Europeans get more vacation than we do, but they also just have more daily leisure time in general, and consequently they spend way more time doing stuff like cleaning their houses and cooking, which are tasks that Americans increasingly pay other people to do. So we work more and generate more wealth, but then we spend it eating out, paying people to do our laundry, etc., etc., so we are on a continual hamster wheel and getting nowhere. The stats they threw out is that the average French woman (of course) spends 10 more hours a week on household tasks than the average American woman and that we eat out three times more than the Germans do! I eat out waayyyyy too much but you all know how it is when you get home from work the last thing you feel like doing is fighting the crowds at the local market and coming home and cooking for an hour or so and then cleaning up after. It's so much more pleasant and restful to let someone else do it for you. If I cook that's usually pretty much my plans for the night. Now I'm just thinking aloud but the article was thought-provoking. Once again the Euros have it right.

Monday, November 28, 2005

playground review

You guys are really not forthcoming with the comments today but I will remain faithful to my vow to not guilt you about it. Or did I just do that?

Playground review:

First, let me get this straight: I am not some kind of let's all return to childhood and frolic-type person. I didn't enjoy my childhood all that much and I prefer to do adult things like have sex and drink. But, that said, the new playground at Southside park is amazing. It is the trippiest playground ever, and it seems to be designed to be used in conjunction with weed. I mean, come on, it's called "universal universe"! A stoner had to come up with that. Right next to the sign with the name on it in spacey writing at the entrance there is a giant silver phallus. There's nothing that little kids love more than phallic sculpture. Across from this, towards the lake, there is a sculpture-in-progress that incorporates an Airstream trailer on a pole that has been turned into a space ship complete with an alien peeking out the top. There are numerous mazes and things to climb on. There is a giant rocking boat that can fit at least six adults. There is one of those dangerous metal merry-go-round things and a running hamster wheel thing that is going to really hurt some kid for sure. You have to run on it and try to keep up but it flings you off within seconds onto the squishy foam rubber ground covering that surrounds all the equipment. The piece de resistance (mispelled no doubt) is the red bucket. It doesn't look like much, just a tilted red bucket that you can sit in that's attached to the ground by a short pole. But as you sit in it and move slightly it begins to spin, and it starts to go quite fast and can be difficult to stop. You have to check it out, I can't describe it very well and I don't understand the physics of how it works. Go play on this playground before all the little brats break the equipment and tag it up.


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he's so old timey that she didn't even set the picture to sepia tones, it just came out that way!

bass face

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amy's caption...

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is "ladies love the drummer". This is true.

intense rock

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look at those eyes

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daisy spot

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I have heard a lot of grumbling about this old port-o-let song that Daisy Spot has recently added back into their reportoire. I don't think anyone from the band reads this anyways, but I would like to report that the buzz is that they should put it back in the vaults. I am staying neutral. It doesn't bug me, but it's not my fave, either.

Oasis interview

To get you in the mood for the Halloween show, here's a really funny interview with Noel Gallagher. This is my favorite part:

DW: Ricky Gervais (the boss on the office)told me there's a story that Liam thinks Spinal Tap are a real band. Is that true?

NG: Yeah, he thought they were real people. We went to see them play in Carnegie Hall. Before they played, they came on as three folk singers from the film A Mighty Wind. We were laughing and he said: 'This is shit'. We said: 'No, those three are in Spinal Tap. You do know they are American actors?' 'They're not even a real band?' 'They're not even English! One of them is married to Jamie Lee Curtis.' 'I'm not fuckin' 'avin that,' he says, and walks off right up the middle of Carnegie Hall. He's never watched Spinal Tap since. He'd seen the film and loved it and thought they were a real band.

bike ride photo

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I however have no qualms about stealing this photo from Katy. This was at the end of the Thanksgiving bike ride, at Discovery Park.

xmas party date change? yay or nay?

Hopefully I will be posting some pictures soon from the Daisy Spot/Bananas show on friday but I decided to ask Amy P. before I stole them so I'm waiting to hear back. She's in med school so I'm sure she's not busy and she probably checks her email all the time.

I'd like to hear about the Poinsettia trip if anyone who went is reading.

The Rubicon bike ride was off the chain. I'd say between 3-4 hundred people were there. There was meat, beer, dogs, babies, crusties, mardi gras beads, old dudes, young punks, slackers, stoners, burnouts, doctors, lawyers, and what have you. In short, it was Sac in a nutshell and I loved it. Riding the wrong way en masse down N street was the highlight for me.

Then I staggered in a haze over to Thanksgiving dinner at Gillie's which was delicious and fun. She had lots of weird liquor that I was smart to stay away from. About midway through eating my plate of food I felt really nauseous and had to go lay down. It's embarassing (yes i know i probably spelled that wrong) when you eat so much that you make yourself sick.

In a bit I will post a playground review of the new playground in southside park, but for now I have some important business. A few folks can't hang with the December 23rd date for the xmas party and Katy is contemplating moving it to the 16th. She is soliciting responses to this idea. My response is that it would probably be best not to change it because I would guess there will be a whole new set of people who can't make it on the 16th, but I can go to either day so I won't care all that much.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy turkey day, turkeys!

I have just been instructed to go home for the day so I will post a couple more things to keep you occupied for 4.5 seconds.

I like this ad.

And I love this ad. This guy is a catch. He just looks fun. There's no other word for it.

This one is a bit cringe-worthy. I don't think that herpes is such a big deal that he has to mention it in his ad. Wouldn't he be better off just trying to see if they hit it off and later telling her? If you believe those celebrex ads there's a one out of three chance she would have it anyway.

What title? Let's see, how about "do you like demanding assholes that think the way to attract a woman is to write a personal ad with a rude, abrupt tone?"

ok, that was weak and what am I still doing here? Someone just hit my blog googling "rubicon thanksgiving bike ride". Some poor dork that isn't cool enough to find out where it starts, or maybe an SN&R writer looking to bust it out?

A message to my readers....

in rants and raves ooh, dis!

why does rants and raves suck so much?

sad news

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I got seriously choked up when I learned that sam, the world's ugliest dog has passed. Check out his owner's blog and I guarantee a tear will flow.

funny for you

I got this from the comics curmudgeon website, which is always totally funny.

guy-guy poo play?

This one's pretty funny. Just because the guy didn't try to fight you after the second time you walked in does not mean it's a sign that he's interested in "poo play".

on top again

Ha! Someone searched for "benji hooter" recently and I am once again the top two google hits! Take that four eyes!

Are you cheap?

