Wednesday, December 28, 2005

OK, fine!

Ahhhh! I can't stand it anymore! December 23rd hits & suddenly the internet's like "I'm on vacation - see you next year". That is not working out for me! I tried to make work in to an experiment & the results were: "actually working for the whole 8 hours blows". Just as I suspected. So now I'm forced to try & drum up some action myself. Becky's on vacation so I'm not even getting any emails (except for the relentless democratic party ones - they're on a roll right now! I swear John Kerry's emailed me 5 times today). Maybe a game is in order. Here are the rules: everyone with a fucking blog, website, whatever please post something and make it long and funny & include pictures!! This is where the Sac Rag chimes in & is all "here's a link to Sac Rag - we've been posting all day!". Look, I'm not looking for a link to the Bee website or some story about how the mall was crazy last week, OK?!. (that right there is called "drumming up some action" because you know Cool DMZ can't let that go unanswered). And how about Sacramento's most prolific blogger Mr. Daniel Barnesyard? WTF?! Where art thou, bra? I know you've been watching movies cuz I can smell it in the next room. Olsen's (or is it Olson?)posting but he's just enduring some guy in Malaysia who's flirting with him. Trust me Olsen, that long distance shit never works out.
OK, what happened this weekend? The annual Christmas party ruled as always. Everyone came to dance & the DJing was great - my personal favorite being Old School Levy whom I had to convince to stay because he didn't want to wait anymore for the DJ before him to finish - but you know how it is. DJs are in permanent "I just have one more song" mode & you gotta stand there and, like, tap your watch or start harassing them with Beatles requests until they get the clue. But yeah, he went on & ruled it & once again I was convinced that my true calling in life is "party director". And DJ Red Red Wine got a real set this time unlike last year when he got stuck with the 4:00 AM - 5:00 AM set where his audience was me cleaning up & someone passed out on the couch. Christmas eve I was hung over & had to finish Christmas shopping & then go to my extended family Christmas thing. I tried to get a nap in but this guy who lives next door in the Tweaker Arms recently got a leaf blower & let me tell you, he loves it! Becks can back me up on this - he wandered around with that thing on for 2 solid hours. No wait, of course he turned it off twice just long enough for me to be all "FINALLY!" only to turn it back on. This guy doesn't even know he has a comedy career but I swear, the more you watch this guy "blow" leaves, the funnier it gets (unless you're me in which case it drives you in to a rage & you fantasize about how you're gonna kidnap that thing if only they would EVER go to sleep over there). He blows a little spot & then stops & thinks about it & then turns around & blows a different spot & then he inexplicably goes in to the street & starts blowing there & his coup de grace is blowing some leaves back on to the original spot he cleared. I'm not joking when I say this is an amount of leaves that could be raked in about 10 minutes. 2 HOURS!! I have to fight the urge to be all "here, let me show you how to use that". I realize he'll never beat the Head's neighbor who was raking his roof but it's still pretty amazing. So yeah, no hangover nap but I always like seeing my family who I only get to see once a year. The kids are finally at an age where I can talk to them. I was a gift from God (aka an accident) so everyone in my family is at least 7 years older or younger than me (mostly a lot more than that) so right about now I get either retirement conversations or tales from high school which I prefer. I know about a sweet New Years party if you're interested. My aunt lives on 4 acres so I went on a walk & I suddenly smelled weed really strong. My cousins are finally upholding a tradition that's been dormant since my sister was young! Personally, I would hate to be stoned around my family but that's the glory of the pre-self-conscious years. And it ruled watching my cousins look through this epic Christmas Eve family reunion book that my uncle put together that has pictures from every family Christmas get together from 1961 to present. There'll be some picture of their mom in 1994 & they start howling & going "DAMN, mom looks HELLA old school!" and then, as it gets in to the 80's, they start going "this is back in the DAY!". By the time it gets to the 70's all they can do is marvel at how crappy the TV's look. I swear, there were 3 pictures that had a TV in the background & they would see it & say "I would die if I had that!". Whatever kids, Atari ruled. And then it was the big day. I went to my mom's with Becky - which consisted of my mom, me, Becks, my mom's boyfriend, his sister, her husband & their son. Everyone but me & my mom was jewish so the mystical convergence of chanukah & christmas had spirits higher than usual. Jewish people are mad for talking about all things jewish so there was a lot of that going on. Some football player would come on the screen to the announcement "he's jewish you know" and my mom's boyfriend's sister's husband (that's the last time I'm writing that - his name's Dick OK) brough this CD called "Chanukah Rocks!" that was by some group of dudes that are in other bands & this is their side project. It sounded like The Rentals or something & all the songs were about like, the dilemma of whether you should put sour cream or applesauce on your latkas. There was so much jewish talk that when Dick asked for a towel, my mom said "what's a tovel?" thinking he'd just asked for some special chanukah thing. Speaking of latkas (which are like potato pancakes), the big plan was to make them. Ronnie (my mom's boyfriend's sister - fuck, get married already mom!) had somehow never made them before & she wanted her & my mom to make them together. They kept talking about it. Finally it was time & Becky offered to help - but within about 2 minutes, my mom & Ronnie had stopped helping & just drank wine & watched Becky. I felt bad for her but she was making me look so good I was psyched! My mom's boyriend's family clearly loves her. She busted out though & they were great & applesauce is the answer to the Chanukah Rocks question. Anyway, it was really fun & pretty relaxing as far as my Christmases usually go. I'm glad it's over though. Christmas is too much pressure! OK, I've done my part (I think) - now someone please entertain me!!


Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Chanukah...

and whatever that other holiday is called. I stole this picture of smillers houses tree from Chris O. Heckasac will come roaring back on January 2nd.

another victim of the monster tree

I don't know who this girl is, but I hope she survived.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Service details

It's just me and one grad student (and a vole) at work today. That's academia for you. So I won't be in long and I won't be in tomorrow, either. Mike Guis' service is tomorrow. It's at Divine Savior Catholic Church, 9079 Greenback Ln at 11 am as Mickey posted. I have heard that there might be some sort of gathering at Mike's moms house after. It will be good for everyone to gather together and remember Mike. He's been on my mind a lot the last few days. It's funny how it takes a bit for news like that to hit you. The Four Eyes Christmas show was very bittersweet because I saw some friends that I hadn't seen since I heard the news and especially because the walls of the Loft are crammed with old flyers for bands that Mike was in. The Four Eyes were fucking amazing and by the end many people were able to cheer up enough to join into an extended chorus of "we are the champions".

I hesitate to write about this, but I guess I will mention that in a crazy coincidence, a reader of this blog (who I don't know) was with Mike after the accident and stayed with him until paramedics arrived. He stopped to help when he saw that someone had been hit. He said that Mike was not conscious, but that there were people around him that were comforting him and that they covered him with jackets and kept him warm. He said that he held Mike against the protests of some who were afraid of further injuring him because he wanted Mike to know that he was being cared for. I don't know this guy's name, but I'd like to thank him.

Monday, December 19, 2005

sad news

Recently many people in Sac have been reeling from the death of Sac musician Jim Maclean. I didn't write about it because I didn't know him that well (although, like everyone else who met him I knew he was a cool guy) and others who were closer to him wrote some wonderful things. Now we have had more sad news. Mike Guis was struck by a car and killed.

I found this picture today, and although it's not the best picture of Mike (he was handsome as fuck), it shows him doing what he loved most and did best. Mike was an amazing drummer. He was the drummer for the Popesmashers, the Yah Mos and he was the original drummer for chkchkchk.

This past weekend I have again had occasion to marvel at how wonderful my community of friends is. I feel so lucky because my friends are truly my family and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful group of people. I feel like it's amazing we have all found each other because for one reason or another most of us just don't fit in to the normal world all that well. Although in the past few years Mike G. had moved from the center of my circle of friends more towards the periphery, he was still a part of that family to me. He struggled to fit in and find his place in the world because he was so idealistic and innocent, which could be as maddening as it was admirable. He didn't give a fuck about money or possessions and he would literally give you the shirt off his back. The last time I saw Mike was about six weeks ago at my Halloween party. It was really late and he was trying to get a rowdy party guest to leave. He was so sweet and apologetic about it and after he left I realized that he may not have had a place to stay for the night because he was staying out at his moms in the burbs and it was probably too late for him to get out there. I felt like a real fucking schmuck that I had let an old friend down like that. It wasn't that big a deal but it was thoughtless and I should have remembered that you don't treat your family that way.

I think there is a service on thursday, so I will post the details as soon as I find them out.

Friday, December 16, 2005

go to the show

This will be my last post of the day. I'm about to head out for the day. I'm going to the office pot luck (I brought wine, which probably only I will drink) and then I'm cutting out to go run errands and such (one of them is stopping by Taylors to pick up some bacon fat). So I will reiterate that you should go to the SHOW TONIGHT!!!!
In all fairness, there are two shows. One is Knock Knock at Marilyns with Paradygm featuring Shannon Curtis. Then the other show is the one I'm going to. As I've said a million trillion times, it's the Finches from SF, and Rose Melberg, formerly of Sac legends Tiger Trap and the Softies. It starts at 900 sharp. It's in the Barn at 927 26th st. between I and J behind University Art. Hope to see you there!

a night at the shack

Went to the thursday night thing at Sub Shack last night. I was a little apprehensive pulling up at 700 because there wasn't really anyone there yet and you could see into the kitchen and I didn't see any food and I was fucking starving. Pretty soon after we seated ourselves the owner (Gary?) came up and introduced himself and told us the deal. They set out a buncha food (they have a different theme every week, this week was Mexican) around 730 or so. It's ten bucks a plate if you want to eat and it's all you can eat. You can buy any of the wines by the glass or get three tastes for five bucks or two dollars a tastes. And believe me, these are generous pours. I was a bit tipsy on the five dollar taste and some at the table (I won't name names) were drunk. They have tons of wine, mostly California wine, especially El Dorado country, and some Australian and Chilean wine. Gary is a real wine enthusiast and it's great fun to talk to him about wine because he's really excited about it. I wanted to start off with a grenache so he poured us one from the Sierra Vista vineyard in El Dorado. It was a really pretty ruby color and it tasted quite good. Michele is on her way to Sac and probably not checking the blog so she can't help me out here by telling me more about grenache. Gary started enthusing about a blend that this vineyard has, so our second taste was the Fleur de Montagne from them. It's a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Cinsault. It was delicious. The food was finally served when I was about to faint from hunger and had already deleriously told Paul that only God can judge me because I thought he was judging me about something. He seemed confused. The food was pretty good and there was a ton of it but I wasn't in the mood for Mexican that night so I wasn't bowled over. There were beans, rice, guac, pico de gallo, chicken mole, chalupas, fresh chips and chipotle sour cream. Some of it was overly salted. Anna said that if she were to go back she might call ahead to see what they were making, and I agreed, but I definitely want to go back for the wine. OK, so for our last taste I wanted a zinfandel, and he poured us two. I wish I could remember the second one, because it was the bomb, but I can't so I'm going to have to ask him next time I go in. He said it's his favorite. It was an El Dorado one. He also was raving about Lava Cap wines, which made me want to try them because I see them everywhere but they're kinda expensive. We were there until 900 and the crowd got increasingly raucous and fun. The place was toasty warm and smelled great because he had a fire going in the stove. A fun night. If you like wine you check it out.

