Tuesday, December 06, 2011

out of sight martini

I actually had a meeting over martinis last night at Shady Lady.  That's really the best way to conduct a meeting.
 This is a gin martini made with Dolin vermouth and Right gin, a peppery Swedish gin.  Man this hit the spot.
 Bar snacks.  That's house cured lox with capers and arugula in the back.  Really did not need the creamy sauce.  Note to restaurants: Americans do not need the creamy sauce.
 This is a drink created by Garrett Van Vleck called the Drunken Butterfly.   Not crazy about the name.  It has Cocchi Americano, sparkling wine, peach bitters, and maybe something else.
This is the full charcuterie board.  25 bucks and includes housemade pork rinds.


Anonymous said...

is that a foie gras jar on there too?


beckler said...

no, it was some kind of rillete. had a lot of congealed fat on top.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me heckabecks. We need to schedule a meeting. We can discuss my calling you heckabecks if you like. As long as there are cocktails and that board of food.

Anonymous said...

But really, how was Jonathan Richman? Review please!