You know the answer is yes so I have a tip for you. At the new Safeway (probably the old one, too) they have a clearly posted sign that says if they run out of roasted chickens from 4-7 that you will get a free one. Guess what they were out of last night? That's right, chickens. After much confusion between the deli and the customer service staff because no one had ever tried to claim a free chicken, I was given a rain check for a free chicken. And you know what? It doesn't matter if you even went in for a chicken? You can just check the chicken rack out and if it's empty waltz up to the desk and claim your free chicken. The possible drawback is that if they call back to the deli and they have chickens ready but not out yet then they will bring them out and if you don't buy one you will be exposed as the cheapskate that you are.

Hot Potatoes lyrics


My baby woke me up this mornin'
She said get down that labour exchange,
And if you don't come home with a job son,
You'll get no dinner to-day.
You gotta secure me a weekly workin' wage.
You'll get no more fancy cookin',
You'll get no more apple pie,
You'll just get those plain hot potatoes
To satisfy your appetite.

La la la la la la Potatoes,
Boiled, French fried, any old way that you wanna decide.
Hot potatoes, yeh,
I want your lovin' every single day.

I said I don't need your fancy cooking,
I like the simple things in life,
Just give me those plain hot potatoes
And I'll be well satisfied,
They'll satisfy my appetite.

La la la la la la Potatoes,
Boiled, French fried, any old way that you wanna decide.
Hot potatoes, yeh,
I want your lovin' 60 minutes an hour,
I want your lovin' 24 hours a day,
I want your lovin' 7 days a week.
Yeh, yeh, oh yeh.
I want your love, I need your love,
But all I get is hot potatoes
When I come home late at night
To satisfy my appetite.

Don't give me no more potatoes,
Boiled, French fried, any old way you wanna decide.
Hot potatoes, I want your lovin' every single day.
I want your lovin'

La la la la la la Potatoes,
Boiled, French fried, any old way that you wanna decide.
Hot potatoes,
Hot potatoes, yeh.


Tomorrow is thanksgiving (or turkey day as smiller likes to call it) and you know what I am thankful for? I am fucking thankful that I live in Cali. Sorry east coasters, but it may be in the low 70's tomorrow. I was just in your territory and the freezing fall weather was nice for a few minutes but my soft supple golden Cali skin quickly started to become chapped, the humidity affected my long loose sunkissed hair, I got all tense, my Chakras got out of whack and it just generally bummed my trip. I love California!

Also, I'm thankful for Fleetwood Mac. Which kind of goes hand in hand with the Cali thing.

I have heard some buzz about the new show at Fool's Foundation. I've heard that it involves nudity, so I'm there. It's a collabo between Olivia from Ollipom and some other guy, and Olivia's a nice and lovely lady so check it out. The gallery is open from 3-8 thursday and friday and 12-5 on weekends but I'm sure it's closed tomorrow.

So is there a Knock Knock show on friday? What are the details? Also, what's up with the bike ride tomorrow? When and where? Bananas play a free show with Daisy Spot at Red Square on saturday but I will be going to John Cale at Cafe Du Nord with Heckamax that night.

Also, I'm thankful for H&M and the Kinks song "hot potatoes".

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

call the whaaa-mbulance

Seems that that post about the sheriff didn't exactly set the blog on fire (I wrote this before I saw the comments, obvs) so I'll try again. Animal Collective review:

As the show was starting we pushed our way towards the middle and proceeded to get stoned, as did 99% of the other people at the show. Everyone agreed that this was the stoniest show they had been to in ages. It looked like there was a fog machine going. I took two pretty big hits and was about to go for a third when smiller warned me "watch out, this stuff is strong". I kinda smirked and almost went for it when I hesitated for a second and thought "Wait, I can feel my eyeballs vibrating". That seemed like a sign that I should stop and good thing I did because if I hadn't I can almost guarantee that my night would have ended in the emergency room. Animal Collective took the stage. It was really hot down on the floor and I was wearing a sweater and the third or fourth song started to get scary and intense and I started to pass out. I was lightheaded and my vision started to go black. I stumbled and pushed my way out of the crowd and to the back (stupidly pushing my way away from my friends) and was terrified that I was actually going to faint and that someone would call an ambulance and that I was going to be forced to tell the ambulance driver that I had just gotten too stoned, and imagining myself thrown in jail as a result. I thought maybe if I could cool down in the bathroom I would be OK. I was still drifting out of consciousness so I couldn't make it and I just ended up sitting on the stairs with my head between my knees. I'm sure I was white as a ghost and I was burning up and covered in a clammy sweat. A song or two passed by while I was in this state and finally an employee (who seemed to be able to tell that I was having some sort of drug freakout, I bet they see them all the time) told me he could get me a glass of water but I was going to have to move off the stairs. I found a seat upstairs and proceeded to talk myself down and convince myself that no, the weed was not laced with acid, it was just really strong. The music? Amazing but I only had stoney, disjointed thoughts about it. It was a very different show from last time. Really catchy and poppy. Last time I was down in the middle and lots of the crowd was distracted and chatting while Davey did stuff like crumple paper into the microphone for 10 minutes. This time the crowd was going absolutely apeshit. It was crazy. More unforced, genuine enthusiasm than I can remember seeing in forever. And the band was feeding off of it and seemed touched. They were called back for two encores and I'm pretty sure they didn't expect the second one but the crowd wouldn't give up. Afterwards the Stooges song "no fun" played and a hippie dance circle started with some Animal Collective acolytes who were dressed in like batik and backless shirts and shit. Is A.C. the new Greatful Dead? Only time will tell.

Blanas blares back

So here's the email I got from the sheriff's spokesperson:

I have sent you the email message that I sent the SN&R Magazine regarding the story you read. As you can see I replied to the magazine within a time frame allowed according to the California Public Request Act. My answers are in blue under each question. If you have questions I am always available to talk, please contact me at my office. I would be happy to provide you with answers you might have surrounding the concerns we have with factual reporting in Sacramento’s only local newspaper. Please give us the opportunity to respond to you directly. We reply to all media inquires that are made verbally or in writing. I will attach a copy of the Sheriff’s Media Policy for your review.

Very Truly Yours,

Sgt. R.L. Davis, Sheriff’s Spokesman

Here are the answers to the SN&R questions (I bet the reporter didn't know that the sheriff's office is forwarding his email around. As you can see, he sent out the questions wednesday at noon for a friday deadline. This doesn't give them much time to answer yet he spun it like they were deliberately not responding. On the other hand, the spokesperson responded to me within hours so maybe they were dragging their feet on purpose. No way to know. Also, note the not-so-subtle insult when they say that journalism should be based on facts, not sensationalism):

From: Jeffrey Barker [mailto:jeffreyb@newsreview.com] Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:16 PMTo: Davis, RobertSubject: questions for news story

Sgt. Davis:I have some questions for a news story I am working on. My deadline is Friday morning. I'd appreciate a response by then. I'd prefer to speak by phone and would welcome your telephone call (the only reason I am e-mailing now instead of calling you is that I just got back from a two-hour trip to the dentist and my mouth is numb. Ugh.). Thank you so much. Questions follow.
What is the policy for responding to media inquiries from the Sacramento News & Review?