The T street light show is crazy this year. The court around like 52nd st (?) not exactly sure but you'll know it when you see it, is bigger than ever. There is a house this year that has choreographed a light show to music. It was playing Good Vibrations when we pulled up. There was also a drunken christmas carol bongo jam going on at one house.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I totally just got busted by a coworker for looking at celebrity camel toes! humiliating. By busted, I mean she saw it on the screen, not really busted. Of course, Paris Hilton had the craziest one.

surprise honey! it's another dude!

This one is messed. This guy sucks.

you want it where? in a shot glass? well...ok

But I think this offer is still open for the dudes. Watch out, the headline makes this kinda NSFW, but no dick pix.

hurry ladies!

the hour is almost up!!!

aahh!! a dick pic click slip!

note to self (and tip for you so you don't get fired): if you see a craigslist MC with photo and a headline that says: looking for a cute boy to suck my dick
don't click on it! it is not safe for work

can't think of wine-related title for post

Yay! Two wine bars are going to open downtown this next year! It's about time. The owners of Aoli are opening a tiny one at 16th and L and I guess the other one is at 18th and L? It says 1217 18th st. The second one sounds pretty fancy.

menace 2 society?


Waah!! I live in river park and I have nothing better to worry about than some bird shit! It's a "crisis". In my neighborhood everyone's getting knocked out and robbed and smiller has an actual hooker hanging out outside his house all the time but god forbid a bird shits in river park.

grotty post


Tonight I'm going to the Sub Shack appetizers night dealy. I have heard a rumor that it's ten bucks for all you can eat appetizers and all you can swill wine. I can put down a lot of wine, so I hope they have stocked up. I'll let you know if it's worth it tomorrow. The breakfast there is the bomb, as I've mentioned before so I expect the dinner food to be great, too. I hope to cruise the jesuschristmas lights afterwards because I think it's going to be really foggy tonight, which makes them look cooler. Exciting, huh?

finches link

I have a buncha crap to do this morning, so I'll just link to this for now.

Oh yeah, and via Slop Dawg Jr., a link to an all things considered feature on the new folk stuff, including Vashti. I haven't gotten to listen to it yet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Here's another one of those offensive posts where a straight woman looks for a gay male friend. Maybe they should make this a separate category on craigslist

ghost hunting?

If you read the strictly platonic craigslist you know that this person posts constantly and it's just getting weirder and weirder. Now she includes a picture of her dog.

show tonight

I almost forgot, there's a fool's show tonight. I guess I'll go cuz I don't have nothing else to do. Here's the bands, I don't know anything about any of them. Smiller? It starts at the normal fools time (hecka late) but that's OK for me because I have tomorrow off! Maybe I'll go to Lipstick too! Psych!

Dark and Stormy Night Yellow Swans (Narnack, Weird Forest Records), Axolotl w/Inca Ore, God, World (mem. of Jackie O Motherfucker)

and don't forget the show on friday, too! with rose melberg and finches! here is the link once again to their myspace. they have named mike r.'s place "the barn" so maybe that name will stick. also, not to start a rivalry but they have more friends than the bananas! but not as many as tender forever. The Finches have a website, too, with an mp3 of a new song. It's a live recording, but you can tell it's a good song.

Holy crap!

LCD Soundsystem got nominated for two grammys! For best dance album and best dance song. Here's all the nominees:

Best Dance Recording
The Chemical Brothers Featuring Q-Tip

Say Hello
Deep Dish

Wonderful Night
Fatboy Slim & Lateef

Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
LCD Soundsystem
The DFA, producers; The DFA & Andy Wallace, mixers
Track from: LCD Soundsystem
[DFA Records/Capitol Records]

I Believe In You
Kylie Minogue

Guilt Is A Useless Emotion
New Order

Best Electronic/Dance Album

Push The Button
The Chemical Brothers

Human After All
Daft Punk
[Virgin Records]

Fatboy Slim


LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem
[DFA Records/Capitol Records]


I don't have much to post about cuz I spent a quiet night in, finally finishing the Fassbinder movie "fox and his friends" after about 5 tries. This movie has some of the elements I love about Fassbinder, but I think it took a few more years for him to reach his full potential. But I love the fashion of the foxy boyfriend with the mustache, and that it takes place in this alternate reality in which it's completely accepted by everyone (even conservative, rich parents) that the protagonists are openly gay. I like this film still because it shows a typical shot from the movie. A nubile young boy is lounging around naked for no reason. That's Fassbinder in the foreground. He plays Fox.

OK, I'm rambling. All I wanted to blog about was to say that the current New Yorker (the one on the stands, unfortunately the one online is next weeks), is tops! I read it from start to finish (except the fiction of course) and it was all great. The standout piece is Ian Frazier's article on wild hogs. So funny!

