Friday, August 30, 2013


My boss just replied LOL to an email in which I wrote "a bit of a clusterfuck" this woman rules.

Consider checking out a play that Big Idea does.  Their tickets are hella cheap (12 bucks) which is a third of what B st or Cap Stage charge. The Lieutenant of Inishimore is crazy good, even with Irish accents for the whole cast! That's tough. It's a satire in the IRA with some hard staging, including a cat puppet and buckets of blood. Despite that it's a comedy and quite funny.  Biggert has been to more plays than me and says he's never seen a bad one at big idea.  I've seen a few bad ones at cap stage and even a terrible one at b street so that is unusual. 

Lil Wayne = incredible.  I have more respect than him than ever. He seems clean and happy. I hope so because it would be a big loss if he died.  I'm writing it up for SNR if you'd like to hear more.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

soulacoaster indeed

Jeez, I had no idea that "soulacoaster, the story of me" by R. Kelly would be so sad.  Grew up with no dad in rough Chicago area, totally poor, surrounded by a lot of drunks (although also love from his family), molested for years by an older woman starting at the age of 8 (which think about the sexes being reversed there if it doesn't seem so bad), household just generally sexually inappropriate in general including being asked to watch sex and take pictures from a very young age, shot as a little kid! and has a learning disability that led to him being completely illiterate through at least high school. I haven't gotten further than high school yet.

He kept getting passed through grades, partially because of his skill at basketball but he lived with an enormous amount of shame because of his molestation and illiteracy.  It sounds like every day of school was torture for him until a music teacher took him under her wing.  She taught him to play piano, write songs, and sing every type of music including opera.  He says that music floods his head 24/7 since he was very young.  A real prodigy.  Before his record deal he supported himself by busking.

It's not really a very weird or funny book, but one strange passage is about how he had sex with a girl on her period at 17, freaked out because he didn't know what was happening, and then didn't have sex again for 2 years.

Here's a short video with R. sinking a half-court shot at Jamie Foxx's house

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Dime: worst meal.  I wanted to love it. I was taking  NH out for dinner and was very excited to try a new place. I was deliberately avoiding yelp and sort of skimming things written about it so I would go with a fresh slate.

Let's start with the menu. Tiny menus are a pet peeve of mine because you really need to be good to pull them off.  You better have something that appeals to everyone. This menu is terrible.  The dime plates are all exactly the same as sports bar food or existing restaurants.

Spinach and artichoke dip. Am I at a work potluck? Did not order.

Calamari with g-sauce? Ordered. I don't wanna know why they call it g-sauce but it was a red mayo sauce.  Long fingers of fried (yes tender) calamari that were awkward to pick up and dip.

Crisped petaluma chicken: sweet or spicy. Ordered. Sounds good right? I envisioned two small pieces of delicious fried chicken. I got breast meat chicken fingers with buffalo sauce.  That's what "spicy" was. Standard sports-bar sauce.

Clams chorizo: ordered. A few clams and a few little crumbles of chorizo. Not enough broth to dip bread in. That's ok because the bread was stale thin slices.

Pepperoni flatbread: Did not order. Am I at my work cafeteria?

Mac and cheese: did not order. Seems to be some sort of law this must be on the menu. Ten dollar mac and cheese?

Tacos: did not order. Again, ten bucks? Didn't see portion size so maybe they were huge. I usually get stuck ordering tacos at red rabbit so I did not want to try more upsale tacos.

Sliders w fries. Did not order. Did not want anything this heavy. Maybe the house-smoked hot pastrami is good, but I don't think of that as a dinner item. Kalua pork. Does not sound appealing.
Soup and salad: did not order. did not ask what it was. server did not mention it.

Rabbit food: since when is steak tartare rabbit food? Some of the salads appeared to have been flown in from 1997. Balsamic, raspberries and goat cheese? Also, big stale croutons on a couple of them. I ordered a chicken caesar, something I would normally never order, but none of the other salads sounded appealing.  Wilted romaine, bland dressing (no discernible anchovy) cold dry breast chunks (similar to airport food) weird large chunks of parmesan among the shreds, as if it crumbled in there and they just didn't both to fix it.

Plates. Pan-roasted salmon? Wow, exciting. Am I at my grandma's retirment home? Honey truffle chicken frites? Who puts chicken on fries? How do honey and truffles ever belong together and why should fries every have a sweet sauce? 

Ambiance. We were out back. They need to do something about the patio, some shrubs or screens or something. You are eating in the courtyard of a jank apartment development. NH said she felt like she was in a dorm quad. Which sparked the thought that I have literally had a better lunch in the dining commons at UCD and it was 8 bucks. At least I could end it with soft serve ice cream.