The media office will respond to verbal or written requests from identified employees of your organization (press credentials).

What is the policy for responding to media inquiries from The Sacramento Bee?

The same

When were these policies put into effect?

We have always had these policies.

Are the policies written down anywhere? If so, where?

See attachment

Who originated the policies?

Our policy is based on the Government Code

Are there policies regarding how the Sheriff's Department Media Bureau deals with other members of the media, i.e. television and radio reporters?

See attachment

Has the department's legal staff reviewed the policy regarding the Bee or SN&R to determine its legality?

The policy for the SN&R magazine is the same as all of the media.

Are there specific, factual errors in stories published by either the Bee or the News & Review that prompted these policies? If so, what are they?

Our policy is very clear and if we have any problems with either organization we will ask for a retraction/correction. If further steps needed to be taken we would contact the organization’s management.

Does Sheriff Lou Blanas believe that he, as a public official, and his department, as a public agency, have a duty to remain open and accountable to the public which he and the department serve?

We are a transparent organization and we do feel that it is important to be accountable to the public, just like we feel it’s important for journalism to be based on facts, not sensationalism.

Does Sheriff Blanas believe the media-contact policies with the Bee and SN&R help or hinder that kind of openness and accountability?

We have an open policy with the media and will continue to do so.

And for a really exciting read, here's the official media policy:

news media policy and procedures

the purpose of this general order is to define policy and procedures regarding news media relations.

i. general

a. policy

this department recognizes its obligation to provide accurate and timely information to the public regarding law enforcement activities.

the policy of this department shall be to permit free access by recognized news media representatives to all public areas under the control of sheriff's personnel whenever possible. news media representatives are those persons who identify themselves as such through the use of press credentials, media business cards, agency credentials or other documentation which establish their primary purpose to be gathering news.

b. access

watch commanders or other officers in charge of an operation shall permit members of the news media access to the scene and shall not prevent the photographing of the scene, Sheriff's personnel, or the operation.

c. restriction of news media access

the media may be controlled and/or restricted during the conduct of departmental operations when the media may be expected to cause:

1. contamination of the crime scene;

2. injury or death to another person (this restriction shall not apply to authorized press personnel who have been advised of potential danger to themselves, and whose presence does not increase the hazard to others); or

3. interference with essential movements or actions of law enforcement or other emergency personnel.

the presence and identity of news media representatives may be recorded and/or escorted at the discretion of the scene commander where it appears reasonably necessary to maintain site/area/situation security and/or protect the property of another.

ii. responsibilities

a. public information and communication is a basic responsibility of management personnel.

b. the authority to respond to a media inquiry may be delegated directly by the office of information or operationally within the service areas through the chain of command.

c. the department member, rank notwithstanding, who is most familiar with an investigation, crime, or incident should be designated to respond to media inquiries and shall advise the office of information. when this is not practical, the immediate supervisor or superior should respond after being fully informed by knowledgeable subordinates.

d. under no circumstances will any employee be compelled to respond to the media. each employee or supervisor shall assess the particular inquiry and direct the reporter to the appropriate individual.

e. in situations where a media inquiry has been received and is not connected to an immediate and on-going situation in the field, response to the media representative may be made only after clearance from the public information officer, his/her designee, or the service area chief deputy. this section does not preclude advance delegation of authority to spokespersons.

f. comments to the media regarding any investigation being conducted by the internal investigations unit, litigation involving department employees, and investigations conducted by other agencies regarding department employees is prohibited. such information may be provided to the media only by the sheriff, undersheriff, or a designated representative.

g. any employee or service area wishing to make a press release or secure media coverage of a particular event shall coordinate the announcement or notification through the office of information.

h. no comments shall be made regarding any case that has been referred to the district attorney's office for prosecution/evaluation. no comments shall be made regarding cases being actively investigated by other police agencies. official comments shall be the exclusive purview of the lead agency having responsibility for the conduct/prosecution of the case.
i. problems with news media personnel shall be reported through the chain of command to the public information officer.

iii. notification

a. major incidents

in major incidents the on-duty patrol watch commander shall direct and ensure that the on-duty communications bureau supervisor notifies the undersheriff and the media information officer. when no watch commander is on duty, notification direction shall be assumed by the responsible patrol supervisor. a major incident is a potential or actual disaster, a situation requiring the commitment of a large number of officers, the arrest of a known public figure or celebrity, or any other event likely to attract news media either at that time or during the following day.

the media information officer shall respond to the scene and assist the on scene commander in providing liaison with news media present. the information officer shall prepare general press releases for other media who are not at the scene as appropriate.

b. media releases

personnel responding to media inquiries and/or making press releases, shall advise the office of information verbally or in writing by the next regular business day.

iv. report access

a. arrest reports

during non-business hours, the media shall have access to copies of arrest reports kept on file in the main jail classification/booking area. copies of arrest reports are not considered "on file" until the completion of the entire booking process. during regular department business hours copies of arrest reports shall be available at the office of information.

b. offense reports

face sheet copies of offense reports (7401 form 012) shall be made available by the records section for media review at the front counter of the sheriff's headquarters building. sensitive information protected by law shall be obliterated if not already excluded by the use of the "victim address deletion form."

c. other reports or contents thereof shall not be released to the media except through the office of information.
v. guidelines for the release of information

when authorized to provide information to the news media, the following guidelines shall apply:

a. information which may be released

1. facts and circumstances of the arrest

(a) time and place
(b) resistance put up by the suspect
(c) pursuit necessary to apprehend
(d) use of weapons by officer or suspect

2. identification of investigating and arresting officers and length of investigation.

3. limited description of evidence seized (do not make any references to confessions, admissions, or statements).

4. disclose the nature, substance, text of charge (can include a brief description of the offense charged).

5. quote from or refer to public records of the court in the case without personal comment.

6. schedule or result of any stage of the judicial process.

7. any request for assistance from the public to obtain evidence.

8. the identity of victim or complainant if the release of that information is not otherwise prohibited by law (no release of victim identity may be made if the crime is defined in the penal code or covers sections 261, 264, 264.1, 273a, 273d, 286, 288a, or 289).

b. do not release

1. prior to the arrest, do not release the identity of the suspect.

2. prior to arrest, do not release the results of investigative procedures.

3. can release above items 1 and 2, if:

(a) will aid in the investigation
(b) assist in the apprehension of the suspect
(c) will warn the public of danger

4. prior criminal record, reputation, or character (can release name, age, residence, occupation, and family status).