I am attempting to abstain from xmas (at least the gift part of it) but I have to buy a few gifts for family members. Have you ever heard of heifer international? It's the best charity ever! You can buy farm animals for poor families. For as little as ten or twenty bucks you can buy some chickens or bunnies for a family in a third world nation and they will be given the equipment and knowledge to take care of them. It can completely change a families economic situation. I just read an article in Harpers about a guy in China who got a few bunnies from Heifer International and is a now a millionaire entrepeneur who trains other peasants to take care of bunnies. I wish I could give money to this organization as my gift, but that's kind of a crappy gift. It's a cop-out because if I want to give money why don't I just give money that I would have used to buy myself something? Rambling again!

Monday, December 12, 2005

show friday

I'm going to post about that show on friday every day this week just to catch those of you who don't check every day. Today I'd like to offer up a link to Rose Melbergs labels website. If you have speakers you can listen to her really pretty cover of an Anne Briggs song.

Once again, it's friday at 9pm sharp at 927 26th st. between I and J.

It was weird trying to pick people to hand flyers to about this show at the Calvin Johnson show. There were so many young people and I'm not sure if they know or care about Tiger Trap. You would think a Calvin show would be prime territory but it didn't really feel like it. But maybe some of those kids will come. It's not like I ever listen to Tiger Trap anymore but it seems like it would still appeal to girls of the age that I was when I first got into it (you know, 19 or so).

happy hardcore/afro beat

OK, this will be a little rushed because I do in fact work hard for my money & you all had better treat me right. But the Lyme Regis/Losin' Streaks show deserves a mention because it ruled. The night started off innocently enough. The Regis & friends caravan started off with plenty of time to get to Nevada City. We got there around 8:30, settled in to some brews & checked out the venue. It was at this place called Cooper's that's a good timin' bar full of OG Nevada City bikers & partiers. The deal is basically that they have shows every night of the week & it's only around $5 to get in so people just show up regardless of who's playing & check out the scene. Cooper's had apparently looked up Lyme Regis on MySpace & used that description for the poster advertising the show - so while Those Darn Losin' Streaks were described as "60's tinged garage rock", Lyme Regis were "happy hardcore/afro beat". I think irony & Nevada City is the new oil & water. It ruled watching all these bikers read that sign. Rolling around somewhere in their brains is the term 'happy hardcore'. We started talking to these drunk ass bikers & their old ladies - they had been at the Fun Run all day - and they were kinda trying to sort us out. I told the lady that is seemed more like they were on the Beer Run and she said "oh hell yeah!". By the way, it was the sort of place where nobody had to come up & ask us "are you the band?" - it was just painfully obvious! The main biker dude (also a clamper) was kinda showing off by saying "do you sound like the Dead Kennedy's?". I think he was fishing around for us to be amazed that he'd heard of them. Him & one of the drunk ladies were throwing all sorts of bands out trying to get close to the Rege sound (of course fucking Steppenwolf was first!) & it was finally decided that (and this is a ridiculous stretch) maybe The Cars weren't too far off the mark. Then he commented on our yuppie fashion (hey, I was sporting the look!) & told this joke: "How do you satisfy a woman every time?" "Who gives a shit!!". Or maybe it was "who fuckin' cares!!". Either way, top joke! About this time, the bar manager is coming up to us asking when we're gonna play (it was kinda like our whole 10 person crew was the band) & the unfortunate answer to that question was "when the Losin Streaks get here". And not just because Stan can NOT miss a Regis show, but also because they were sharing some equipment. That answer didn't seem to go over that well but there was nothing that could be done. I assured the lady that it would be 10 minutes tops - since the Streaks had also left in plenty of time. Another half hour or so passes (shows start at 9:30 - it was about 10:00 now) when finally someone gets in touch with Foster & gets the news that they had had a blowout on the way there but it's just been fixed & they're on the way. Now the real tension begins. Some bar patrons are asking for their money back, the manager is stressing the Rege out and Patrone even had to go upstairs to the office & talk to the owner on the phone who wanted to know if he "had a situation on his hands". Some drunk lameass was messing with Ed insinuating that if they were worth anything, they'd go up & play acoustic. It's probably 10:30 now & finally the Streaks show up. Yay! The amp's here. But where's Matt K - he has the bass drum? "Right behind us" assures Foster. Another half hour passes. They finally discover that he's taken a wrong turn on to highway 20 or something like that (more like highway 420 - boing!) & doesn't know how to get back. This is the kind of situation that tests a band because for some reason being in a band makes it OK to say all types of things to one another that you'd normally not say - but everyone was trying to keep cool. So not only are these people waiting for a band - but the band that's finally gonna get up & play isn't exactly AC/DC. It's 11:00 now, Cooper's is a fucking powder keg of tension, & Tristan finally says 'fuck it' & gets up there to play Spanish Harlem. Patrone & Ed follow him up there, Ed turns the floor tom on it's side & uses it as a bass drum & they get the show started. Next they kick in to a totally brilliant version of Be True To Your School which I figured they'd been working on but it turns out was totally spontaneous & Patrone & Ed had never played it before! People were starting to dig it & right as they were about done playing it, Matt K walks up to the stage with the bass drum, they hook it up & kick in to USA. (all night we had been joking that with this crowd, perhaps the line "I'm not living in the USA no more" should be changed to "I'm still living in the USA fuck yeah!") Anyway, the Rege totally had this crowd dancing by the end, they sounded fantastic (definitely my favorite band in Sac right now) & it might sound cheesy but I was proud of them for kicing ass in front of a potentially disastrous audience. Then the Streaks played & they of course went over great & sounded totally tough & amazing. Mike Farrell once again comes off as the cherry on top of the Sac music scene & fucking Matt K - that dude is on fire! So that's that. Sac bands proved that they not only bring the sarcasm but the goods. Oh yeah, and the only person there who looked like a hipster looked exactly like a SF version of Charles. I wish I had a picture of him & Mike Farrell talking!


tell us about the show!

