Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Burgers and platters

 A friend (Raske) made burgers on the 4th and I wish I had taken a picture. They were the best and they erased the memory of the bad Shake Shack burger from my mind. He's a great cook, so I knew I should be excited about his burgers but he surpassed my expectations. A few things he did:

  • Got an 80% lean ground beef. He got his at Albertson's but the Corti burger blend has this same ratio. 90% lean is too high
  • Generous salting of the meat, but without handling it a lot. He kind of spread it on a plate and salted the top, not really mixed
  • He formed the patties directly onto the grill, and made them thin
  • I did not check out his coal formation, I should have, I wonder if there was a hot spot or spread out
  • He cooked them for a pretty long time. He did a second round when the coals were cooling and they were on there a while. This made a good char. I usually make my burgers way too thick and then also trip out and take them off early so they are sometimes unpleasantly bloody
  • American cheese (natch)
Other than that, we rode home just when it was getting dark and many the noise was cray, but I had eaten a weed gummy so I feel asleep early and slept through most of the hoo-hah.

Have you guys gotten knives or sharpened your knives at Crocker Cutlery yet??? Ya gotta! Gabriel is so cool, and his shop is so cute and smells great (he is into essential oils) and knife sharpening is like ten a pop. He has knives for all price ranges but will not hard sell you. Look at this cute platter I got there!

I am trying to bring show listings on Undietacos back, so that I can stay off Instagram. Anyone can make a listing, no Zuckerberg involved! I deleted the Gram from my phone, mostly just because of what a timesuck it is. I'd rather be reading. Of course, I get FOMO and the everyone is hanging out without me feeling, I won't deny that, but mostly I just spend from 30 minutes to an hour on it a day and that's too much.