5. identity or any personal information of a juvenile arrestee or suspect.

6. existence or contents of any confession or statement given by the suspect or the refusal to make a statement.

7. give an opinion about the possibility of a plea of guilty to offense charged or a lesser offense or other disposition.

8. performance of any examinations or tests, or the suspect's refusal to or failure to submit to an examination or test.

9. any photographs or mug shots except:

(a) if release will aid in arrest of suspect
(b) aid in the investigation
(c) warn the public of danger

10. the identity, testimony, or credibility of prospective witnesses.

11. any personal opinion concerning the suspect's guilt, innocence, or merits of the case.

12. any information which would be known to be inadmissible in court.

13. do not move or pose suspects solely for the purpose of allowing photographs or news film to be taken. however, do not prevent photographers from taking unposed pictures in public places.

14. references to investigative procedures such as fingerprints, polygraph tests, ballistic tests, or laboratory tests.

Monday, November 21, 2005

stay tuned

Wow, I already got an answer back from the sheriff's office but I'll tell you about it tomorrow because I have to go leave to see the best band around play a show in SF tonight!

enough already!

Oh yeah, and speaking of this weeks news and review and the Daisy Spot article therein, can we please declare a moratorium on talking about Mike Ferell's past drug use? I know it's an interesting angle but does it have to be discussed in every single article about the band? He's been clean for quite awhile now and I'm sick of hearing about it. I bet he's sick of it, too, but maybe I'm wrong I don't know the dude.

make a stink! make a stink!

An article in the SN&R got me hoppin' mad and I'm going to write a letter about it (fat lot of good that does, but I'll try). You should, too. It was hard for me to find the article online because the SN&R website is not the easiest to navigate, but here it is. The sheriff's department is trying to hide from the local media by refusing to talk. They are pissed that the Bee broke that story about brutality at the jail so they briefly stopped talking to them, but apparently they have negotiated their way through that because they know the Bee is too powerful and would make too much of a stink. So it is up to us to make a stink to get them to change their policy of not talking to the SN&R for the last two and a half years. This should be simple self-preservation. Most of you are drunks and any of you could be unfortunate enough to be picked up downtown for drunk in public. Judging by some of the stories I've read you would stand an excellent chance of getting your ass kicked if this was the case. Who will advocate for you if this happens? Not Christina Mendonsa or Dale Schornack, that's for sure, although you can call them up if you want them to report on the new sweater you knitted for your three-legged puppy or when your grandma turns a hundred or whatever. It will be the News and Review who would have your back. So write Lou Blanas at sheriff@sacsheriff.com and cc it to media@sacsheriff.com while you're at it. Read the article first so you can pretend to be informed about the situation and don't mention what I said about how you're a drunk.

overlong post about stuff i ate

I started this post a while ago and didn't post it. So here goes...

So, no celebs at Butter but we did have an ultra amazing dinner. I'll tell you about it after I complain that I spent most of the day in bed watching Six Feet Under as various viruses had their way with me. I better feel better tomorrow or I am going to remove my swollen gland myself with a chilled spoon. Stupid gland. (update, it may be a node according to Amy P.)

I started out the dinnner with a glass of Perrier-Jouet, which I've always wanted to try because I love the Art Nouveau bottle (the one with the flowers). I liked it but it was no better than countless sparkling Cali wines that cost half as much. Then the VIP treatment began. Two different kinds of soup were sent out, some crazy white bean and mussel soup that was amazing and a pudding-like butternut squash. Then they sent out seared foie gras with figs and chocolate bread. I do not like seared foie gras. I think it tastes like hot fat. I love pate, though. That was the only off note for me, but the others at the table snapped it up. We also got scallops, and an appetizer with pasta and spicy lamb sausage. I'm afraid I will bore you if I continue with the menu but everything was delcious. One person got lobster which was exciting to try. Here's a link to a (slightly outdated) dessert menu so you can see the delicious stuff that my friend has created. He sent out every single one of the desserts on the menu and we washed it all down with a flowery glass of muscat that I wish I knew the name of even though I probably couldn't afford a bottle.

Other amazing meals-medium rare lamb burger at Chez Oskar may be the best burger ever and successfully solved the dispute of whether rare or raw lamb is a good thing. A nice, cheap homestyle Italian feast was had at La Locanda in Williamsburg. As the review promised, it was hipster free. In fact it was mostly enormous guys in tracksuits shoveling escarole and beans into their mouths with their meaty paws and chatting up the cute waitresses. I love a place that will fill your glass of good chianti to the brim and charge you $4.50 for it. In fact, I love it so much I had two glasses and consequently I think the waitress caught me checking out her rack which sucks. But everyone there can back me up that it was hard not to look! Also, I ate breakfast twice at Bonita and I think their breakfasts are not to be missed if you're in Brooklyn. And so cheap! 5.50 for the huevos Mexicanos. It's a giant mound of scrambled eggs with tomato, peppers, and onion with beans on the side and tortillas. And the cafe con leche is a milky glass of heaven. OK don't ever remind me that I wrote that sentence but I wish I was drinking it right now.

Later I'll post about upcoming shows if you were skimming your way through my culinary adventures.

posting guilt

I know, I know I should post. But I don't feel like it. I'm working and stuff. The trip was great, at least the NY leg of it. I'm going to Animal Collective in SF tonight which is hectic to say the least. Maybe I'll post after lunch.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

my swollen gland

Hey, I've played this game before, where I've made you guess which gland is swollen because that's when I learned (from Brew's guess) about how gross it would be to have an infected Skene's gland (which I've never had, by the way, well, I do HAVE that gland, I guess, but it's not infected). To solve the mystery there's a mystery gland in my neck that's swollen and I am separating the men from the boys by testing who will touch it and who will not. You know who you are.

To the anonymous snot head: I am an excellent speller and when I spell chardonnay wrong I know that I am spelling it wrong but I am too lazy to look it up. I know how to spell fuck you, though. And to the person busting my chops about Mason's, you are an ineffective chop buster, so give it up. I never even said Mason's wasn't good, if you read the actual post, I just complained that the Bee was talking about them constantly which you cannot deny no matter how much of an idiot you are (notice I just trapped the buster along the lines of when Groucho Marx asks someone "have you stopped beating your wife?"). Also, to the other snot-o that said you will be filing your nails the night of the Animal Collective show, good for you, hold onto that smug feeling it will take you far. These are obviously all just my OPINIONS on this blog, not fact, if you don't agree then express that but you don't have to be anonymously rude. I am feeling feisty because I have had some brews and have spent far to much time wondering who the anonymous haters could be. I would like to coin a phrase here (you can quote me if you like) and say, don't hate, appreciate. I am only trying to entertain you for a few measly minutes at work and entertain myself while I'm at it.