I don't have a lot so far this morning, but I would LOVE to see a post from miller about the saturday night spectacular featuring lyme regis and the losin' streaks in nevada city. I know he works hard for his money, so he may not have time.

The Calvin Johnson/Tender Forever show was a bit of an endurance test. Tender Forever really rubbed me the wrong way when she yanked my scarf off my neck, practically strangling me in the process, and then put it in a pile on the stage with other stuff she had stolen off of people (shoes, etc.). Then she played for like a million more years and my neck was cold and I couldn't leave without looking like I was storming out (everyone was sitting down and I was at the very front) and I was petrified with fear that I was going to have to struggle with her if she tried to take my purse. And I'm sorry, it's all well and good for me to make fun of America but she was wearing a Journey shirt and had riot grrrl hair circa 1993 so who is she to make fun of anyone? And her music sounded sort of like she could sell a song to Pink or Xtina if they wanted to record a song with a punk edge that still has a positive uplifting chorus. Hated it! Then Calvin came on and it was what I expected. I enjoyed the between song banter more than the songs and he had a Q and A session in the middle. It's nice to see that in the year 2005 he is still making young kids get uncomfortable and leave when he starts interpretive dancing.

Friday, December 09, 2005

kerazy sculpture

You know what I like to do when there's no one else in the lab? Watch the photoshoot videos on the American Apparel website. Cuz I, uh, have some christmas shopping to do. Yeah, that's why. And let me say, sexual harrasement lawsuit or no, they need to add some new fucking photos to that thing. The ones they have are tired.

Tonight I command every single one of you to go to southside park the minute the sun goes down. Because the spaceship sculpture is finished and it will blow your motherfucking mind. It is covered in 10 different colors of neon and filled with aliens. If I had high-tech shit like a cameraphone I could post it. I hope someone else will.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

what's up?

The ol' blog is providing me with lots of amusement today. Thanks. I love the comments but sometimes I'm curious about why certain people used to comment but have dropped out. I wonder if I offended some of them in some way or if they got bored and don't read or lost computer access or something. If any past commenters want to let me know go ahead, I give you permission to post anonymously if you want. Now's your chance to tell me why I suck. Is it because I use the word "mien" wrong? My spelling of various wine types? What?

Lots of shows coming up. Tomorrow is Calvin Johnson and Tender Forever at Fool's. Saturday Lyme Regis and the Losin' Streaks are playing in Nevada City. I would like to go but I'm going to a white elephant party hosted by a hott librarian (that doesn't sound like I'm not stoked on the party, does it? I am). And I will keep flogging (and blogging) the show next friday (the 16th) at Puppet Towne. Rose Melberg, the Finches, maybe Knock Knock and the song stylings of Jane H. I am separately excited about each of these performances, so they add up a heart-pounding, roller coaster ride of a pop show. Any shows I'm forgetting?

Will someone remind me when the four-eyes xmas show is? I want to get the next day off cuz I'm gonna PARTY TILL I PUKE!

overheard in sac

We also went to Esoteric Records last night (which is across the way from the Hof Brau and definitely worth the trip) and encountered a pack of the best kids ever. There were like 5 of them, all boys, I guess around the age of like 13, 14 or so ( I didn't get a good look at them because I instinctually avoid eye contact with teenagers in fear that they might start bagging on me). A couple of them had total slacker, long-hair Cali style. One of them was looking for a record for a Christmas present for his dad. There were at least four things we heard that were the best:

1) One of the kids (the one who was getting the record for his dad) seemed to have a signature line as if he were a character in a sitcom. Everytime someone would say does your dad like this band or that band the kid would reply "Does he!?" in an emphatic way and the effect was somehow incongruously old-fashioned in a funny way. He did it like ten times

2) There was a adult there we later nicknamed "the Goob" who had a slightly creepy and space-inappropriate mien. He kept getting too close to me at the record racks and I would have to move. He was eavesdropping on the kids and condescendingly said "so what got you guys into vinyl?". A long-haired one replied "a turntable". SHUT DOWN! It was awesome.

3) The kids proceeded to debate the relative merits of Darby Crash and Jim Morrison (I am going to wager that this is the first time this debate has ever occurred, anywhere) and one kid's viewpoint was that Jim Morrison was way smarter and read and stuff. The other kid said, "No way, Darby Crash heckaread and heckawrote". Excellent use of Cali slang!

4) They all agreed that Frank Zappa sucks.

the oldest brau in the world

I was going to give you some time between posts to catch up but I have stuff to write so fuck it.

