Thursday, December 01, 2011


Fuck yes! It found a venue.  So stoked.  Sonny and the Sunsets and King Tuff were my two favorite shows of the year so far.  Hope he's good solo, too.  Also stoked to see Christine Shields.  That reminds me,  Jonathan Richman is at the Blue Lamp on December 6th.  It's not overtly Christmas-y, but both of these shows sound like great ways to get in the holiday spirit.

Speaking of the holidaze, those Yuba folks have started a Christmas blog.  These jonny come latelies and their trendy seasonal blogs, I tell ya.

Late last night I remembered one more fact from that alpha focus-grouper: two years ago she lost 70% of her hair.  She pretty much said that apropos of nothing.  Also: 70%? Exactly?

In addition to the MidMo holiday party featuring the Best Christmas Ever Band and FREE (luigis) PIZZA, the Sacto MoFo 3 is happening that day under the freeway where the farmers market is.  I think the organizers kinda got screwed because this was supposed to happen at Arco Arena and there was supposed to be beer, but thenn Arco (Power Balance) (bankrupt) found out that they can't have propane burners inside and cancelled.  So now it's free, under the freeway, there's no beer, but lots of trucks.  Who knows?  It may be just as crowded and hard to get food as the first one, but maybe not.  It's worth cruising by and checking out the scene.


Anonymous said...

4 eyes Xmas show is Saturday dec 17th at guphy's

The end

beckler said...

the beginning of the end. i'm already breaking down.