Friday, July 30, 2010

and opening for grey atlas....The Four Eyes!

Here's my video from the state fair. MOBS is having an awesome-sounding screening this Sunday.

Sunday, August 1, 2010
7:30 PM
Admission: $5.00
Movies on a Big Screen at The Guild
2828 35th St, Sacramento, CA

An Evening of Animated Shorts by Ladislaw Starewicz

screeningLadislaw Starewicz was born in Moscow in 1882, and at an early age became fascinated with both entomology and filmmaking. He initially wanted to film stag beetles fighting, but the beetles wouldn't comply under lights. This led Starewicz to begin creating short stop motion animated films ("puppet films," as he called them), utilizing dead insects. He later moved on to realistic animal puppets and other subjects, sometimes incorporating rear-projected real actors. His works range from grotesque, beautiful, strange and technically impressive, even by today's standards. We'll present a sampling of this "father of stop motion animation," including "The Cameraman's Revenge" and a number of others!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

whatever-style post

I'm back! I have one of those whatever-style picture posts.

Me and Liv's movie night went well. At first we were SWEATING because almost no one showed up on time. I did not expect people to roll in so late and I thought like 3 people were going to be there. In the end we had 18 paid admissions, which is awesome! It doesn't sound like much but I've been to many local screenings with like 3 people. Thanks to everyone that came and we would like to continue blowing your mind. We will shortly be scheduling one for August, I think. Next one will probably be only 3 bucks, with no hotdog included. Although my freezer is full of hot dogs now.

Speaking of hot dogs, here's my annual birthday burger, a Whitey Special.
Peach shake. Fucking delicious.
Next day was the Four Eyes at the fair. So fun.

This picture captures Joel's rasta topknot style that is sweeping the nation. Sometimes a don't becomes a do.
Ecstatic audience. People were digging them, for sure. The best part was the cute nerd couple who knew all the words and would sing them while looking in each other's eyes.
These little girls were really wasting the Four Eyes stickers. Yeah, I know, they're cute and all but you know what's not cute? Wasting.
The elusive Bigfoot was spotted at the Humboldt County exhibit.
The also elusive yellow biplane. This shit got me soooooo stoned.

Sweet juggalo tat.

When you think fair you think "it's hot, I'm hungry, how can I feed my whole family", right?
This rivals EC's cross-eyed bobcat taxidermy.

OK, now it's on to the trip to the coast. I have a heavy recommendation for you right now. It's a really Cali place. If you are heading to the Point Reyes lighthouse, which I recommend, make sure to make a side trip to Drake's Beach. There's a little cafe there that you should check out.

This is a chicken quesadilla from there. Yeah, it's pricey just like every place in that area of our big blue marble but it's local, organic, yadda and GOOD. They have a prix fixe dinner on Saturday nights that I vow I will try someday. I saw the menu and it had rabbit on it.
It was very foggy and misty the day we went to the lighthouse. Perfect weather.
I saw a grey whale tail!

What is this little guy? A weasel? A ferret? We watched him for a while and finally he caught a fat field mouse and ran off to rip its head off. So cute!

This is what happens when you give miller the camera

I had never realized before that Bob Weir was fine. How did I miss that?
We discovered that Jerry used to live in Stinson Beach in the 70s. Also, Janis' ashes were spread there.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

girls fm

Man, maybe it is the weed talking, but I was fucking PSYCHED on that show last night. Kyle has charisma to spare in a way that is super rare. It sucked that his voice was so shot because I love his voice, but he really gave it his all. I can't remember the last show when I bought that much merch. Between me and smiller we got 50 bucks worth of stuff. Plus, man, does Sac love Happy Birthday! We demanded an encore and he said "see you next time", so you can tell they'll be back. Here's a good interview with his mom from Vice. Somebody whose name starts with "r" and ends with "askee" really needs to warn people about his stash. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I was entirely unprepared for the mental journey I was on until about 3 am last night. So tired.

I totally forgot that Knock Knock is playing tonight. The good news is that you can easily hit up the Anger fest first and then go see them because they're gonna take the stage at like eleven. Where's the show? Press Club? I really fucked up by not having flyers to hand out at the show last night cuz it was packed.

I know I always shill for FatFace, but they have a really good new sandwich. Hard boiled egg with anchovy aioli and slices of potato.
And this is a pineapple yellow watermelon pop. So refreshing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lucky for you, not for me

Oh man, I am so bummed I'm not going to be able to go to this, but all of you should-Ella is having a special dinner tonight through Saturday night for 35 DOLLARS!! Here's the menu:

Chicken Cacciatore (Hunter's Style)
Braised local chicken with Watanabe Farms heirloom tomatoes, Capay Farms gypsy peppers, wild and tame mushrooms served family style with creamy, burrata infused polenta.

parkour percussion?

Don't stare for too long at these evil, evil symbols or I won't be responsible for what happens. You know the drill, Kenneth Anger screening tomorrow, 7pm, Hub, 4 bucks, yadda yadda. Looks like it won't even be super hot, which is nice.

That Happy Birthday show tonight is really crucial. Smiller recently was quoted as saying that the King Tuff record was one of the best of the 2000s and I concur. Haven't gotten into the Happy Birthday record yet, but I'm sure I will after tonight.

Also, Friday, the Four Eyes play the motherfucking State Fair! Two sets, at one pm and two pm, at the Promenade stage, right after the Gracious Ladies of Hui Lau Lima (Polynesian Dance) and before a metal band called Grey Atlas. Wow, at 4pm there is something called "street beat presents parkour percussion". And at 10 am Naida West, none other than Dave West's mom and author of many volumes of California historical fiction, will be at the author area signing books. Shit, Lance Armstrong will be there at 4? That will be mobbed, I'm sure. The Four Eyes should find some way to capitalize ont hat.

Oh yeah, and this year you can bring food and drinks into the fair. That's kind of nice because usually they won't let you bring water in and you have to buy overpriced water.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gallagher up in this bitch?

No way! It's finally up! There is an ICP movie coming out?

mind fuckery

I saw Inception last night. Mind fuck alert! After, I went to this bar in Old Sac called River City Saloon. It's actually kind of cool. There is a lifesize cowboy mannequin at the bar, they show good videos, and they encourage you to throw your peanuts on the floor! It's like Gilhooleys is back. Total dayrage material.

The Four Eyes opened their blog to suggestions for the Xmas show

Here's some more snaps to get you stoked for the screening. Again: this Thursday, 7pm, The Hub, 4 dollars with free roasted weenie included. Classic Coke for sale (OMF nixed us getting New Coke), we have chairs too!

Bobby Beusoleil, you know, of the Manson Family. Somehow he was able to record the music while in prison, with a full band. Pretty lax warden, if you ask me.

Where is this jacket now?
Finally, a cape makes an appearance
Look at what a dork Anton LaVey is! He wore those plastic horns all the time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday show

The band with a horrible name for the internet age-Happy Birthday-is coming to The Hub on Wednesday. Happy Birthday is the same guy (Kyle) who did the kult klassic King Tuff record (I'm listening to it right now. so fucking good) and was also in my favorite freak folk band-Feathers. This guy is a pop genius. Don't miss this show!

More Kenneth Anger pics. I bought the weenies yesterday. They are Hebrew National brand which can help counteract some of the Nazi imagery in Scorpio rising