I ate at the Sam's Hof Brau in the Country Club Plaza last night. This place is pretty crazy and it's old school in the strictest sense. As the oldest dude would say in his querulous voice, "It reminds me of the 90's.....the 1890's!" I tried to look up stuff on the net about the history of this Sacramento-area (former) chain, but no dice so I am relying on you Sactophiles to help me out. I know it was started by Sam Gordon, who despite the name, I suspect may have been a Jew. I am basing this on the tingling of my Jewdar, which was activated by stuff like the reuben on the menu and a rad big picture of Sam and his buddies in 1962 at a bagels and lox dinner. I don't know, maybe not. I don't know when it got started, how many there were, or where they were. I know there used to be one where Hamburger Mary's is now until maybe the 80's.....the 1980's! It's hecka old-timey inside. Kinda like a more authentic Spaghetti factory. It's cafeteria style and there is stuff like hamburger patties soaking in kraut and giant slabs of meat that are hanging from chains and dripping juice. I tried to stick my head under there and drink the juice for free but the workers said no for some reason. Smiller got a carved turkey sandwich and stuffing. I got stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. The sides are $1.14 apiece! There is a full bar but the only discernible drawback to this place is that the beer prices are outrageously high. 5.25 for a pint of Hefeweizen! That's nuts! I thought the old dude next to us was gonna have a coronary when he got two brews and the total was $10.50, so it wasn't just us that were surprised. If you have been feeling old lately, for instance if you regularly posted on the indie list and have just been referred to as "grampa" by John Pritchard, then you should make a trip to the Hof Brau because it will make you feel like a spring chicken. We got carded for everything (even an extra serving of gravy) and each person would remark on how young we look. I guess we do look young compared to a pack of octegenarians. I mean, it looked like a taping of the Lawrence Welk Show in there! And I loved it! No age discrimination tolerated on this blog.

Here's the old News and Review review

will the real liam please stand up

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this is via slop dawg jr.

indie list dead?

Sorry guys, I've been busy the last few hours. Let's see, I guess the indie list got taken down? Here's what John Pritchard wrote (it was posted on the chick list)

mark took down the sacto_indie account on yahoogroupsthis week because no one was really using it anymore. however, i thinkthere remains some utility in maintaining a salon in virtual reality/semi-realtime connecting the brother/sisterhood involved in doing whatever it isthey do in the context of underground music, film, eating, and getting wastedin the sacramento area. more importantly, i look at the archives featureas a documentation of sorts. essentially, we need to record what the bestburrito in sacramento was in APRIL 2002...for POSTERITY.a couple of things are going to be a little different.first off, i'm dropping the word "indie" from the title because ihate that word and i think it is too narrow with respect to what this isabout. ok, diy is kind of dumb too, but i think the term is generic enough toencompass all that cool crap we do that isn't even music. basically, iwant people to still bicker about dumb stuff and get tricked into going tofake shows i make up when i am bored at work. anyway, here's the link:'m also going to make a bigger effort to get awayfrom the "invite only" nature of the old list. i think in the early days,this served its purpose but one of the reasons the old list petered out isthat there just wasn't enough new blood coming on board regularly and theaverage age of anyone on the list creeped up to what i affecionately call"grampa". soooo, the list will be in the yahoo groups directory where anyschmuck surfing the net for "music that sucks" can find it, however all memberswill still have to get approval from a moderator. which will be me and iguess 1 or 2 other people i assume. that way we can regulate on the spammers andalso our sworm enemies: funruiners, cool hunters, and narcs like thesac where i REALLY need help is getting thisinformation out to people, basically i don't have a record of everyone's emailaddress from the old list. like not even close. i'm going to email this toeveryone else i can think of, even people that i don't think were on theold one or quit the old one. i would like to ask those of you reading this todo the same, even if you don't want to sign up or take 30 seconds to createa damn yahoogroups account for yourself. basically, don't leave ANYONEout that you think might even be a little bit interested.ok, hope to talk to everyone

I would maybe be interested in joining the new one. I have been curious about it but as I've said before I tried it a way long time ago and didn't like the confrontational style. He seems to be saying that anyone can join the new one but then he sez you need approval. So not ANYONE. In fact, probably the exact same people who could join it before. Also, that crack about the age of the average poster is irritating. As a thirtysomething I don't see why that would matter. A lot of times whether someone is active or not in that kind of crap is just a matter of what kind of job you have, and often the late teens/early twenties types are still working cafe jobs or in college so they don't have a bunch of time to kill at the office.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

and another one...

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and that's me in the bottom right, with the reddish greasy-looking hair

In answer to sac's question

The annual Halloween show
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this is a picture of me

look ma no capitalization!

sorry, dudes. i've got some, uh, official "stuff" to go do so i'll be out for a while, can't blog any more today. i'll come back strong tomorrow with a rant about how small the wine portions are at bernardo, oh i guess i kind of just blew the rant because that's really all there is to it besides smiller pointing out that there is a kind of false thick glass bottom to the beer pints so that those portions are pitifully small as well. hmm...i'll think of something to get pissed about for your amusement tomorrow, i promise.

the new onion is out!

Read this, it's really funny.

loft living

Anyone have an opinion on or know anything more about this? What a surprise that part of the plan includes lofts. Luxury, natch. Doesn't anyone build apartments or houses anymore or is it all just lofts? I'm going to start referring to my new place as a loft because why not? Who's gonna stop me?

Voisin has not responded. Not surprising because the tone of my post was pretty insulting. I hope it didn't hurt her feelings, but she's got to stop if just for the sake of the caliber of her journalism. It's not acceptable to publish the same column over and over.

I ate breakfast at the Lucky Cafe today for only the second time ever (and the last time was probably in like 95). It doesn't feel like you're in midtown, that's for sure. The bathrooms were pretty unappetizing, unless spiders whet your appetite, but you do walk through the kitchen to get to the johns and the kitchen looks perfectly acceptable. They specialize in different kinds of sausage so if I were a real restaurant reviewer I would have tried the housemade smoked duck sausage or chorizo, but I'm not so I just got the boring one egg breakfast with bacon. It was OK, but I don't really like hashbrowns. The coffee was terrible. Still, it's a cozy little place and I'm sure they do some things well. A big group of peeps went to SubShack on sunday and everyone was raving about the fluffiness of the eggs and pancakes. Next week I am going to try to hit up the shack on thursday night when they have appetizers and wine. I want to eat at 55 degrees soon or whatever that swank new place is called. I also want to eat at Taro's. I want to eat everything, all the time, as a matter of fact.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

google me

ha. someone just hit my blog googling for "mark s. allen sacramento idiot" i'm out. lates.

hott drinks!

