Thursday, December 11, 2014

I shan't

Hello folks! I am pretty stoked about Xmas and Babs is stoked about the tree.
Speaking of Xmas (does that annoy you that I spell it that way?) do you know about the Xmas Comp show? It's on Sunday at 4:30. Cody masterminded a Christmas song comp and now everybody who's anybody has contributed a song and some will be performing theirs at the show. How cool that he had this idea and made it a reality. Cody, I bestow on you the Heckasac Git-R-Done Award of 2014 (TM).
Last night Scott had an enchiladas hankering so we tried to go to Lalo's. He had the enchiladas there recently and said they are the bomb. I have never thought to order those there but I was also stoked to try them. Why the fuck was Lalo's closed a bit after 6 pm? Then we tried to go to Tacos and Beer on Franklin (otherwise known as Tacos Apatzingan), for their enchiladas Apatzingan and it was also closed!! I wrote about these enchiladas a couple of years ago in the SNR. Ha! I gave the dreaded 3 1/2 star review. 3 1/2 stars are the default for everyone as you'll see if you pay attention.
Sooo....we ended up at Tacos Maya on Broadway. I have never been in that building and I wanted to go. It wasn't very good. My beans were mealy and dry and the rice was tasteless. The chicken in my taco on first contact tasted good but then there was something off on the flavor back end. The shredded beef had a good mix of fat and meat but nothing about it stood out. I'm glad I went but that was a pretty heartbreaking enchilada quest and I'm still confused as to why they were both closed. Scott took it like a champ and didn't even get in a bad mood. I have even been driven to tears by a food disappointment before. I've relaxed my food standards since those days. They hit an all-time high back when I was writing a lot and then in the last year or so I am happy to eat at the same places all the time. I am finally hitting the wall with eating at the same places and getting ready to branch out, though. I think that came from eating at Pho Saigon every week for like two months. I have at least three places I am excited to try right now but I shan't disclose in case I do want to write something. I shan't and you can't make me!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Z indeed

TLDR am I right guys?