Menu completely unappealing.  Bill with tip, two glasses of wine and two beers: 108 fucking dollars. The hostess asked how it was when we left and I could not lie and told her not good, which made things very awkward because she wanted to know why.

NH, do not apologize for me paying the bill cuz of your bday. I just wish we had eaten somewhere else. We could have eaten at the waterboy probably for that price, or certainly feasted at one speed.  Let's go out to a nice place again soon.

I almost forgot! It ended with two bite-sized chocolate chip cookies. They were terrible! Completely dry and flavorless? Am I at a Mexican bakery? The toll house recipe would have been so much better.

Monday, August 26, 2013

brunch hell

I blew off both of the last two shows I was supposed to go to, and worst of all, I had RSVPed on facebook saying I would go! I gotta stop that. 

I was out of town all weekend at the South Yuba river.  Very beautiful. I do wish it had been a wee bit hotter because I really didn't swim all that much.  We ate at the Willo up there which was soooo fun.  That place is awesome. We got a table for 10 in the main room.  If you haven't been there you gotta go.  It was my second time eating at Ike's in Nevada City and both times I've gotten the tempeh rueben. It's really good.  The line for brunch on weekends is long, but basically you just shouldn't take a large party. They discourage them, and for a good reason. our party of six realized far into the wait that we could have just signed up as a party of 4 and 2 cuz it's not like we all had to sit together. never again! brunch anger was flaring, big time.

I guess there's a portlandia skit about brunch? where the line is so long that there's a shanty town at the end. it sounds perfect, but I can't find it online. Smiller doesn't "do" brunch and I concur.  Breakfast is too easy to make at home. I much prefer a lunch somewhere in south sac on a weekend.

Friday, August 23, 2013

big money rustlas

My movie night wasn't well attended, no big deal to me because I had friends there and both movies were funny, but I probably won't pick the movies again. Me and Liv found from the Verge film series that it was very hard to guage what would bring people and what wouldn't. Although it shouldn't have been much of a surprise that Cabaret brought the fewest I guess.  The problem with continuing is that bows has to pay a sound guy and then gabe made snacks that didn't sell too.  At least he can sell the rice crispy treats for a while, but the oregano brownies are going to be a hard sell.  Bows will probably do another one but just have someone else pick it.  We're talking scary movies in october so maybe I can pick out one of those.

All of this is to say that people (and me) missed on on the chance to watch (or rewatch in my case) this.  It's really pretty amusing.  I was also gonna play some videos and that short, really good doc about the gathering:

Tonight is Scouse Gits/Arts and Leisure in Del Paso Heights.  That is warring with my desire to go see a play which, oddly, is also in DPH. Perhaps that revitalization is finally happening?  They better get a better restaurant than Mama Kim's to help with that.  It has to be over at midnight so I guess I'll just go after that and catch a couple of hours of it. Perfect!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

movie night

super fun houseshow last night.  this guy was amazing after medicating with aaron zeff, which you really have to be careful about, I went a little too far.  Luckily expressway yo-yo dieting was pretty much the best thing ever to be watching at that point.   this video has a sample from David Banner "run"!!! The visuals on the tv that he looped were mesmerizing.  Oh yeah, and Chad S. put his record out on Weird Forest! I didn't notice him selling any but I'll have to hit him up for one.

I know you've heard it before, but tonight is my movie night at bows. friday at 7 and half baked at 9

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

good news: house show

Don't wanna talk about the big box thing except to say that the Bee continues to not really report on the behest scandal (let's call it behestgate).  In the article about the vote last night they devote the last two paragraphs to it and totally give the impression that Sean Sunderland is the only guy in Sacramento who cares about this!  It also says the "Bee revealed" this story.  I would bet that Cosmo "revealed it" before they did.  If I read one more thing about patient dumping, Sacbee, I will lose my  mind.  Yes, it's really really bad, and yes, you uncovered the story, but how bout using the top banner space for a little more local digging?  The three big non-local themes for months have been: patient dumping all over the state, Dixon conwomand (local-ish) and the Bay Bridge.

There is a house show tonight.  No one loves a house show more than me.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

normal? not normal?

Does anyone who's following the wal=mart corruption have any idea what might happen with the vote today? So is it correct that some of the contributions can actually be used by the mayor for his SUV payments, payments to various teen girls to keep them quiet about showering with him, etc.?  And Schenerer's shit is insane as well.  Also, even the city manager has called out these two fucks for operating their "non profits" out of city hall.  Thank Jah for Cosmo

The Bee has been all over the funding scandal for STOP, which is fine, I'm not a hyprocrite to complain about that, but not digging into this scandal, which is much slimier AT ALL.  This story gets the front page AGAIN and the arena vote is relegated to metro.