Caroline, not being a native of Sac is wondering about places to get hot alcoholic drinks. I said Zelda's (but advised her to avoid the ones with coffee) and the Backdoor Lounge (but I've only been there a coupla times so I'm guessing). Anyone else have any suggestions?

ff article

There's a big fool's foundation article by Leibrock today in the bee. In the online version the picture looks OK, but in the paper it looked all pixilated and fucked up. The article is cool but it worries me that they mention repeatedly how they have shows and Marc Kaiser even said something about them having giant shows. Hope they have a permit for that, but I was under the impression they don't. Also, the phrase "Abu Ghraib musical" does not inspire a lot of confidence in me.


more photos, including one of me holding the infamous mondavi zin

Nicks and Buckingham

Nicks and Buckingham
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these are my favorites of katy's pictures. there's so many it's hard to choose.

Wonder Wall

Wonder Wall
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it's Phil Lynott!

it's Phil Lynott!
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Crazy on You

Crazy on You
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Monday, December 05, 2005

trekkies link

Wow. I just printed out a recipe from the NY Times for ginger snaps made with bacon fat. I am percolating the idea of a holiday potluck and I think that may have to be a part of it.

That picture of Jimmy Page is so rad. Why am I making the same dumb face in every picture, though? Whatever happened to a smile? I do not recall anyone taking any pictures of me at all, so I was out of it, obviously.

Olsen had the link to the Imdb post for Trekkies 2, and that led me to the message boards. There's not a lot, but this entry is particularly good. Seems some people had a problem with the way they were portrayed in 1 and 2 and it generated some controversy in the Trek community (of which I am a proud part). I searched the net for the site where the Spiner Femme from 1 details her grievances, but I'm pretty sure it's been taken down. This also led me to The Kid's website!!!!! (which I think I may have linked to before but as this blog goes on longer and longer I'm sure I'll start to repeat myself all the time, just like hanging out with me in real life).

monday monday

well...I emailed Voisin a link to that discussion of her column and apologized for spelling her name wrong, so we'll see if she replies

The Halloween show. What can I say? Insane. The liquids that I imbibed that night were including and thank god mostly limited to a small hot sake while I waited for my food at Tamaya, an entire bottle of Mondavi Zinfandel and a diet Sparks. I was telling Grace and D.P. last night that I wish I could rig up some kind of neural alarm system whereas the instant my brain transmitted the thought "I am being so funny right now" that I would get a big electric shock if I tried to take another drink. That is a sure sign that I am not being funny at all. So that is my disclaimer about my own personal behavior. But enough about me. I hope people will post some pictures soon. Everyone was sooooooo good. The Mac ripped it up, the girl who sang for Heart took everyone by surprise, Heckamax was definitely the MVP for the night and somehow managed to expertly channel both Robert Plant and Sting, I was quite attracted to Heather dressed as Phil Lynott especially because of the package (sorry Mike you know she looked hot), some members of Oasis got a little too in character and took the piss out of everyone (did I just use that slang right?). Favorite moments and acts, everyone? Let's get this thing started out right today, it's gonna be a loooooong week.

In other news, I'm moving!!! No, not out of Sac, silly, like that's ever gonna happen. Nope, I'm moving out of my house on 11th and U all the way over to an apartment on 11th and T. I will miss DB and DP, but this place has a balcony, which I need, and a giant cute kitchen and a nice view of trees and I'm very very excited about it. Of course, being Sac it has no heat whatsoever and central air is a laughable dream, but that's the breaks. My new landlord Chung Fong is a funny guy and most importantly, he will never raise the rent. That's one of the best things about the southside, no crap-ass property companies, just a guy that gave me and Aimee a lecture about how if one of us gets married and moves out, we still have to pay the full rent. Oh really? So then it's exactly like renting any other apartment anywhere? I don't just get to decide what portion of rent I'd like to pay on any given month? Weird.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Coke Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I've been busy "working" so I haven't reminded you for the nth time that the coke show is tonight. 8 PM sharp! I've been told. 26th and J at the house behind University Art. It's no longer ye olde puppet towne, but it used to be.

celeb photos

Ha. Here are some photos from that rich girls Bat Mitzvah where her dad paid all the rock stars to play. It was supposed to be on the d.l. because the stars are ashamed they are such whores but of course with the advent of the cellphone camera that's not possible.

This wednesday column from the Bee is chock-full of new food news. A weird restaurant has taken over the failed Kamon cafe on J and 9th. It's upscale Italian that, for now, only serves lunch and is decorated with portraits of California government officials?! They list a lobster beef carpaccio. For lunch? Sounds gross, but I guess the lobster is probably cooked and the beef is raw. I don't get it.

Also, Taki is reopening soon with a new owner and the Ernestos people are opening a small Tortas shop next adjacent to Zocalos (which they also own). I'll try it, but if you like tortas, go for the grilled chicken at La Fiesta. I bet that's cheaper, too.

In other exciting food news, Corti Bros is now online and they are archiving Darrell Corti's newsletters. I can't wait to waste a bunch of time today reading it! Check out this page on their H.P.O. early muscat, which E.C. turned me on to. Delicious.

