Friday, March 29, 2013

fuck it to the max

Someone told me last night that Timberlake sang with the Flaming Lips at SXSW, but how can this be true when the internet doesn't know about it? He said he sang "do you realize".  But this guy wasn't there because he left during the show?!?  Glad to see Master P played at the Red Bull stage.

Can't believe my last post was Tuesday.  Work is intense and getting intenser. Did my first safety walk through with my fly down.

Four Eyes/Troublemakers 20th anniversary shows tomorrow at old i!! Insane.  I thought the Troublemakers started playing in the early 60s? Which would mean they are having their 50th anniversary but maybe they are being vain about their ages.  We all know Stan doesn't age and just goes into a cryogenic chamber every night.

Was honored to be invited to the opening of Pangaea's sour bar last night. They have turned the bottle shop room into a lovely bar with all sours! I can't even believe this is happening in Sacramento. We have come a long way. I don't even know of any other sour bars anywhere?  This man has a vision and is pretty much the coolest, warmest guy in the world, Rob that is.  There was talk of the need to move Sac beer week so it is not a week after SF beer week.  If we do that, people will travel from the Bay to come. And that would actually be an organic thing that makes Sac look good rather than the golden "four billionaires" that Steve Hansen is so hot on.  Fuck that quote to the max.  Who gives a shit if four billionaires see Sac as a cash cowtown that they can milk before we catch on.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

blah blah

Everybody left me hanging with my dorking out below, but that's ok, I can take it. 

Turns out that God unleashed the ten plagues on the Pharoah and peeps to punish him for messing with the Chosen People. Boom!  I didn't remember that.  Out of the plague finger puppets I got cattle plague, scott got locusts. I personally think rain of blood is the most badass plague.  Imagine the cleanup! It would be clotting everywhere, and get like, under your fingernails and stuff.  Would it be human blood or animal? Or maybe all the blood combined.  God can pretty much do whatever he wants, which is why I wonder why he wouldn't do a rain of poo. I guess it's not as frightening.

Passover dinner takes forever! All the bible readings and the singing and the raising the wine, etc.  At least there was a lot of joke cracking.  Scott had an elegant blue satin yarmulke.

So there I was, fretting I'd be late to see Tender Cinders. And I got fooled for the 1568th time.  The band didn't start until at least 10:30! A least lil H was fooled with me so I had someone to talk to.  They were really good, as always. Brian played a bass and two keyboards pretty much simultaneously, and sang, and made all of that look super easy.

There's a Dead Western/Christine Shields show Wednesday at Bows. Should be good.
I just watched a documentary on Leigh Bowery. I recommend it.  He was sort of a New Romantic/proto raver fashion designer with the most outlandish designs probably in human history. This is a very tame one above.

Monday, March 25, 2013

dorkin out

Whenever I go see Tatiana (of Daisy Spot) and her husband Brian play in whatever musical venture they currently have going, I feel like I am privileged enough to see something magical that for some reason most people can't feel.  Does that make sense? Scott and I both feel this way.  I have memories of the first time I saw Daisy Spot, at the Guild, maybe 17 years ago.  I still remember songs from that show that I probably have never heard them sing again.  I remember seeing Scott drumming in their kid band, Friendly Creatures, which had hilarious songs about the ice cream man.  I remember a show at Bows that I wished would go on forever, instead of feeling impatient for the set to end like I usually do.  A few  months back, Scott and I got word of a party they were playing at, some project that didn't even have a name maybe, with their friends and a huge assortment of drums and keyboards and lot of noisemakers.  We just watched them play in a garage, to less than ten people and I really could not believe my ears.  I felt like I couldn't stop smiling.  I don't know, magical is the only word.

I wo n't even go into how ridiculously beautiful those two are (the two on the right here), or how Bryan looks like the coolest dude on the block from 1972 and Tatiana just keep getting more lovely every year.  Oh my god, I am dorking out real bad.  I grabbed this pic from the web and it turned out to be an old MidMo picture.  It's from an article Gballz wrote about, hey here's a coincidence, Magic Moments from shows over the years!

