Thursday, October 31, 2013


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

only in Japan

OK, more Japan photos after the jump

Thursday, October 24, 2013


no time for second blog post on japan today. but i wrote a kanye tour entry on heckarap

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

funny signs mostly

Back from Japan and boy are my ears tired of constant greetings being sung out at me! JK, kind of! It can just be exhausting trying to be so polite with so many formalized exchanges and always pronouncing "gozeimas" incorrectly.  We went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yamanouchi, Obuse, and then back to Tokyo. Did you know that I had no idea the population of Japan and guessed that maybe it was the same as California since it's approx the same size? Then I looked it up it has 137 million people!!!!! And most of them living in the relatively small triangle between Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo!
I'll post some pics a day at a time! After the jump

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

love, shakira

LOL my mom just signed her email "SHAKIRA" (all caps as always). She's been doing a lot of belly dancing lately. Sheesh. The apple fell pretty far from the tree with that one.

That is the last thought I will leave you with for a while.  I'll post again in a couple of weeks. Uh, not gonna say why and you don't either in the comments, paranoia ya knowhutimean?

fb dramz

criminy, I guess some fb stuff went down that I had a hand in.  I have been trying to not check as much, and not obsess on catching up with what everyone posts all the time.  I was doing good for a while, but come to think of it it's sneaking up on me. I looked on it the whole time on the train today because I hadn't brought anything to read.

The reason I am trying is because I can be an impulsive poster.  I have gotten a lot better about not sending impulsive emails. I get super caffeinated in the morning and get a lot of good ideas, but also get agitated sometimes.

LT posted about Blackbird closing and I didn't think about who she is friends with in the food world. I didn't post something horribly, but I have that chip on my shoulder about everyone paying attention to BAR's reviews and not mine, so I posted about my review and how the service continued to be terrible. I also said I hate writing bad reviews.  The chip is a thing, and frankly it is not going to fade, but at least I cop to it. I have faults, what can I say?

I never saw it, partially cuz I had a nagging feeling I shouldn't have written that, but I guess it got gnarly and servers from there got on there and said thanks a lot for gloating, etc.  Oh jeez.  BAR alluded to it in here.

I'm def not saying that was alll about what I posted and I hope to god I didn't have much to do with it, but I am scared to look.

Oh well, what I wrote was really not that bad. I was not gloating in any way. I wanted them to be better, but I guess that was not the reason they closed anyways.

blah blah fb blah

Monday, October 07, 2013


Show tonight! Babies! Sneeze Attack! One other band! They are good! Members of Woods and Vivian Girls! Pop music! Vegan food! 8PM! Next to the Colonial Theater! Be there! If you dare! Don't be square!

Friday, October 04, 2013

long sandwich feh

The Babies are playing Monday at Cafe Colonial.  Is that the place adjacent to the Colonial Theater? So weird. Too bad they can't play with Sac's own Babies. Instead they are playing with dog party and sneeze attack. I love Babies, and they are poppy enough that many of you who are doubtful might like them too. Sorry to bitch but a four band show on monday, my least favorite night to see a show? not a good idea.  Nevertheless, I will go.

Good cover story in the SNR.  It's so dumb that people worry about eating on Stockton.  We ate at Huong Lanh last night. I wanted pho but Scott didn't so we decided not to go to Pho Saigon. The pho at HL is just ok and the tendon was seriously inedible. It was more like a bone then a tendon.  They have done some weird things with their menu and eliminated grilled chicken from everything, so Scott got the pork, which is the best in all of Sacramento, even though he wanted something a bit lighter.  Their sandwiches are also the best.  Minor point, but it's weird two people are eating hu tieu, which I personally don't think is that good. Got it at Quan Nemh recently.

Which brings me to a new strip mall being developed down their called "Long Sandwich Plaza". Long sandwich went out of business cuz it kind of sucked. The location was fine so I wonder why they think they will do any better at a different location. They better up their game.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

so much to do

I hope when we are in Tokyo we have time to go to the Suspiria Bar, which is an Italian restaurant, the restaurant where robots fight strippers, and a cat petting cafe.  Click on each cat to see a biography and pictures and videos.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

chicken envy

Thumbs up on Don John.  Really fun, and you know I'll like almost any movie that's that dirty.  Julianne Moore is rad but kinda should just have the  phrase "deus ex machina" tattooed on her forearm if you know what I mean.  If you see it you will.

We went to magpie after. I really don't go there enough. Of course it was 40 bucks each for three drinks (total), two apps, and the cheapest entree, but it's worth it when I can swing it.  Polenta, woah, tapenade, excellent, chicken for two: insane. my roast chicken is good but that chicken makes me ashamed to call my chicken chicken.