The terrifying specter of missing McCartney

All right, Voison. Now you've done it. I am steaming mad. I want to call you some bad names but this town is small enough (as you would be quick to point out, it's just an identity-less cowtown with a sub-par arena) that you might actually read this (it's not out of the question) so I'm going to resist the urge. You've come out again with one of your patented alarmist columns about the need for a new arena. You use the same framework every time and just switch a few of the words around. This time it's a direct plea to the fans to become activists and demand a new arena. Not the Sacramento citizens, just the rabid fans. Sorry, Ailene, but we have a pretty big population in this here cow-town, and of that population only a small percentage are fans of the type you are appealing to, and even some of those fans don't want the city to spend a ton of money building a fancy new arena to make the Maloofs and David Stern (and you) richer. You want the fans to speak, but the PEOPLE have already spoken, and continue to speak every fucking time you and a handful of others dredge this issue up. We don't want to pay. There is no public support. Figure something else out.

She trots out the same tired shit (Arco is "long in the tooth and built on the cheap" ooh nice turn of phrase there) and some new tired shit. This time we get the threat that Paul McCartney may not choose to play here. Excuse me? McCartney JUST PLAYED AT ARCO on November 16th. Are you talking about his projected tour in like 2007? Do you have some inside track on that? That is so pathetic that that's the only other argument that you could come up with. Try again, Voison.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

the horror of cold toast

Katy, did you say that this guy is a fox and goose regular? Is he really tall? In regards to my crack about the fox and goose toast, I'm sure others will back me up when I say it often arrives cold and stale. Is anything too petty for me to talk about on this blog? No. Not today.

co-ed naked yoga-not just a t-shirt slogan

Oh yeah, yoga clothes are so restricting.

mikunis blog

Did you know the Mikuni's guy has a weird blog where he frequently quotes (or actually it seems more like paraphrases) the Bible?

sample quote:

Do you take a shower or just rub your body with your towel? I like to be as clean as possible and so I take shower at least once or twice every day. It works the same way in the restroom, too. Whenever I go to the restroom, I would like to be washed not just wiped because I just don’t feel clean using only toilet paper.

chowhound excitement

A storm of controversy is brewing over at chowhound. OK, that's a little strong but a Mikuni's employee got busted out trying to shill for Taro's (the new place in the Arden Mall that was opened by the Mikuni owners). If this makes your pulse quicken, read the posts here, here, and here.

Also, I realize some of you may not have a registration at the NY Times so you may be wondering what that last link was about (I know a bunch of you are reading today, I'm getting a ton of hits). It's a two page article in the Times about people getting grumpy when they're hungry and how this is now considered a legitimate thing to blog about. People are inventing names for it and shit.


You can get into the NY Times with this dreck? Maybe I will freelance an article about farting and see if they bite.

bbq place in the burbs

read the post on chowhound

What do you guys think about the state of bbq downtown? I guess I like to think about eating bbq more than I really like eating it, because I rarely go to bbq restaurants. I guess I like to pretend the restaurant food I eat is healthier than that, so I feel guilty when I go. Anyways, what's your favorite? Sandra Dee's was really good last time I went. I still want to try the ribs at Everett and Jones, but it's so far out.

free piano

Does anyone need a piano? My friend is giving one away. She said it stays in tune, it's old, and "it's good for dicking around on". Free to anyone who can move it. She said she moved it in with three people and a truck.

cockeyed on TV

Local wiseguy Rob Cockerham was on Good Morning America sometime this week. Or maybe they just talked about him, I'm not sure. I can't find anything on about it, but I googled it and it seems that he was featured on a segment called "around the watercooler" and they talked about his "how much is inside" feature. Give this guy a kid's show, STAT! He could be like a new Bill Nye but sillier. Read his new thing on his halloween costume this year.

Coke Show tomorrow!

Christ on a rubber crutch, people, 91 comments! That's awesome. For the record, I've read Play It As It Lays (didn't leave much of an impression besides that she's a cool customer who takes a lot of care that she comes off that way, but I'm sure she writes differently now that she's really old and probably doesn't care if she sounds cool anymore) and I tried to read the Royal Family and fucking hated it and also read some Vollmann essay on Afghanistan where he made it sound like maybe burkas aren't so bad (yeah right). Right now I'm reading the Bellow novella Seize the Day (as if you care) and it's very funny and the people in it think just like me (i.e. self-loathing, weak characters who are completely self-absorbed and always scheming under the surface ok now I'm making myself sound bad, that's me at my worst)so of course I like it.

Coke show tomorrow, this has developed into a gigantic bandstravanganza. I sat in on the Cab Calloway practice yesterday and they are going to knock your socks off. C.O. channeled Cab and it gave me chills. It was also very cold in the apartment so it could have been that. C.O. is also tackling Elton John. A partial rundown of bands (which I think I gave earlier but oh well) includes: Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Heart, Oasis, the Mac, Aerosmith who am I forgetting? It starts tomorrow at nine. Then on saturday there is another good show. Here's the press release from Charles:

At the Distillery, 10pm, 21, 6 bucksRock the Light (back from their tour of Japan)Westwind (from San Fransisco)The MegaCools (talk about Charles)This show is going to be the show of the year. Really. No lie.

Ha! Look it's thursday morning and I am pretending that the weekend is here.

Post-script- The cappucino at Temple (coffee shop in old Levinson's book shop) is the best to be had in Sac, College Greens, Arden-Arcade, and the Del Paso Heights Area. If you are wary of visiting this place, smiller has tons of two for one coupons so just ask him for one and go with a friend, you cheap bastard.