Monday, August 11, 2008

various miscellaneous

First things first, Chloe Sevigney came into Bows and Arrows this weekend. Anyone have details? Did she buy anything? What the hell was she doing in Sac?

Oh wait, first things first should be that baby Rina was born and will be coming home today!

The Japanese Bazaar was so crowded around sunday at 2 that I didn't get to have any of the food that I planned. Well, I could have gotten udon but I was too hot. The best thing I had was a chicken, ginger, cabbage, crispy bits salad that was delicious. And korokke with tonkatsu. And beer. It was fun people watching but next year I am going to time it so as not to go at peak times. It seems fun to go in the evening. Did anyone go later and was it less crowded?

I had a sandwich at Uptown last week that I was really stoked on. I love Uptown. They are so friendly. The sandwich was grilled American cheese, bacon, and turkey. Not exactly healthy. They roast their own turkeys, remember, which is very important to me.

Speaking of Del Paso Heights, I entered the News and Review building for the first time on saturday (for Jane Hemmerling's art reception, you should check her paintings out sometime this month. They're beautiful.) and the News and Reviewers must be bummin' on leaving that prime location.

Speaking of second saturday it is genuinely off the chain. Second saturday seems to mean flesh on display to lots of women, and I even saw a trio of bros with thinly concealed beers and a pitbull who were sitting and hooting at women as they walked by. Charming. The mayor was chilling on a corner and I told her that I was stoked she was concerned with the Corti Bros situation (I know, here anonymous commenter, I'll save you time, "you people all make me laugh, he is a bad businessman and you just can't admit it"). There were Hari Krishnas. I watched the end of the Art Lessing set, which made me feel more stoned than I have ever felt when I was not stoned at all. Smiller saw a Dead jam band that featured a dude live airbrushing a picture of Jerry with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Speaking of flesh on display, do jean cutoffs look great on dudes or what? Last night 3/4ths of the English Singles were wearing them and their knees were looking toned and tan. Maxwell sported a pair too and they are really a timeless fashion. I always feel really slobby when I wear them but on men it seems like they are summer camp counselers. I have never seen a show at Javalounge before and it seems like a great venue.

Stuff coming up: The new Capital Stage play the Typographer's Dream only has one week to go, ends August 17th. I hope to find time to go. The state fair is starting already on friday. This summer is flying by.


Anonymous said...

Viva Rina!

Down with Sevigney!


Liv Moe said...

viva willie's party!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard the Jimboy's party was better.


fft said...

1. she didn't buy anything. she bought something at thunderhorse.

2. they're shooting BIG LOVE in sac all week. i'm going to hang out on set.

beckler said...

what's thunderhorse?

Anonymous said...

How dare you call Darrell Corti a bad businessman! That man is a genius!!! What he had done for this city borders on saintly. I see nothing to laugh about in insulting him. Obviously, you have no understanding of quality foods and fine wine.

And to put him in the same breath as Hare Krishnas. Typical urban liberal relativism rearing it's ugly anti-Catholic head once again.

Michelle K.

fft said...

THNDRHRS is in the back of bows. Chloe bought a dress. She also went to Cheap Thrills and CUffs and had a little Sacto list of stores.

Anonymous said...

best post ever, in terms of (fuck i hate the term "in terms of", but it fits the sentence) quality and quantity of colorful content. you make sac seem like the capital of excitement. which it very well may be.

btw i got your mcdonald and giles LP. by the time you get it, it may be the best-traveled LP record in history.


Anonymous said...

What's up, Willie's Party!!!

About cut off jeans: It is a timeless camp counselor look, agreed. Also, it is one that my teaching co-horts could not believe. How far removed from classic, downtown loft-over fashion can you be if you think cut off shorts are tacky? Losers.

Right now, Jay Baker is killing me on the stereo.


The Jimboys party sucked. Admit it.

PSS Jerry Day ruled. I can't go to work, I'm on Jerry Duty.

PSSS Can someone give Sevigny my phone number?

Anonymous said...

I was also wearing cutoffs last night, way to not mention my legs Becky, my legs were looking completely untoned and untanned.
Is this more pro jerry propaganda
or Anti-Willies party propaganda.
I can't keep it straight anymore.
And if you don't like me showing my love for the ladies by menacing them with attack dawgs say it to my face.


michele h said...

I went back to the bazaar around 7 last night and it really felt like it was about to close down (even though its open til 9). Almost all the food was gone, I grabbed 1/2 a chicken and some tempura, but everything else was sold out. It kinda felt like just the people who actually belong to the temple were hanging around, but not too many other bazaar-goers.

Anonymous said...

Willie's Party Rulz, Jimboys Party Drulz! Just thought I'd clarify.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying, Armeniac. Finally, someone is saying what we're all thinking!


Anonymous said...

So there are jewels in the corpse's mouth but also it's breath smells like sweet milk?



Anonymous said...

Man, I'm so hung over from the Jimboy's party. Chloe Sevigny bought taco burgers & High Life for everyone!


Anonymous said...

Dude, I don't mean to name drop, but Jackie Greene brought Phil Lesh to the Willie's party. Of course a jam ensued with Mike Farrell, who just happened to be there. Guess who can play a mean bongo? The Willie's guy.

I would have texted you but I didn't think they got reception at Jimboy's.


Anonymous said...

Can someone give Sevigny my phone number?

Anonymous said...


I just want to invite Sevigny to Willie's. That's all.

-heckamax, picking out which pair of cuttoff jeans to wear to Willie's

DB said...

I thought all of the "Big Love" wives were at B&A. Jeanne Tripplehorn is the fine one.

fft said...

The Tripp is fine.

beckler said...

don't you mean j. tripp?

Anonymous said...

CS didn't buy anything to clarify NM's comment. I just know cause Trisha was sad she didn't spend her millions there. I got a pictures of them, and yes CS's shorts were really really short. Drool on that Jamattack!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to invite her over to my pool. Where I will be wearing WHITE cut-off shorts. Top it Heckamax...

DB said...

She's a Tripp, bro.

summer said...
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archbishop said...

someone please email me Mike and Heather's address. thanks

Unknown said...

Rina is super cute!

I went to a celebration in Japan Town recently. There was no food to speak of, only lame sumo shaped soap and knockoff kimono/yukata. Lame! The Sacramento one sounds way better.

Also, re cut offs, Bill Murray in Meatballs. Nough said!