Thankfully I am out of our nations crapitol which is not so great. I'm sure there are great things about it but the whole capitol mall (or is it capital, chop buster?) area is busted looking. Would it kill them to keep the lawn up a little? Ugly. But I am now in beautiful Billyburg (which would annoy Josh but I think he stopped reading when I said it the last time) and have been sampling the delights of Bedford, among them excellent Polish food and a bar called Spuyten Duyvil with delicious, albeit pricey, beer. Tonight we are heading to Butter as I mentioned before. It is raining. This whole weather thing is so inconvenient. It leads to wet feet and curly bangs, the bane of my existence (besides the aforementioned gland). What's going on in Sac? Who is going to be the best band at the Halloween show? I know Oasis has been talking shit but what about the Mac? Anyone else want to make a claim?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

smell ya later!

I'm out the door here, most people have left for the neuroscience meeting so nothing's really going on. I might post from DC, but I doubt it. More likely that I'll post from NY. I'm going to Peter Lugar's for lunch when I'm in NY, so that's exciting. That's a steakhouse in Brooklyn that's been around for over 100 years and some think it's the best steak in the country. They are one of only two places that dry age their steak for (I think) like 6 weeks? 10 weeks? I can't remember. My only other set eating plans are the aforementioned dinner at Butter, where I will be hanging with Lohan, Jay-Z, the Olsens, and hopefully a Greek shipping heir or two, and an afternoon in Chinatown eating dim sum and whatever else I can get my hands on. And I'm going to that "obsessive drawing" exhibit at the Folk Art museum. And blah blah like you care.

I'm going to that Mt. Eerie show tonight at FF despite the warnings that the guy takes his shirt off. And that's a bad thing? Enjoy your three day weekend if you get one!

this is fucked

Now here's some real controversy-over at the Barnesyard, DB was one of the first people to mention that when the Kings played the Pistons the other day, someone in Sac showed unflattering pictures of Detroit and played "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" to mock the Pistons. Fucked. Dan has written about it here and linked to articles about it..


I am VERY VERY VERY confused about this whole cooldmz thing. I have no idea what anyone is talking about in regards to that. I didn't post any of the anonymous comments, I haven't paid any attention to who writes what on sacrag when I check it, and I have tried to read the thread of comments twice and I still don't understand what it's about. So that's my official statement. Hey Emily-I'm glad you're reading!

I forgot to listen to myself get namedroped on Insight yesterday, I'm pretty sure that this is the link to listen, I'll check it out when I have a minute.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This day has been a snore, a bore, and a chore, and I'm including the blog in that. I'll post prematurely about some upcoming stuff, because I will probably only be in for a bit tomorrow and then friday's a holiday and then I leave town for a week. Kristy (who I just know from the chick list) is hosting this second saturday event at the Caspian Cafe. I want to eat at this place, but I can't go to the event.

Did you know that there's a group going to Poinsettia over Thanksgiving? Email Ella if you want to know about it. I'm mulling it over because my family has decided to crap out on the whole being a family, togetherness thing and we don't have holidays anymore. That may sound sad but really it means I can do whatever I want and I don't have to put up with any of their bullshit any more, so is it really sad? Is it? BUT I have John Cale tickets, so I probably won't go.

There are shows tonight and tomorrow at Fool's Foundation. I will probably go to the one tomorrow because, I don't know, just because.

Other upcoming shows that I've already mentioned are Animal Collective on monday, the 21st. If you don't care about seeing the best band in the world then you can just stay home and file your nails. See if I care. And the Finches show at Hotel Utah is the same night (the 19th) as the lovely Tessian's bday party at Port Costa (fort costa?). I found out today that another band called Still Flyin that I really want to see (and that play rarely) are on the Finches show. Crap!

Paragary lets me down

It's been at least a week and I have gotten zero response to the three emails I sent out with my perfectly legit and reasonable complaints about the Davis Cafe Bernardo. I'm pretty disappointed. I guess they just don't give a fuck if a loyal customer thinks the quality is bad at one of their cafes. They're too big to worry about something minor like that.


How can a day be so crappy by 9:10?

I ate at Chaat Corner last night. Let's just say they spared all expense on the decor. They don't even have the News and Review review posted! It's very drafty, too. But, the food is quite good and so cheap. As everyone else has said the samosa chaat is not to be missed. That was the best thing. The other dishes we tried were good and not too oily but nothing to write home about. I would like to try more of the stuff on the menu. And you can get tons of food for less than ten bucks.

The Sacbee cannot stop talking about that new Mason's complex. You would think they were getting a kickback from the owner or something. I think they have had 4 articles in the last couple of weeks, two of them major. Yesterday a feature on the family that owns it took up most of the front page of the Scene section, with color photos. This one was at least kind of interesting (not like that blathering one I linked to before), because this family has been prominent on the sac business scene for a few generations. I STILL haven't heard anything about what the food tastes like, at either Mason's or Ma Jongs. The Bee needs to try to vary their coverage a bit more. It's sad that they're salivating over these businesses. It's another desperate attempt to make sac appear hip, which we're not.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The poetic tributes that her friends are writing for Mana Nishiura (the drummer of DMBQ that just died) are making me cry.

does he know what discreet means?

maybe he should look it up

the birds seal the deal

This one is breaking my heart. I hope he meets a nice lady.

what's this guy's game?

OK, check this out. These two posts were right next to each other and so obviously posted by the same creepy liar.

low standards

All this guy asks is that you're a biological female. That's it. You can be tall, short or crazy. What if someone who's tall AND crazy wants to email him. Just an example.

And then there's this guy, who can't find any "real" women. Where are these guys hanging out? Trannytown?*

*worst joke of the day (so far)

how about a hotel room in rancho? is that good enough?

at least this guy gives his weight and a couple of weird pictures.

have hotel room, want sex

lo and behold, another wishful thinker

a little too honest

t.m.i, dude

wishful thinking

Hard to believe that this guy thinks he is going to get action based solely on the fact that he has a hotel room. If only it were that easy.

maybe i'll eat my first pupusa (sounds dirty, no?)

I'm making attempt 2 to eat at Chaat Corner tonight. But if it's mysteriously closed, there's a (I think) new place in the same strip mall that 524#2 is in that has a neon sign advertising pupusas. I've never had one but I want to try it. If you don't know, it's a Salvadorian dish that consists of cornmeal dough stuffed with meat and/or cheese. Every culture loves this combo and so do I. I don't know the address or name, but if you take 16th st. and get off at Northgate you'll soon pass the 99cent store on your left, so pull over there and you'll find both 524 and the pupusa place.

know your david cross

this whole imposter david cross thing is cracking me up, mostly because he's corresponding with gawker about it. that's sad that he just got dumped.

finches shows!