Which is all to say that their current project, Tender Cinders, is playing at The Press tonight around 9.  It's also some Northern Soul night and they're the only band playing.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Passover y'all

Passover y'all!  I'm going to a seder Monday night.  It's fun because it's all non-religious Jews just cracking jokes. The hand puppets representing the 7 plagues are my favorite part.  Or wait, is it ten? I don't remember.  There are little hand puppets that represent lice, boils, etc.  Plus, Scott has to wear a yarmulke! That's something I wait all year to see.

Spring Break y'all! I rolled up to see Spring Breakers in a White Cadillac with JC, which is pretty much the best way to go see it.  I think it does capture the early 20s Zeitgeist (for the little I know about that), at least the really empty parts of it.  It just occurred to me that there's not really any texting, etc., which is not realistic.  It's typical Harmony Korine, for good and bad.  Franco is awesome and the girls are not given a lot to do except walk around in bikinis. Gucci Mane turns in a very lackluster performance.  The ATL twins however, will probably be the first twins to win a single Oscar, since they do everything together.

I guess one of the women is Korine's wife. She looks like a teenager but she's 26.  I also found out he was born in Bolinas, which explains a lot.  

Franco's character is supposedly based on Riff Raff, this rapper that Harmony Korine hangs out with.  I don't know this guys deal (besides the fact that he often hangs out with a boa constrictor), but he seems pretty rad in this Nardwuar interview.

Were you guys out in Midtown this weekend? I've always thought the people bitching about too many bars, etc., were alarmists but do you think we are in danger of Midtown truly starting to suck?  It's so overrun. smiller had a weird confrontation with a bro fucking with him out of nowhere because he didn't know where "club 21" was.  Is that even a thing?

Friday, March 22, 2013

casual friday

OMG you guys, I finally saw Screature and they are so fucking good!! I loved it! I didn't even know it had three beautiful ladies in it.

Spring Breakers opens today.  Anyone excited? I am somewhat excited.  No, which is a different movie, opens at Tower.  It looks really, really good.  It's filmed in a really authentic looking 80s TV style, and since it's a true story from the Pinochet era in Chile (hope I'm not getting this wrong) they can seamlessly blend in lots of TV clips from that era.  What a great idea!  Stoker opens at the Tower, too. That movie looks hella dumb.  Boy, Nicole Kidman has been in some terrible movies lately, although I am definitely renting the one where she pees on Zac Efron.

If you can read this story without tearing might just be a redneck. Oops, I mean robot.  There was a teen nerd robotics conference at UCD yesterday, which is pretty fucking cute.  The teams had team tshirts on and stuff.

You know what the best thing about the Halloween Show is? It gives our whole social group something to talk about and debate.  Now that Lost is over and the vast majority of us are not into sports, it's great to have something super fun to talk about.

I am so caffeinated right now.  I thought I might puke for a minute.  And I'm about to go pick up Marie's donuts to celebrate Casual Friday, which I do not participate in.  I'm wearing cashmere. Since I have been usurped as work team suckup I now default to work team snob.  But I'm trying to control my impulses in that area.  Nobody likes the team snob.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Waaaaiiittt a hot minute.  I took an unscientific poll of two Tower employees in their late twenties (which isn't even young, sorry guys) and they had never heard of Peaches.  The two things I heard were, "Isn't she a drag queen" and "she's from the Bay Area, right" Augh! (as Charlie Brown would say) and Ack! (as Cathy would say).  I guess they won't know whether I'm good or bad (I will be good). Of course, they were both from Yuba City, so you gotta take that into consideration.  It didn't even have the internet until last year.  (actually is CG from Yuba?)

