Monday, June 28, 2010

Snowbuddies premier footage

Here are some videos of the Snowbuddies Band. They rule!

One of my favorite things about the Midcentury Modern home tour were the movies that were being played at the check-in station at the Freeport Airport. What was the special kind of film? Scopotone? There were some campy music videos and commericals from the 50s.

My second favorite part was eating at Aviators. I can't fucking believe I had never eaten there before! I ordered the Airboss special, with pancakes.
The food is not the appeal...
it's the ambiance!
How often can you watch a helicopter land while you're eating?
This is an apricot lavender popsicle from fatface in Davis. Run, do not walk to get this popsicle. It's her best ever. She's not open until Wednesday so I guess don't start running just yet.
Where's Babs?


Anonymous said...

Beckler- I once saw a jazz show at aviators. Cocktails, smooth jazz, that much wood paneling, the people who love smooth jazz, the outfits of the people who love smooth jazz - it was pretty great.


Anonymous said...

Snow Buddies band = best thing i've seen/heard all year.

Scopitones were films that played in some kind of video jukebox back in the sixties. You'd pay a quarter and it would show the film. Scott Moon (the guy who put on the display at the airport) is a Scopitones fanatic and has a bunch of original Scopitone films.

The Snow Buddies need a scopitone. I'd pay a quarter for that.


Anonymous said...

My favorite parts of the Snowbuddies production:

-the music/SB band
-the accents
-Johnny D's ability to deal with a multitude of challenges
-the animation outro


Liv Moe said...

last night reminded me once more of Mike R Mike's uncanny ability with accents. took me back to that fateful evening in 2002 when MRM fake smoked, international style, for G Bomb and i's amusement.

i believe that was the night before my first ever crash-a-rama too. it was quite the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can internationally fake smoke like Mike R. Mike!

Anonymous said...

I'm still reeling from the fact that Johnney Diamonds showed up! Totally unexpected!


beckler said...

I was stoked to get to spend some time with him in the alley after the show. All the rumors are true.

wburg said...

We had to leave early to get some eats, but it was indeed a fine festivity. I was most amused by the appearance of "fool's potatoes."

That was my first time at Aviators too, but certainly will not be the last--it has been on my list of places to visit for a long time. The decor is mighty, as was the breakfast. Speaking of which, we went to Lalo's for lunch for the first time this afternoon. My taste buds are writing a thank-you note.

Anonymous said...

Just scored a copy of "Diamonds is Forever" on ebay. My third fav Johnny D record.


Anonymous said...

I will warn you thou, that bootleg going around "Diamonds in the Rough" is just OK.

beckler said...

look, I'm a lady so I won't go into detail about what happened in that alley but it's safe to say that Diamonds is a girl's best friend

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the record where JD adds vocals on to some songs Campy recorded before he died? "Campy in the Sky with Diamonds" I believe it's called. Really good.


Anonymous said...

"Diamonds is a girl's best friend"

another great album!

Serpentine said...

those booths rock me!