Goddamnit! Why are there weekends where nothing is happening (like the last two weekends) and then suddenly everything happens simultaneously!?! What prompted this whining? The Finches listed some new shows on their myspace. Saturday, the 19th at Hotel Utah. December 18th at the Rite Spot and Jan 5th at the Hemlock. I guess I should just be glad I can go to one or two of the other shows. Except they're on a sunday and a thursday. Oh well.

!!! west coast tour

To save you the trouble of scrolling down I have copied the whole blurb about !!! from Pitchfork today.

!!! To Tour Tour Tour West Coast
Matthew Solarski reports:!!! are the ultimate mood gauge. Because you may gab about them using any monosyllabic utterance thrice repeated, !!!-related conversations provide invaluable insight into a speaker's temperament. For instance, the gleeful may remark, "scope you at the Yay Yay Yay gig tonight, G!" To which the cynical may reply, "what the Fuck Fuck Fuck?" For the miserable, it's the Woe Woe Woe or Die Die Die show, while the unimpressed may duly refer to !!! as Blah Blah Blah or Eh Eh Eh. But fie fie fie on the haters, I say.
Whatever your disposition, I think we all can agree to shake that butt at Nic Offer's command when !!! descend upon the West Coast next month. The band behind the "Feel Good Hit of the Fall" plans to wrap up this season of dying leaves in appropriately decadent fashion, by sashaying up and down the western shores of the U.S. and Canadia on a seven-date party bender, also sometimes called a tour.
Shake shake shake it:
12-01 Eugene, OR - W.O.W. Hall
12-02 Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan
12-03 Seattle, WA - Crocodile Café
12-04 Vancouver, British Columbia - The Plaza
12-07 San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
12-09 Pomona, CA - Glass House
12-10 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey
12-12 San Diego, CA - Casbah
The band is presently doing the whole "intermittent recording" thing, at work on a new batch of feel-good hits that should drop via Touch and Go sometime in Summer 2006. Indeed, !!! hope to use this tour to debut some of the fledging dancefloor anthems, which are, according to guitarist Mario Andreoni, "stripped, wiley and raw...but wiser." Truly though, what could possibly trump the wisdom emanating from "like I give a fuck about that motherfucking shit"?

Where the hell is Pomona? And what the hell is the Mezzanine? That's rad that they're going to be in town around the holidays. Get your tickets now. I hope they can have a show in Sac. Maybe on the 8th?

I voted (imagine me saying this smugly) I'm smug! Smug!

I didn't go to that show last night which probably means it was amazing. I think the Armeniac went, but because he can't read anymore (dead computer) I guess he can't tell me how it was. I wanted to go, but 10:00 (or later) is soooooo late to start on a monday night.

Oasis was pretty well behaved last night except when Liam offered me a shag in the loo. I don't really know British slang but I don't think that's very nice so I politely turned him down.

If you are worried you won't have time to vote today I wouldn't because it took me about 30 seconds. So go on your lunchbreak or something and help us stick it to the governor in the way he deserves.

I'm sure that C.H. can give me some good advice, but for additional points of view, I'd like to ask if you had about two days in D.C. to do touristy type stuff what would you do? I've already ruled out the Holocaust museum because I've spent about 15% of my waking life thinking about the Holocaust so I don't think it's a must-see for me. So whaddya say?

Also, I'd like to officially proclaim that Animal Collective is the best band in the world right now. Does anyone care to dispute this? I'd like to see you try.

Monday, November 07, 2005

shout out to nationwide

Sac's really just a small town (well the downtown is anyway) so we (meaning me) get really excited about stuff like how the guy who wrote Jarhead is from sac. Lisa Ninja is reading it and she posted this:

The guy who wrote the book (Anthony Swofford) is from Sacramento. I was reading it last night and he mentions how while in Saudi, he was daydreaming about where he’d eat his first hamburger when he got home, a double french with cheese from Nationwide Freezer Meats.

vote it up

From Amelie, here's the website to find where to vote tomorrow. I'm voting yes on 79 and 80 and no on the rest cuz that's what Brew told me to do.

seatbelts save lives

The drummer for DMBQ was killed in a car crash. They played at Tonevendor a few months ago but I missed it. I am pretty fanatical about wearing seatbelts (and I'm guessing that she wasn't here), but when I've been fortunate enough to hop on a tour or ride in a band van to a bay area show I'll ride without them. I think that tour just feels so magical that you don't think anything bad will happen to you, but many other incidents (such as when three people in the band Exploding Hearts died) prove that this isn't true. Bands, make sure your vans have seatbelts! I know, I sound mom-style but too bad.

Infiltrating all media

My New York correspondent just informed me that he namedropped Heckasac repeatedly during an interview for Insight with Jeffrey Callison that will be aired this wednesday at 2:00. I can't wait to hear Callison say Heckasac in his hot Irish brogue.

Oasis will be screening a DVD at my house today, so for God's sake if you see Damon or Graham tell them not to come by (this joke is not getting old for me). Also not welcome: Thom Yorke, space aliens.

Selected quotes: (for those of you who think that Liam has all the good ones)

This guy came up to me from some band and he said that 'Man, I'd hate to be you right now, no privacy at all' and I was thinking, 'Sure thing man, I have a fucking Rolls Royce, a million dollars in the bank, a fucking mansion and my own jet and you think you'd feel sorry for me? What are you? I'd hate to be you, broke as all hell living in the dole.' "- Noel

"If I ever get to go to the moon, I'll probably just stand on the moon and go 'Hmmm, yeah...fair enough...gotta go home now.'-Noel

red hot

Originally uploaded by becklerg.

If you're like me and you never get sick of looking at pictures of Gal Costa, go here: http://www.keller.com/bass/gal/

On an unrelated note, a couple of people have mentioned the Marsden Hartley exhibit at the Crocker. I've never heard of this guy, but I want to check it out. It's up until the end of January, but don't delay too long because the gorey photos from the Mutter museum are only up for a couple more weeks. The Crocker is open until 9 on thursdays, if that helps, and it's free on sunday from 10-1 if you're a cheapskate.

broze own?

What's up with this broze own tour thing tonight at Fool's Foundation? Anyone going? Come on, I need someone to tell me what's cool, I can't be expected to make up my own mind.

I would like to give an official thumbs up to Jarhead and recommend it highly. Unless a shitload of great movies come out at the end of the year it's sure to make my top 5. For the record, 40 year old virgin is on track to become number one, perhaps the first time a silly comedy has ever placed at that spot for me. I'm contrasting that to Woody Allen's bittersweet-style comedies. Sure Jarhead is meandering and weakly plotted, but that war was pointless, hence plotless. Why everyone gotta hate on Sam Mendes?