Their big investigation lately has been into the DUMBEST story about one con woman who did some lame shit in Dixon.  They devoted about a million words and a bunch of front page stories to this non-story.  Then their editorial SURPRISE is that the city should just allow big boxes.  NO MENTION of KJ or Schenirer's need to recuse themselves, or even the need for a discussoin on whether they should.

Our city government is so fucking insane.  Again, I ask, is this kind of corruption normal?

Friday, August 16, 2013

angry nondrinker

Fellow News and Review writer Shoka wrote a pretty, let's say strong, piece in the SNR cocktail issue about not drinking in a "drunk world" to which I take some exception.  Believe it or not, I do know people who don't drink, including people who are allergic, and I can see that it can be really hard in certain social circles (mine).  But.  She asserts that "beer tastes like piss" even craft beer, and "mixed drinks taste like floor cleaner at best".  Hey that's her opinion and of course that is implied.  This part is pretty weird and I actually had to read it a couple of times to understand it:

"And when you're hanging out with friends, there's always someone goading you to have as much fun as they are by bottoming up, but “bottled courage” (or stupidity) can also come naturally. For example, hijack the garnish tray at the bar, and keep popping every olive, maraschino cherry and pickled onion until someone says, “This ain't a buffet, Kit!”—a memorable line from the classic prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold “Cinder-'fucking'-rella” story, Pretty Woman. If no one is classy enough to recite that jewel, declare it yourself. This will convince the tipsy that you may have surpassed their drunkenness level. Or you're insane. Either way, you won't get hassled to drink—if you don't get kicked out of the bar, anyway."

It's pretty rare that any of my friends goad me into drinking more. I might get a shot bought for me twice a year.  Most of this seems to apply to younger drinkers. Fair enough.  I could see how it could make you mad that so much centers around drinking, I've heard someone who's not into food express this same thing about how annoying it is that social stuff centers around leisurely meals (and after all certain kinds of eating can kill you as well).  She really seems pissed.

heat wave

It is a crime how long it's been since I've seen the Rantouls.  Glad that is getting remedied at the Rantouls English Singles show at the Hemlock tonight.

I am hoping to go to the river this weekend cuz it's FINALLY going to be hot as it should be. I can only pray that we'll get a major heatwave before summer is over.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I was reading the paper this morning and got deja vu (no not because of another editorial about how we need an arena).  There was an article about all these organized runs that like throw color on people and crap and how they are for-profit and making a ton of money.  I was like "is this a reprint? they just wrote about this?"  Here's the verrrry similar article from August 8th.  Pretty weird. I guess there's no reason that runs always have to benefit charity but man are these people raking it in.

There's a lot to do this week. Maybe too much.  Smiller is djing at Lowbrau this afternoon for the last time, at least for a while.  The Bows open mic comedy is tonight, too.

Tomorrow is both Screature in Davis and Knock/Knock, Kittens having Kittens at Bows.  KKKK show is winning for me.

Friday, The SIngles and Rantouls will be playing at the Hemlock.

Saturday, Jonathan Richman is playing and as much as I love him and he's really great every time I think I might skip it.  He does start on time and end pretty early and have no opening band, tho.

Sunday I think I'm going to see Tracy Morgan at the P'line.

I started a rap/music blog. Linked at the right. It's going to satisfy my urge to post about music without posting stuff here that very few readers may care about.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

sex in the kitchen

I have had the R. Kelly live Mr. Showbiz/Light It Up tour DVD for almost two months now because it didn't seem fun to watch it by myself. Luckily, Biz and NH were down to watch it with me last night. In the bonus features R. claims that it is going to be the "greatest DVD ever" and in my opinion he is right.  This is the tour I saw but I had forgotten a lot of it, I think because he blows your mind about every 10 seconds and my brain just shut down and my jaw was agape.  This brought a lot back to me, though.  The two hour DVD has a lot of medleys and every song is a hit.  And he doesn't even play I Believe I Can Fly because it will make everyone start crying and he wants this tour to be fun.  This scene is indicative of the insanity and showmanship of the entire DVD. By the way although this made me laugh I am not at all being sarcastic. He is one of the greates showmen alive and this is one of the best shows I ever went to.

His "Black Panties" album is supposed to come out soon, although it seems ominously delayed.  I pray there is a Black Panties tour.  One aspect of the bonus features is where he talks about getting 25 pairs of panties thrown on stage during one show and his plans to frame and display them.  He says he has 400 songs recorded for Black Panties. I could go on and on and on.