Screature! I will be there at 8 which will mark the 586th time I have been fooled by a start time.  Good thing I'm married to someone who is also always fooled.  And who will never let me forget the fact that I made him miss the Art Museums in Big Sur and then they broke up not long after that. Right, honey?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ultimate fighting

Crap! I missed that ultimate fighting match, I forgot! Davey, what's the next big one? And can you send me an email reminder every day until it happens and then every hour on the day of? Thanks.

Yay! Screature tomorrow at Poleline house.  Not sure why they always play first but they are playing first at 8.  Davis Beer Shoppe had an off the chain tap list yesterday for their birthday, so maybe they will have some of the kegs left tomorrow, although smiller said he waited 30 minutes to get in the door so maybe not.

Anybody ever seen Day of the Jackal? It's rad but so long that I am now on my second night of falling asleep and having to stop it.  That makes it feel like a dream.

8th day of work and I am starting to like it. It makes me feel smart and competent rather than like kind of a slacker, which despite the fact that I am Gen X is a demoralizing feeling.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

rhetorical question?

There's a new post below, but I have a question: what's a good two-day weekend getaway that's not the Cali coast?  We've mostly gone to Stinson Beach for so long that I don't know. Don't say Stockton.  And what's the deal with driving to Reno this time of year? Now that I think of it, Reno sounds awesome.  I've been wanting to double my money lately.  Yes, I'm just sitting here talking to myself at 6:30. I work hard for my money, so hard for my money.

Monday, March 18, 2013

whatever dude

Here's a picture post, if you wanna check it out:

Friday, March 15, 2013

toddler wall

Okkkaaayyyy...I'll post again to alleviate the embarrassment of the post below.  Not a lot of Elliot Gould aficionados out there, I get it.  Perhaps his appearances in Ocean 11 and Friends have muddied the waters.  He did lose his looks pretty fast.

Vegan tofu banh mi from the Star Ginger truck on campus. Not bad.  At least it was spicy. The taste was really overwhelmed by the too-soft bread.  Hopefully I can figure out some way to leave a bike around here so that I can bike to Huong Lan really quickly.

Bok Kai parade in Marysville tomorrow! I'm super excited.  Mark my words, someone is eventually going to be a hit by a careening Shriner in a tiny car and it ain't gonna be me.  I usually position myself behind a wall of toddlers.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

it's time

 What, can't a girl just post a picture of Elliot Gould once in a while without it being a federal incident?  It's been a while so it's time.  What nice thing do you think he's saying to me in this picture?  Maybe it's, "I brought you a bagel, from Canter's, with lox, just like you like it." Or maybe, "you have a little chopped liver on your chin, here let me get that."  Or, "you're right, people who don't like Philip Roth are anti-Semitic". The possibilities are really endless
I miss Freak Folk.  Fake luxury hippies are so much better than real hippies. It started in like the mid-2000s so the kids will revive it soon, right? They probably already did and I blinked and missed it. Is that what Mumford and Sons is? Feathers was one of my faves, and look at baby King Tuff up there in the top row, second from right.  He was probably like 15? 16? Sigh, I loved pretending I was a hippie and hanging out in Big Sur. Wait, I guess I still do that.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

quick post

The English Singles Disaster single got reviewed in Still Single.  Wow, what a great review! It does make it sound like a Scott Miller solo record, though.  Their new, new single is out on Slumberland.  You can obtain one by....stopping by our house. Seriously, though smiller has about 50 copies.

Ugh, my new job is going to make me so boring for a while (as opposed to how exciting I've always been?) I think I will mostly be tweeting about office supplies and my office.

Are you ready for some horrible food photos? Don't hate, I had to take them with my phone.  I reviewed Gold Town Chinese and I'm telling you it's worth a visit.  I can't say whether it's worth a trip to Davis.  Ugly pictures after the jump

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Saw Amour.  While it is masterful, I hope this swerve towards hyper-realism isn't Haneke's new thing.   Don't get me wrong, I love slow realism (I once enjoyed a three 1/2 hour movie of a middle-aged Belgian woman puttering around her apartment.), but I look to Haneke for a mindfuck. Cache and The Piano Teacher are still two of my favorites, and I will even forgive him for the remake of Funny Games (I like the original).  Anyway, it is the most intriguing thing out by far so go check it out before it's gone.  It was an intense experience to be crying and hearing people weeping along with me in the theater.  Aren't movies amazing?