Tried to go to Chaat Corner on Northgate with the Head but it was inexplicably closed on a friday night!?! They have a brand new ad in the SNR so I don't think it could be out of business. We salvaged the trip by going to 524#2, which was excellent as always.

I also made my third trip to Dragonfly and this place just keeps improving. Our cali-style sushi roll was really, really tasty. The best I've had in Sac in a while. The Dragonfly menu stands out because of their numerous healthy options, and both that we sampled (a tofu veggie bowl and a thai chicken soup) were flavorful and satisfying, especially the thai chicken soup. This is in sharp contrast to, say, Paesanos, where I ate on saturday (I know, it's insane but I spend the majority of my money on food). Everything on the menu is a total gut bomb. Even the salads come drenched in cheese and bacon. All the pastas have a cream sauce, and the pasta I got was swimming in orange oil. I felt ill rather quickly after eating there.

Can't we all just bike along?

Sorry, dudes. I just don't have the blog fever this morning. Nothing's wrong or anything. Maybe I'll catch it later. I will relate an interesting incident that happened to me on saturday that I've already told to a lot of you in person.

Me and smiller had just eaten at the bagel shop way down on H street (it keeps changing its name, I don't know what it's called now-lets say Fly-By-Night-Bagels-it's better than Noah's though, which isn't hard) and had gotten on our bikes to ride further down H. A ruddy-faced blond lady of about 35 years of age was jogging on the sidewalk towards us. Scott went into the bike lane going the wrong way, but I stayed on the sidewalk, just starting to bike and slowly picking up speed. There was plenty of room for both of us and I was going very slowly, not whizzing by by any means. I was on the extreme outer edge of the sidewalk and I noticed that she hadn't moved over and indeed seemed to be trotting in my direction. As she came parallel with me she said "you're riding on the SIDEWALK" and she punctuated that last word with a weak-ass punch to my arm and kept jogging. I was dumbfounded and turned to watch her jog away. I quickly became incensed and rode my bike after her, cutting her off at the corner. In the heat of the moment I missed it, but Scott said that someone, perhaps this other guy riding his bike who had witnessed the incident yelled "beat her up!". I cornered her and started yelling that she was a fucking lunatic and had problems. She said, "you were riding the wrong way on the sidewalk" as if this were a punchable offense. Then she tried to shake my hand, as if in apology, although no apology had been uttered. I continued to repeat that she was a fucking nut and she began jogging away. The end.

Why do people hate bikes so much? Why would a jogger make this her issue? I'm sure cars try to cut her off when she's crossing all the time. Just yesterday I was riding my bike across one of the busy streets downtown in a mid-block crosswalk and this giant truck honked at me and when I looked over the passenger was flipping me off. Keep in mind that although I DID have the right of way, I had crossed way far in advance of this truck and there is no way they would have even had to slow down a little bit for me, although it would have been perfectly within my rights to bring them to a complete stop if I wished. What is wrong with people?

Friday, November 04, 2005

I call bullshit.

What? Sacrag got a writeup in the Bee? Is there no end to the injustice of this day? That's it, I'm leaving. Have a good weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions for places to eat, but I think when I get to NY I'll just find the closest Chilis, Too and eat there.

Chilis, Too review

Hi. My name's Heckasac and I've just been at the airport for about three hours. Why? Well, I'm not at liberty to say but it is work related and my stomach is now a hot cauldron of rage and stomach acid that churns as it attempts to digest my overpriced lunch from the Chilis Too in the airport food court. Did you know that there is such a thing as Chilis, Too? I didn't either until today and I never dreamed that I would be eating there and reviewing it for you right now. I chose Chilis, Too because my other choices were: Cinnabon, TCBY, Jave City, and Starbucks. You may have noticed that all these places are alike in that they don't serve lunch. I hadn't planned on eating lunch at the MOTHERFUCKING AIRPORT (excuse that outburst), but as I was quite hungry, Chilis, Too was my only option. I scanned the sad, sad menu and decided on a black bean burger with fries. Mmm...fries. Much better than the leisurely lunch of a tofu salad that I had planned on eating before I knew I had to spend three hours at the SONUVABITCHING AIRPORT (there I go again!). This rubbery concoction was only about oh, 9 dollars. And the lunch got even more expensive because I was forced to buy an extra large beer at the bar in the food court so that I would not go insane and immediately quit my job. Just kidding, I love my job. I'll never quit. So if you find yourself with say, 2 or 3 INTERMINABLE HOURS AT THE AIRPORT, I recomment that you give Chilis, Too a try.

insert heading here.

Sac's own Rose Melberg gets a sarcastic write-up about her mini-tour in Pitchfork today. It seems like the person who wrote it doesn't like her music very much. Click on the link and scroll down.


OK, so what's up this weekend? Why don't YOU tell ME? That's a switch, you actually helping me out for a fucking change, instead of just hanging on my every word and sucking all my energy like a big psychic leech.

I went to the new coffee shop in Levinson's this morning. It's called Temple. It's really swank inside so that the bums can sit in comfort. Nothing against bums, some of my best friends are bums, we were just wondering the other night if the dude that opened it knows what he's getting into as far as regulars. The espresso was good. It tasted really similar to Naked coffee. He had the usual assortment of pastries, and of course no bagels. Things have been tough in this town since Arnold passed that anti-bagel intitiative, but it needed to be done. Bagels are just too delicious and too perfect as a breakfast food. If people were that satisfied with their breakfasts, they would probably just skip lunch and all the lunch places would go out of business, and where would we be then? Better to just stick to eating cardboard-style sickly sweet and fatty croissants and scones all the time.

I'm busy this morning. No, not working, planning out what I'm going to eat when I'm on the east coast next week. So far I have a small list: Bar Tabac, Egg, a trip to Chinatown with a stop at Joe's Shanghai for the soup dumplings, a trip to Murray's cheese shop, Grace is going to Peter Lugar's but I'm just not that into steak, who knows maybe I'll go, it is one of only two places in the country where you can get a properly aged steak. I could use other suggestions, especially anything cheap and delicious, because I unfortunately can't afford Masa and Per Se.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Animal Collective mp3s from their BBC recording sess.