Monday, August 12, 2013

top ten bazaars

 Please help me out with that question below if you have an IMHO.  I went to the Buddhist Bazaar and somehow did NOT win the raffle for the free one-week trip to Maui. There must have been some mixup.  This was officially the Cutest Thing Ever: an older people ukelele orchestra and a choir of little kids.
 I don't remember them selling sake before but maybe they did. It was awesome. It was not super hot this year and also attendance maybe seemed down a little? Maybe not. The lack of crowds meant I could try to teryaki chicken for once.  It was half of a delicious chicken. Also got some veggie sushi and a bit of mochi, which was very rice-y.  This is a top-ten Sac event

travel guide

Anybody have an idea for a travel guide series that's a step above lonely planet? I am too old to stay in hostels and their food recommendations are terrible

Thursday, August 08, 2013

rasta bike

 Not the most exciting post today. Sometimes I see this rasta bike outside my office building.
DP's sis brought me this clove-studded cow cheese from Norway. I ate it for breakfast on dense rye bread from Wild Flour Bakery like a real Euro.
You should Vote in the SNR best of. Not saying you should vote for me for best personality to have a beer with but not saying you should not vote for me for best personality to have a beer with. If I win I will take everyone who voted for me out for a beer.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

wild flour

Edible Sac video of BLT/Pangaea anniversary event with bonus Mike C. footage at the end.

We went to Bodega Bay before Jerry Day. There is a bakery in Freestone called Wild Flour that is one of my top three favorite bakeries in the world.  Tartine probably has the best bread (although I have not ever been there to buy it and I think the process would stress/bum me out), Brick Maiden in Point Reyes Station and Wild Flour.  You really have to go to Wild Flour, preferably now.  It's open Th-Sun 830-430. Why oh why can't we get a world class bakery? Masullo should open one as his background is in baking.  I went to Masullo last night and it was just as good as usual. He has a pizza called the liddy right now with mozz, pesto and tomatoes, cooked really lightly to bring out the sweetness and juice. yummerz.
 They have a garden out back with picnic tables.  Oh no big deal just go pick some lavender and make...
 a warm rasberry nectarine lavender scone. Pretty much everything they serve is still warm since they are baking right out in the open when you come in (at least in the morning)  They serve a daily bread called a fougasse which is loaded with cheese and all kinds of stuff, and then simpler breads like wheat, rye, various seeded breads etc.
 More of the garden
 Here's what it looks like. Pretty nondescript.

Monday, August 05, 2013

can't wait for 120 floors of condos

There's more stuff coming out about the Davis bomber. I'm privy to a little extra info but won't spill it here. He's cute. I said it.

So, on Sunday the Bee had an editorial about how the city has one chance to get the arena right. If I agree that that's possible, which I'm not sure about, I certainly don't agree that we should use it to create a public square a la Times Square or Union Square.  Times Square is pretty much the worst thing in Manhattan. I read something recently about how if a NYer  runs into another NYer there they make excuses like "I just had to run across really quick".  That probably sounds snobby but it's an indication that NYers don't hang there. Similarly Union Square is only for tourists and having spent time there recently on a shopping trip I can say that there are just chain stores and shitty rip off restaurants.  Plus, neither has arenas so I don't know what that has to do with anything.

Then, they printed a long editorial by that cheerleader for luxury lofts, Rob Turner.  He is calling for condo towers where the stupid 60 story condo towers were supposed to go pre-recession. He mentions "well heeled" residents. I may have already talked about this. Know why? They pretty much printed his Sac Town article word-for-word. Nice. 

BAR's review of Hock Craft Farm Provisions Locavore Farm To Fork confirms what I suspected. The part about the menu putting you to sleep is funny.  I won't usually judge a place harshly unless I've tried it and in this case I still would if a friend recommended it but I can't see that happening.

Friday, August 02, 2013

ashes and wet cardboard

 Saw the movie Sunshine Daydream at Downtown Plaza yesterday. Legendary '72 show in Oregon to benefit the Kesey family dairy - which they saved and which produces Nancy's yogurt today. Nancy herself is Ken Kesey's sister.  By the way, a lot of freeloading Deadheads crashed so the Dead just wrote a check to save the dairy.
 Secret weapon: Kreutzmann.  Such an awesome drummer.

Right in the middle of the epic Dark Star jam there was some crazy animation and this is an example of what are minds were getting blown with (the Blackberry Kush may have had a little to do with it, not that I am admitting to anything)

DP's sister was introduced to the Dead by coming to this movie which is a real plunge into the deep end. She said she felt Jerry's charisma and power and almost cried during the last song.  There's nothing like a 20 foot high plunge into Jerry's beard to make you feel the love.

Man, we were out of coffee at home so I had to go to Old Soul and my coffee tasted like ashes and wet cardboard. I thought something was amiss when it looked really thin.  So bad.  And of course I want that to not be true since it's my local!  What a disappointment their draft beer selection is, too.  They have Drake's Denoggonizer right now which is probably someone's cup of tea.

Jerry Day Sunday!  See you there!