Speaking of gone, what the heck is going on with the Crest? I am having a hard time figuring it out.  I know theaters 2 and 3 are not going to be showing new movies but what's going on with theater 1? This is the worst news!

Finally there was a good show in Sac! Fine Steps were really fun.  Matt R. is a great addition on bass and I could watch Kyle play the guitar forever. I would love to have him jamming inside my house all the time. Like, come downstairs for coffee, and there's Kyle playing guitar.

Yes, I'm posting on Sunday because I still don't know how this is gonna work with my new job as a professional Chop Buster in a lab coat with a clip board.  Starts tomorrow.

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Leap in the dark! Tonight! Croissants! Fine Steps! Peach Kelli Pop! Did you know she is married to No Bunny?  Maybe he will be there in his normal guy clothes. Does he still live here?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


 Cleaning out my desk after ten years and coming across all these discs of photos.  I am trying to not drown in nostalgia.  Remember these little guys?  This was '08.  I'm still stoked I was the first person who ever wrote about them.  They really were something special.  I'm getting all choked up.
 Oh man, and this show? What was the name of this house? Fuck, why don't I ever go see the Oh Sees? I wish they would play in Sac.
I have been looking for more old Halloween show photos and realized that I have lost some photo files over time.  Oh well. I have more than I could ever organize in a lifetime, anyway.  However, here's a post I did in 2008, the year of Yacht Rock.  Already five years ago, can you believe it?  There was a post I did a few weeks before about SM listening to the Dead all the time and how weak it is and how terrible the voices are.  What a difference five years makes!  I of course disgraced myself as usual. But hopefully in a funny way. 26 comments! Remember the days before facebook? My glory days.

I'll miss you, pizza rolls

I want to do a post that will just stir up shit about local breweries but I guess I should be diplomatic.  BAR wrote a piece on New Helvetia Brewing that doesn't  mention how the beer actually tastes. I haven't really heard anything either way, but they're not exactly lighting the world on fire by brewing a lager, a stout, and an IPA.  And the brewer is from River City Brewing? Not a good sign.

The piece on Pyramid closing had a rad quote from Steve Hansen which acknowledges their foul beer instead of just being diplomatic,

"(Pyramid) couldn't compete," said Councilman Steve Hansen, who represents downtown. "They weren't offering as good a product as their neighbors, and they fell out of favor. This isn't a body blow, this is a good opportunity."

Good for you, Steve.  I was perusing the comments below the Pyramid piece and amidst the anti state worker ranting was one that made me LOL "I'll miss you, pizza rolls"

Read more here:

Monday, March 04, 2013

not better

 Dang, I thought these photos were better. They are not better.  I got a little snack at Kru before I went to an exciting place for an Edible assignment (hint: this place has dhosas that are at least three feet long).   I asked if the uni was good, no, like, really good and the chef let me inspect it.  Not a runny spot to be seen.  This was the best uni I've had, probably ever.  That stuff on the top is kombu jerky with a little sweetness to it.
Who needs foie gras when you can have monkfish liver? Not me?  I think foie is gross anyways.

I guess the fine steps/peach kelli pop/croissants show on Thursday is at the Press.  I thought Bows.  Fine Steps now features the lovely Matt Roberts on, I think, bass. And Kyle's still in it? Who's the drummer? DJs Mike C and Mantranga. Can I request that MC Ham might tell Matranga to reign in the treble a wee bit? Some of those oldies can really get shrill played really loud.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Yo Gotti - 5 Star (Remix) ft. Gucci Mane, Trina, Nicki Minaj

I'm glad to see Trina's still around but the chorus on this song is hella boring


Wow, I don't think I've ever heard the uncut version of this song before. Trina is so nasty