Randy Paragary I call you out

I had another lackluster meal at the Davis Cafe Bernardo the other day. In fact, this one went past lackluster and completely infuriated me. It was a flavorless turkey sandwich that cost over 8 bucks. I didn't want to send it back because I didn't want to be the schmuck that sends stuff back. So I decided to channel my anger into something good and I nursed an injured fawn back to health. After that, I wrote a letter to Randy Paragary and cc'd it to others in his mega-corp who might be interested. I threatened him with the wrath of the mighty Heckasac if I received no reply. Two days and counting. Watch out, Randy, I could muster forces for a massive boycott that will have you crying out in financial pain. Of course, I love the Bernardo downtown too much to join into the boycott myself, but my faithful readers will.

p.s.-Juniorquenchfan-I'd like to make a suggestion that you take the 300 bucks I made for you and use it to buy a ticket to the Xmas party. I know it's right before the holidays and all that crap but who cares, really? What could be a better way to celebrate our savior's birth than dirty dancing to dancehall? Assuming that Jason D. will also be in attendance.

local blog rundown

Wow! There's a lot going on in local blogs these days! The Barnseyard is still blowing up. DB is so prolific and everything is stellar! If you only have time for one thing, read the dare daniel about Malibu's Most Wanted. Hilarious. And teeni clanger went to Ma Jong's and regrets it. She didn't write a full review, but I guess it made her sick. She also linked to an article on JT Leroy possibly being a hoax that I want to read. I suspected that when I read his books. They were just too crazy.


Originally uploaded by becklerg.

Now that Michele mentioned movies I want to recommend that if you like horror movies you rent Suspiria. I chose this image to post over the numerous other ones available because they were all too disturbing (I know, I've been posting some dark stuff but it's cuz of Halloween!). This movie is INSANE. Can any other horror fans recommend which Argento movie to rent next? He's got a lot.

GG suicide barrier

You know what, now that I'm reading the articles I link below I thought I'd warn you that it's pretty grim reading. The New Yorker one is a bit less gory. If you like all those disturbing details (I can't stay away from morbid crap like this, read this one from the Chronicle)

I caught a glimpse this morning of part of a series the SF Chronicle is doing on the debate over putting a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate bridge. Check it out. I have a feeling that this could finally happen. I think the momentum may be there. The first time I really thought about this issue was in 2003 when the New Yorker printed this article on it. The author, Tad Friend was clearly on the pro-barrier side, and I agreed with him. The case that struck me most clearly was the guy in the 70s who jumped and had left a note in his apartment that if one person smiled at him on the way there, he wouldn't do it. So sad. Your first reaction may be that it's not worth spending money on or possibly obscuring the view because those people will kill themselves anyway, but if you know anything about the thought process of suicidal people you would now that that's just not true. Most people who are suicidal are not thinking logically, and some people kill themselves impulsively when they are particularly down. At this point, the bridge is such a powerful symbol that it attracts people who are in this state of mind. Well, read the articles if you have time, especially the NYer one, because he states it more eloquently than I can.

I eat, you reap the benefits

I only had one day off, but I did a lot of eating, so get ready (and for those of you who think this is a bit excessive, keep in mind I register in at a lean 2% body fat***)

Friday night: I was doing some late night eating, so I decided to try Ink again for the first time. I once tried a tuna melt and mac and cheese there and remembered it as pretty good. This time smiller got the mac and cheese add hot dog (because he cannot resist ANYTHING with a hot dog added to it) and I got the boca with grilled mushrooms and fries. A word about the ambiance: it's all right (stunningly descriptive) with stupid tattoo flash art crap around and at around 9:30 it wasn't too crowded or obnoxious, although I'm pretty sure it gets heinously packed with drunk people on weekend nights especially after the bars close. Scott's food was more like hot dog cheese soup and was pretty flavorless, I thought. The mac and cheese seemed completely different from the tasty baked stuff that I remembered. However, my boca may be the best fake burger to be had downtown. It was really meaty and the bun was all grilled and buttery. The fries were kinda shoestring style, I said nay, miller said yay.

After this late night meal I of course awakened ravenously hungry and we rode bikes to Nopalitos. You probably have not eaten there because they have terrible hours, especially for nine to fivers, but you should try. They serve breakfast monday-fri from 6-1045 and lunch from M-F maybe until 2? 3? Lunch is really good, but the breakfast is even better. What's the thing you got, Scott, some cactus thing? It was like a breakfast relleno and it was so fucking delicious. I got a breakfast burrito with chorizo that was very good, especially with their excellent salsa, but I was a wee bit disappointed that the chorizo was overly salty and didn't have the spicy taste I expect from chorizo (my therapist always says that I need to stop putting chorizo on a pedestal).

Later, after some dinner debate, we decided to drive to Vientianne. If you haven't tried this place you are missing out, big time. The number one dish you must order is the stuffed chicken wings. They are stuffed with a delectable mixture of garlicky ground pork and jelly noodles and served with a fiery sweet sauce. As detailed by Ella last week, there are numerous delicious items on their menu. And it's so cheap. The whole meal with beer for two was barely more than I usually spend on sushi just for me. I never have room, but all of the three dessert items they have are just about the best desserts ever. They are combos of either mango, coconut ice cream (which I suspect may be housemade) and sweet sticky rice.

***This is a complete lie.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i'm out

i'm off every other wednesday now (i know, sweet) so you'll have to amuse yourselves tomorrow.

like you care

here's a little sac bee thing about the new coffee shop in levinson's

Cameltoe Contest

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This Gal Costa album cover is just nuts and I wonder what my readers think is the crazier cameltoe cover, this, or the next one? Also feel free to nominate another cover.

Jump on it!

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OK, here's the second nominee, Montrose's Jump On It cover

Young Gal Costa

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I found this while searching for the album photo that I will use to start the contest for craziest crotch album cover.


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My next few entries will show how bored I am. The actress from the Stepfather is named Jill Schoelen and she was 24 at the time it was filmed, so even though she really did look 16 it's not too scandalous that she was nude. However, it's (semi)interesting to note that she dated Keanu Reeves and was briefly engaged to Brad Pitt.

crime alert

I may have posted this same article before, but I think this one has a little different info. Anyway, dudes are still getting punched and robbed on the southside, so read this

I was checking to see if there was a press release from the sheriff about it (maybe it's a police thing, I don't understand the diff), and I started looking at sacto's most wanted to amuse myself and I couldn't help noticing how many of the dudes, especially those in on DUIs looked hella banged up. In light of the recent and growing jail scandal this is interesting.

You know! A family and all that traditional crap!

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Man, The Stepfather still holds up as a great (and funny) scary movie. One thing that I've never seen, because I think I only watched it on TV a coupla times is the gratuitous nude scene with the (supposedly) 16 year old daughter. If you haven't seen this movie, rent it!

The power of this blog has apparently made juniorquenchfan 300 bucks from checking the website that I linked. I only expect a 10% comission on that. I'll accept a check.

I don't understand Charles comment about the RTL show. If you have a show on December 3rd, why would you want the Halloween show (why are we even still calling it that?) on that day? Can someone clarify?

As for the Heritage Party 2, when is this going to happen? I hear the theme this year is "American Heritage" and I'm all over that like tree jizz on my car.